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Season 1

  • S01E01 Why Do You Want to Be a Doctor?

    • July 12, 1969
    • ITV1

    Michael Upton wants to be a doctor at St Swithin's Hospital. first however he needs the approval of the much feared Professor Loftus. once Approved he meets with fellow Students Duncan Waring, and Veteran Student Dick Stuart Clarke

  • S01E02 Settling In

    • July 19, 1969
    • ITV1

    On his first days at St Swithins Michael Upton Looks Forward to meet the new birds. he befriends a girl named Alice, and they both lead the other students to believe they spent the night together

  • S01E03 It's All Go...

    • July 26, 1969
    • ITV1

    Mike & Duncan are in the disecting room, Stuart-Clarke comes over & asks them if they're ready for their test yet. He asks them to try the Doctors who are revising for exams,it's easier to get their cards marked that way. While Mikes's back is turned the Dr moves away & Loftus comes in. Mike has to ask Loftus to mark their card. Loftus asks them a few questions they can't answer & tells them to study, he'll see them again later. Mike & Duncan go across the street for lunch & a drink. They have to study so they just have cider,but the cider is as potent as sherry. After 3 pints they are very tipsy, Stuart-Clark tells them their next lecture is starting early so they'd better hurry. After particpating in the lecturers demonstration, Mike & Duncan are waiting for Loftus but he doesn't show up. They go back to the pub & drink black coffee when Loftus shows up there & orders a pint of cider & drinks it down in one go with no ill effects. Then he appologises to the boys for not meeting w

  • S01E04 Peace and Quiet

    • August 2, 1969
    • ITV1

    Mike's moving out of the dorm because it's too noisy & he can't concentrate. He starts looking for a flat & after a few false starts finds one that he can just afford. Mike's unpacking his things & looking forward to some peace & quiet when Duncan comes in,followed by Stuart-Clarke,Huw & a few of the others he was trying to get away from. It seems the landlady has rented all of them the room, that's why it was so cheap.! Just when Mike thinks they couldn't possibly fit any one else in, one of the guys,girlfriends cousin arrives to stay for a while.

  • S01E05 The Students are Revolting

    • August 9, 1969
    • ITV1

    Mike is called into the Dean's office because his picture is on the front page of the paper,at a protest rally. On closer inspection the rally is in New York so it can't be Mike & the Dean excuses him,but warns him he won't tolerate protests at St. Swithins. Mike, Dick & Duncan are in the cafeteria when they see some student activists enter the hospital grounds. The activists are looking for new members,but no one is interested. After protesting all night,they are led into the hospital to ""warm up"". Loftus has been working on his car & when he sees them he asks Duncan to call the Police. When the police arrive they think Loftus is one of them & take him away.! Next morning Loftus has his picture in the paper & the Dean wants to dismiss him. The Students protest in the hall to save Loftus & the Dean changes his mind.

  • S01E06 Rallying Round

    • August 16, 1969
    • ITV1

    Mike is trying to study while the boys are organising a car rally. They're one short & convince Mike to join them. Mike & his partner Fiona get lost & Fiona drives to her sister's place for directions. While they are there a storm breaks so they have to spend the night. In the middle of the night Fiona's sister goes into labour & they want Mike to deliver the baby, Mike asks them to send for a Doctor & goes back to sleep. The baby is coming and Mike's panicking, he asks if there's any one who can deliver the baby. The cook comes into the room & tells them he can deliver the baby. Mike accompanys him,but feints when the baby is delivered. Next day, the other students arrive at the house & think Mike was the one who delivered the baby & congratulate him.

  • S01E07 If in Doubt--Cut It Out

    • August 23, 1969
    • ITV1

    After attending a lecture on the appendix with short sighted Dr. Crowfoot, Mike thinks he has appendicitis. Reading from a medical textbook, Mike is sure he has the symptoms & tells the boys who rush him to St Swithins. Mike is shocked when he sees the Doctor who will perform the operation is Dr. Crowfoot.! After the operation, Dr.Crowfoot tells Mike they have to open him up again, it seems Dr.Crowfoot has lost one of his contact lenses.! Luckily for Mike he found it in his pajama shirt pocket & hands it back to the Doctor.

