PREVIEW: Bo and Hope attempt to escape; Lucas confesses his love for Sami. SUMMARY: At the hospital, Kate and Roman come to visit Sami and interrupt her and Lucas as they hug. Kate takes Lucas outside, and demands to know if he's falling in love with Sami? Lucas tells his mother that is crazy and there is no way. He claims he feels for her because she is Will's mother. Inside, Roman isn't sure what to think either by Sami's sudden change in attitude toward Lucas. Roman and Kate decide to leave so Sami can rest and Lucas comes back inside and blasts Sami and tells him to stop playing whatever game she's playing. She is hurt by this and he storms out. A little later, Lucas is a little uneasy by what he said to her and returns to her room. Lucas tells Sami he is sorry and that he loves her and they start kissing. They begin to undress each other and it looks very much like they will make love. It turns out that Lucas was daydreaming all of those events! He is actually standing outside of

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  • Episode Number 161
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
  • Absolute Episode Number
  • Originally Aired Monday, June 30, 2003
  • Production Code 9590
  • Directors Roger W. Inman, Renee Godelia, Peter Brash, Paula Cwikly, Rick Draughon, Fran Myers, Elizabeth Snyder, Victor Gialanella
  • Writers Jeanne Marie Grunwell, Sofia Landon Geier, Gillian Spencer
  • Guest Stars Brian Avery, Kiante Elan, Andy Mackenzie
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