PREVIEW: Bo and Hope say goodbye to "Fancy Face"; Roman keeps vigil over Sami; Nicole and Brady duke it out at the stables. SUMMARY: Bo/Hope arrive at the island after having taken the Fancy Face out for one final voyage. Hope has second thoughts about selling the boat but Bo assures her it's the right thing to do. Bo/Hope share a romantic dinner and end up skinny dipping and sharing memories of days past. Before heading back to Salem, Bo and Hope make love. Nicole is icing down dead Dr. Rolf's corpse in a stall when Brady nearly catches her. Nicole demands to know if Brady is spying on her. Brady laughs. It's clear Nicole is hiding something. The question is: what? In an effort to stop him from inspecting the stall, she grabs him and rips his shirt. When she won't get out of his way, he pushes her aside and accidentally rips her dress. Victor arrives on this tableau and demands to know what's going on. Nicole covers and Victor seemingly buys it. After Nicole learns Brady is planning t

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  • Episode Number 152
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
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  • Originally Aired Tuesday, June 17, 2003
  • Production Code 9581
  • Directors
  • Writers Sofia Landon Geier
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