PREVIEW: Shawn breaks Belle's heart; Brady and Tony are in critical condition. SUMMARY: In Belle's room, she impatiently waits for Shawn. She calls and leaves a message for him. She tells him that she is still waiting for him. Rex waits with Belle and tries to assure her that Shawn will be here because he loves her. Not wanting to cause any trouble, Rex goes to leave but Belle convinces him to stay. Belle admits that she fears Shawn and Cassie are together, but Rex doesn't think so. He tells her of their visit with Marlena earlier and how Cassie was so upset that she rushed off. He says he believes Cassie has some kind of need inside and needs to fill it. Belle thinks her need is Shawn. Belle wonders how he took the news from her mom and he assures her that he is okay. He assures her that Shawn will show up and goes to leave. She thanks him and tells him that he will find that someone special for himself someday. With a smile, he leaves. Belle continues to pace the floor and worry ab

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  • Episode Number 55
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
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  • Originally Aired Monday, January 27, 2003
  • Production Code 9484
  • Directors
  • Writers Gillian Spencer, Jane Atkins, Sofia Landon Geier
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