  • S01E08 War of the Mascots

    • August 30, 1969
    • ITV1

    When Muriel, St. Swithins' gorilla mascot, is stolen by Highcross, a rival medical school, Michael and company steal the Highcross mascot but the Dean is not amused and says he will discipline the lads unless they beat Highcross at an upcoming rugby match. Paul Collier, however, manages to find a way to divert the opposition and steal Muriel back...though she does disappear again.

  • S01E09 Getting the Bird

    • September 6, 1969
    • ITV1

    Mike's worried because he can't 'get a bird' (girl) Duncan is spending a lot of time with his new girl Frances. Dick sets him up with a nurse they call 'rigor mortis'. After taking her to the pictures, Mike takes her back to the flat & soon realises why she is called 'rigor mortis'. When she leaves, Duncan arrives & tells Mike he's proposed to Frances but is having second thoughts. Mike has a plan to solve his problem, he gives him a bunch of flowers & tells him to propose to all the nurses.! Next morning Frances tells all her friends she's engaged & they say they are too.! She asks them who they are marrying & they all reply..... Duncan Waring.!!

  • S01E10 The Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Casino

    • September 13, 1969
    • ITV1

    Dave wants to have a casino in the flat,he sent out flyers to all the students to visit the 'Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Casino'. When a few heavyweights from the local underworld see the flyers they pay the boys a visit & 'convince' them to close down for the good of the health.! Dunc & Mike are looking for a part time job to earn some extra cash, Mike finds an ad in the paper for a doorman & bouncer. Duncan gets the job of bartender & Mike's the bouncer. When the Dean & Prof.Loftus turn up at the club, Mike & Dunc try to keep a low profile. A raid by the Police sees Mike & Dunc heading for the back door with the Dean & Prof. Loftus close behind. Back at St.Swithins, the Dean tells the boys he is willing to overlook the incident & won't expell them. Contributor: TimBo.

  • S01E11 Keep It Clean

    • September 19, 1969
    • ITV1

    The boys are meeting to plan this years 'Ward Show'. Stuart-Clark arrives with the Dean who wants them to ""Keep it clean"" this year. Everyone else backs out of the show except for Mike & Dunc. Mike calls his brother Terry (a ballet dancer) to help them with the show. At the Auditions Mike has 3 boys from the student union who want to perform ""We Three Kings"" & 2 Girls who want to do a scene from 'Swan Lake' Terry,wants to do something like 'West Side Story' but when he argues with Duncan, Terry leaves. It's showtime but where's Duncan ? Mike lets the student union boys perform we 3 kings,then the ballet girls do their scene from Swan Lake. Duncan & the boys steal the show by dressing up as Nurses & singing ribald songs. Until the Dean makes an appearance & they run off.He asks if the show is good, The patients say it is & He leaves. Then Mike & the boys come back out & continue with their ribald singing.

  • S01E12 All for Love

    • September 26, 1969
    • ITV1

    Mike has met a girl named Valerie & is smitten with her. He forgets to do an Essay for Prof.Loftus & promises it for the next day. Mike & Valerie spend the afternoon together & Valerie invites him into her place afterwards. Then Valerie's parents arrive home & Mike is surprised to discover that Prof. Loftus is Valerie's Father.! Mike wants to marry Valerie, but Mrs Loftus doesn't want her daughter to marry a Doctor. So Mike decides to leave Medicine so he & Valerie can be together. Mike's Dad tries to talk him out of giving it up, he writes a letter to the Dean who gives the letter to Prof.Loftus. Mrs Loftus tells Valerie she has to break it off with Mike. Valerie goes to see Mike & tells him she is seeing someone else. Mike leaves & Valerie cries. Huw & Duncan hear Valerie crying in their flat & go inside to comfort her. Later Mike is in the park, sitting on a bench & in the background are Huw & Valerie walking hand in hand.

  • S01E13 Pass or Fail

    • October 3, 1969
    • ITV1

    It's exam time at St. Swithins, which means last-minute panic for the students.

