A visit from Kirk, a younger alumnus from Greg's law school, launches an unsuspecting Greg into the middle of a crazy college game with very specific rules developed by ""seriously drunk"" undergraduates. Despite Greg's reluctance to engage in a college prank at this stage in his life, Dharma leaves him no choice when she rallies the gang to help him win back his championship title in a relatively amusing parody of Mission: Impossible. Meanwhile, security guard Larry is disturbed when his supervisor Walter points out that he gets special treatment because his daughter is married to the boss's son. When Larry demands Edward rescind all special treatment, Walter obligingly fires Larry.

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  • Episode Number 18
  • DVD Season & Episode Number
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  • Originally Aired Tuesday, April 2, 2002
  • Production Code 5ABD018
  • Directors Asaad Kelada, Jamie Gorenberg
  • Writers Sid Youngers, David Babcock
  • Guest Stars James Avery, Corbin Allred, John Mendoza, Jodi Lyn O'Keefe, Dick Clark
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