PREVIEW: Chaz is taken into custody; Sami and Lucas are forced into a compromising position; Kate prepares to board a plane for Europe. SUMMARY: Tony, Marlena, John, Bo and Hope all head to the DiMera Mansion after Shawn's call to Bo, asking him to get there immediately. They're all shocked to learn that Belle was almost poisoned by a drink meant for Shawn. Bo gets a sample of the tainted drink and sends it to the station to be analyzed, only after grabbing Chaz and putting an APB out on Vin. Chaz is hauled into the police station and Shawn gives a statement to Roman. The drink report comes back confirming that the drink had been drugged with a potentially lethal drug. Chaz honestly claims that he didn't know what was in the drink and agrees to cooperate with the police. Bo is rocked and furious when he learns that Vin has disappeared... Lucas and Tony run into each other at the upscale brothel and are surprised to see the other in such company. Tony takes off when Marlena calls him ab

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  • Episode Number 122
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Tuesday, May 6, 2003
  • Production Code 9551
  • Directors
  • Writers Jeanne Marie Grunwell
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