PREVIEW: "Love is Blind" mystery man is unmasked! Bo is forced to follow his heart; Tony hands over Echelon; Brandon makes Sami furious. SUMMARY: Abe tells Bo and Hope that he has news on Vin's location; Bo is galvanized and Abe hopes this will settle Bo down a little. Instead, Bo wants to go after Ramsell himself. Abe points out that Bo is still technically a cop and knows he'll do the right thing, so he gives Bo info on Vin's last known location. Alone with Bo, Hope encourages Bo to follow his heart. Later, Bo takes off on his bike and Hope senses that Bo is looking for more than justice... The final episode of Love is Blind goes live at Tuscany and Belle has her dinner date with the blindfolded hunk. Mimi and Cassie are on hand to offer their comments and snide remarks, while Shawn and Rex watch from the sidelines. When Gabi tells the hunk to kiss Belle, Shawn loses it and storms onto the set, shoving the hunk to the ground. Suddenly, the hunk yells at Shawn by name, then whips off

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  • Episode Number 128
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, May 14, 2003
  • Production Code 9557
  • Directors
  • Writers Jane Atkins
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  • Is Movie
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