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Season 1

  • S01E01 The Exorcism

    • November 5, 1972
    • BBC Two

    Four friends gather for Christmas dinner at an old cottage. Suddenly, there's a power failure and the phone goes dead. Then their wine turns to blood and the turkey makes them violently ill. Then things really get strange!

  • S01E02 Return Flight

    • November 12, 1972
    • BBC Two

    Whilst coming into land after a routine flight, Captain Rolph suddenly takes evasive action to avoid a WWII Lancaster bomber. But neither his co-pilot or traffic control saw such a plane. It seems to be a straightforward case of hallucination and early retirement for Rolph, but he is determined to prove otherwise and clear his reputation.

  • S01E03 Bedtime

    • November 19, 1972
    • BBC Two

  • S01E04 Death Cancels All Debts

    • November 26, 1972
    • BBC Two

  • S01E05 Smith

    • December 3, 1972
    • BBC Two

  • S01E06 Two in the Morning

    • December 10, 1972
    • BBC Two

  • S01E07 A Woman Sobbing

    • December 17, 1972
    • BBC Two

    Jane is an discontented middle-class wife and mother. One night in her bedroom she hears a woman crying, though her husband hears nothing. Is it a symptom of her depression or is her home haunted? In her attempts to discover the truth she becomes increasingly paranoid