Season 2

  • S02E01 It's All in the Little Blue Book

    • April 10, 1970
    • ITV1

    The students return for their second year at St.Swithins. Vincent (the porter) is trying to make some money on the side by selling the students white coats,locker keys & 'the little blue book'. The boys are glad they won't have Loftus this year, Until he walks into the room & tells them he's the new lecturer. After a full day of taking notes, it's time for a practical demonstration. Loftus asks Mike to examine the patient (a young woman)Miss Walker. Loftus tells Mike, Miss Walker has felt a lump in her left breast & wants him to examine her. An embarrased Mike,warms his hands before the examination & while feeling for the lump,Miss Walker is ticklish. Loftus thanks Miss Walker & she leaves the room, Then he orders Mike to strip to the waist so the other students can have some hands on experience with his cardio thoracic region.

  • S02E02 What Seems to Be the Trouble?

    • April 17, 1970
    • ITV1

    The Boys spend their first day on the wards.Mike has trouble from the start with his patient.(Mr Drobnic)He's either asleep or gone downstairs for physio, When he finally does see him & asks ""what seems to be the trouble""? Mr Drobnic doesn't speak english.! Dr. Merriford's wanting a report from the students at midday & Mike's running out of time. He has to take Mr Drobnic to X-ray in a wheelchair & while he's looking for it Mr Drobnic wheels himself away. Mike sees a wheelchair across from the escalator he has just traveled up & thinking it's his patient,wheels him back to the ward just as Dr.Merriford wants Mike's report on his patient. Mike pulls back the curtain & tells the Doctor his patients name & what he thinks he's suffering from. Only thing is the patient is a pregnant woman.!! The show closes with Mike looking for Mr Drobnic & sees him being loaded into the back of an ambulance. Mike chases after it.

  • S02E03 Take Off Your Clothes ... and Hide

    • April 24, 1970
    • ITV1

    The boys go to a Strip Club & while watching a dancer strip,she feints on stage. The Manager asks if there's a Doctor in the House & the boys go backstage to see if they can help. The Dancer (Rita) has all the symptoms of pneumonia. Mike phones for an ambulance & she's admitted to St Swithin's. Rita recovers & one by one the boys come to see her. Rita's boss visits & wants to know when she will be returning to work. Mike says she needs rest & asks her if she ever wanted to get another job. Rita tells him she wanted to be a nurse when she was young. Mike tells Rita she could help at St. Swithin's if she would like when she's better. It soon turns out Rita's a better stripper than she is a nurse,She goes back to the strip club & changes her act from Meter Maid to Nurse.

  • S02E04 Nice Bodywork--Lovely Finish

    • May 1, 1970
    • ITV1

    Mike and Dunc want to go to a rugby match in Cambridge but Dunc's car breaks down. Paul buys an old hearse cheap & parks it out the front of the Mortuary. Two orderlies load a coffin in the back while Paul goes to get the boys & then they're off to the match. Paul notices the coffin later & Mike & Dunc thought he was playing a joke on them. When they look inside the coffin,there is a body in there so they decide to take it back. Driving too fast, Paul soon has the police on his tail. He pulls over & Mike & Dunc hide in the woods with the coffin before the police catch up. Hours later Paul returns after watching the match & they return the coffin to the mortuary. contributor: TimBo

  • S02E05 Look into My Eyes

    • May 8, 1970
    • ITV1

    Duncan pretends to be hypnotised until the lecturer wants to stick him with a pin. Later, Upton does hypnotise him & then can't 'Un-hypnotise' him. (see Recap for more detail)

  • S02E06 Put Your Hand on That

    • May 15, 1970
    • ITV1

    Prof. Loftus wants Mike to assist him with an operation. Mike is keeping his distance from the table, feels sick & leaves the operating theatre. Later Mike is watching the TV & falls asleep. He's having a dream which soon turns into a nightmare about having to operate & Prof. Loftus is in his dream shouting at him,he feints again. Duncan wakes him & tells him they have been chosen by Loftus for two weeks residency together. During an operation, Loftus asks Duncan where Upton is. Duncan tells him he's been covering for him because Mike feels ill at the mention of an operation. Loftus has a plan to cure Mike of his problem. Dick Stuart-Clark asks Mike if he's seen Duncan, Mike says he's in surgery covering for me. The phone rings, Dick tells Mike that Duncan fell on his scalpel & Loftus needs Mike to assist him to repair the injury. When Mike scrubs up, he assists Loftus who tells him as a young Doctor he had a similar problem to Mike's. Mike asks Loftus if Duncan will be allright, Dunca

