Destined to be Yours

Sinag Obispo is a DJ in a community radio station at her hometown of Pelangi (a fictional barangay in Quezon). The paradise-like town of Pelangi was formerly a well-developed municipality due to its flourishing mining industry but many people were forced to leave the town after mining firms closed down. Sinag stayed behind because she loves her hometown and she wants to preserve the traditions and culture of the place through the community radio station whom she inherited from her grandfather. Meanwhile, Benjie Rosales just graduated as an architect. His father, Gabriel, died in an accident when he was young and his mother, Amanda, solely raised him. Unknown to Benjie, his grandfather, Vicente Rosales , is a real-estate tycoon and her mother suddenly encourages him to contact the Rosales kin. Upon meeting the Rosales household, the family did not fully welcome Benjie except for his grandmother, Helen, who convinced Benjie to work at their real estate company. As Benjie accepts the job, he was assigned to a project at Pelangi where he is destined to meet Sinag. Their life will eventually change and intertwine as they fall in love with each other.

  • Series ID 325229
  • Status Continuing
  • First Aired 2017-02-27
  • Network GMA
  • Runtime 30
  • Genres Comedy, Drama, Romance
  • Airs 8:30 PM on Daily
  • Rating TV-PG
  • IMDB tt6535114
  • Schedules Direct
  • Last Updated By hellmemories
  • Last Updated 05/26/2017 2:31am


There are no actors.

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