  • S02E07 The Royal Visit

    • May 22, 1970
    • ITV1

    The Prince & Princess are coming to St. Swithins to open the new wing of the hospital. Paul & Danny are against the Monarchy & steal the dedication plaque & replace it with a furry toilet seat cover. The boys discover this before it's to late & go after Danny & Paul. Meanwhile Mike is giving a speech on behalf of the Medical Students & has to stretch his speech while the boys get the plaque back on the wall. When the Princess pulls the cord, the plaque is upside down & then falls on to the floor.! Contributor: TimBo

  • S02E08 If You Can Help Somebody ... Don't!

    • May 29, 1970
    • ITV1

    Mrs Brown is a hypocondriac taking up bedspace in the ward. Matron & Prof.Loftus know her history & want her out.! Mike is sympathetic & offers to visit her at home later. She told Mike she was alone, but he soon realises that not only does she have a daughter,several cats & friends to keep her company he finds out she's done this before. Mike tells her daughter Marjorie she's not as helpless as he thought & leaves. Later, the boys tell Mike, ""If you can help somebody...Don't."" contributor: TimBo

  • S02E09 Hot Off the Presses

    • June 5, 1970
    • ITV1

    Danny signs Mike's name to edit the hospital magazine. Mike has some good ideas for his first edition, but Loftus has it all pre-arranged & there's no room left for Mike's contributions. The boys tell him he's the editor & he should put in what he wants. They print 4,000 copies & distribute it all over London. Ingrid is on the cover & has a centrefold inside. When Loftus sees the mag,he calls them into his office & tells them to get every copy back.! The boys get most of the copies back,but it cost them more than they earned.! Dave & Ingrid arrive with a contract for a photo shoot for Ingrid with plaything magazine & the drinks are on them.!! Contributor: TimBo

  • S02E10 A Stitch in Time

    • June 12, 1970
    • ITV1

    Mike & Duncan are rostered in Casualty for a fortnight. The victim of a robbery is brought in & Dunc takes him to X-ray. Mike is alone in casualty when a nervous man enters with an injury to his ear & sore ankles. Mike realises this guy is the robber. When Mike mentions the police the robber runs away. Later he returns & wants Mike to finish the Job of treating his ear & ankles. Loftus walks into casualty with bad cut on arm, together he & Mike manage to subdue the crim & the policeman arrests him. Contibutor: TimBo.

  • S02E11 May The Best Man ...

    • June 19, 1970
    • ITV1

    Mike unknowingly ""chats up"" Danny's new 'bird' at a party & he's so jealous he punches Mike in the eye. To make matters worse, Mike,Danny & Jenny have to spend the week working together in the lab. Danny doesn't let Jenny out of his sight, he's worried Mike will make a move on her. Mike swaps shifts to ease Danny's suspicions, but one night while working late Danny leaves the room & Mike & Jenny Kiss. Danny walks in on them & they fight in the lab. Next morning Jenny isn't speaking to either of them because of their behaviour. They apologise & invite Jenny out to dinner, but fight again over what to order for her.! Next day Mike is introduced to Jenny's fiance & he & Danny make up & agree not to let a woman come between them again....until a new nurse walks down the corridor & they follow her.!! Contibutor: TimBo

  • S02E12 Doctor on the Box

    • June 26, 1970
    • ITV1

    Prof.Loftus invites Mike & Dick to his office to help him with a film being made about St Swithins which is to be shown on the television. However, the producer is more interested in the mischief the medical students get up to than showing hospital practice. After a few 'wooden' performances the producer invites the students to the bar for a celebratory drink & films the drunken goings on & includes that as his main story item when the show goes to air. Prof Loftus tells Waring to switch off the TV he's seen enough. Contributor: TimBo

  • S02E13 Finals

    • July 3, 1970
    • ITV1

    Mike's studying hard for his finals exam. While the other boys have finished, Mike still has two to go.! While cramming for his last test, Mike has a headache & takes two sleeping pills instead of aspirin as he rushes off for the test. Mike falls asleep on the Bus & has to hitch a ride with a man on a motorscooter. The man has a heart attack in the Hospital car park & Mike revives him,but misses his test. Loftus is very annoyed Mike missed his test & pins up the results. The Boys all passed except Mike.! Later Loftus wants to see Mike & introduces him to the man he helped in the car park. Under the circumstances Loftus congratulates Mike saying he passed the test & is now a doctor. While the boys are having a celebration in the flat Mike is sound asleep on the couch. Contributor: TimBo

Season 3

  • S03E01 Now, Dr. Upton

    • February 28, 1971
    • ITV1

    A newly-qualified Michael Upton is released into the world of work. But finding the ideal job proves more difficult than it originally seemed.

  • S03E02 You've Really Landed Me In It This Time

    • March 7, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael is subjected to spending an evening in the company of a sex-starved secretary when he stands in for a skiving Paul.

  • S03E03 You Make Me Feel So Young

    • March 14, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael and Paul become partners in Doctor Maxwell's practice. But they find getting accepted by the patients much harder than getting accepted by Doctor Maxwell...

  • S03E04 Doctor Dish

    • March 21, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael is asked to give a talk at the local girls' school. However, he finds it isn't just his medical knowledge that finds favour with the pupils.

  • S03E05 Modernising Major

    • March 28, 1971
    • ITV1

    Paul and Michael decide the practice is behind the times and in need of revamping.

  • S03E06 Congratulations - It's A Toad!

    • April 4, 1971
    • ITV1

    Paul thinks he has stumbled on a winner by using toads for quick and efficient pregnancy tests.

  • S03E07 Change Your Partners

    • April 11, 1971
    • ITV1

    Sue is left unimpressed when Dick introduces Michael to his attractive lady friend.

  • S03E08 Trains and Notes and Veins

    • April 18, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael invites Dick and Paul home to meet his parents. But having four doctors on the premises soon gets irksome.

  • S03E09 Lock, Stock and Beryl

    • April 25, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael's invovement with a nurse called Beryl escalates - much to his displeasure.

  • S03E10 Upton Sells Out?

    • May 2, 1971
    • ITV1

    A position becomes vacant at the private practice where Dick works, and Michael - tired of his tedious casualty job - decides to apply for it, leaving Paul unimpressed.

  • S03E11 Saturday Matinee

    • May 9, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael is left in charge of the practice when Dick skives off to see a girlfriend.

  • S03E12 Where There's A Will

    • May 16, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael is less than delighted when one of his patients dies shortly after he treats him.

  • S03E13 Students At Heart

    • May 23, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael continues his quest for a job in surgery. However, once again he is up against Lawrence Bingham.

  • S03E14 No Ill Feeling!

    • May 30, 1971
    • ITV1

    Paul gets Michael a job with his uncle in general practice. But Mike still longs for the surgeon's scalpel.

  • S03E15 Let's Start At The Beginning

    • June 6, 1971
    • ITV1

    Glad to get away from his G. P. job, Michael visits Dick at his psychiatric practice.

  • S03E16 It's All In The Mind

    • June 13, 1971
    • ITV1

    Paul and Michael are pleased when their patients are healing well. But they soon discover it is not entirely due to their efforts...

  • S03E17 Cynthia Darling

    • June 20, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael is driven to distraction by an overbearing mother's insistence that her healthy daughter is ill.

  • S03E18 A Little Help From My Friends

    • June 27, 1971
    • ITV1

    With Dr. Griffin admitted to hospital, Michael is left in charge of the practice. Dissatisfied with Paul's work, Mike decides to replace him.

  • S03E19 Devon Is Lovely At This Time of Year

    • July 4, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael is totally smitten with the new doctor, Nicky. And when the Dean offers Mike a new job, it looks as though he might make a mistake he'll live to regret.

  • S03E20 Operation Loftus

    • July 11, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael's much-awaited return to St. Swithin's is cause for celebration. The festivities are quickly curtailed, however, when Professor Loftus also returns to the hospital.

  • S03E21 Mother and Father Doing Well

    • July 18, 1971
    • ITV1

    Former medical student Huw Evans returns to St. Swithins with his heavily pregnant wife Pippa, a former typist at the hospital. She is heavily pregnant but both husband and wife end up as patients when Huw is involved in a traffic accident.

  • S03E22 A Joke's A Joke

    • July 25, 1971
    • ITV1

    Paul and Mike decide to get jobs as anatomy demonstrators, whilst Dick's just in it for the money. However, none of them counted on Lawrence Bingham's competition.

  • S03E23 Pull The Other One!

    • August 1, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael and Paul find they have differing attitudes to women.

  • S03E24 It's The Rich Wot Gets The Pleasure

    • August 8, 1971
    • ITV1

    Dick finds out he has inherited £50,000 following the death of his Uncle James.

  • S03E25 Things That Go Mumps in the Night

    • August 15, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael is showing all the symptoms of mumps, and is immediately admitted to Lawrence Bingham's ward.

  • S03E26 Mr. Moon

    • August 22, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael visits Dick at the health farm at which he is working, and makes a bet that he can stick to the patients' diet.

  • S03E27 The Viva

    • August 29, 1971
    • ITV1

    The junior doctors are all preparing for their viva exams, but one of them in particular has particular trouble when it comes to taking his.

  • S03E28 Bewigged, Bothered and Bewildered

    • September 5, 1971
    • ITV1

    Michael ends up in court after he injects a patient with some penicillin, to which he turns out to be allergic.

  • S03E29 A Situation Full Of Promise

    • September 12, 1971
    • ITV1

    The lads are jealous when a handsome American doctor arrives, setting female hearts a-flutter. However there are more pressing matters as Michael, Paul and Bingham are on the interviewing panel to decide the new Senior House Officer. Michael has said it is a formality as he has promised it to Dick Stuart-Clark but when the better-qualified Nicky Barrington also applies Michael has no option but to give her the job.

Season 4

  • S04E01 The Devil You Know

    • April 9, 1972
    • ITV1

    After a Year of absence Duncan Waring returns to St Swithins. there he reunites with fellow Doctors Paul Collier, Dick Stuart Clarke and Lawrence Bingham. will they remember Duncan?

  • S04E02 The Research Unit

    • April 16, 1972
    • ITV1

    Learning that he may receive a knighthood if St. Swithins can produce a medical breakthrough, Professor Loftus takes up Bingham's suggestion that they research plastic catheters but sacks him when he finds he has stolen the idea from a magazine and assigns Duncan to the research instead. Duncan can't quite get the experiment to work but when an irate Bingham blows the whistle on Collier making home brew in the lab and takes a journalist there, it's Bingham's attempt to sabotage the research that causes its success.

  • S04E03 The Minister's Health

    • April 23, 1972
    • ITV1

    The Minister of Health is admitted to the hospital and his presence puts everyone in a flat, especially a professor who has new hopes of a knighthood.

  • S04E04 The Black and White Medical Show

    • April 30, 1972
    • ITV1

    Dr. Aziz comes to join Duncan in his research but Duncan finds it hard to understand him. Aziz leaves but a preparation of his is given to McCorquedale, a racist, bigoted Scots patient, as a sedative. Once again Duncan finds it hard to read Aziz's instructions and the wrong dosage is given - turning the patient black. Aziz makes it clear he left, not because he felt he was bullied racially but he found the staff incompetent and impossible to work with.

  • S04E05 Honeylamb

    • May 7, 1972
    • ITV1

    Duncan is dating Nurse Sandra so he is caught on the hop when Gloria and Bonnie, two girls he went out with in America, decide to show up independent of each other. He frantically tries to juggle things so the three don't meet up, and eventually Paul and Dick take the visitors off his hands. However, an irate Sandra refuses to speak to him so he is left with nobody.

  • S04E06 Doctors' Lib

    • May 14, 1972
    • ITV1

    The doctors are fed up with being over-worked and underpaid so Paul Collier does a time and motion study, setting out their hours. He writes letters to the Daily Mirror and the BMJ but the others are too cowardly to sign them so when they are published he is the only doctor called before the board - who actually agree with him and give the doctors a rise.

  • S04E07 Which Doctor?

    • May 21, 1972
    • ITV1

    Duncan is returning a bag to Harley Street specialist Sir Desmond in his Oldsmobile, when Collier 'borrows' the car to impress a girl and Duncan reports it as stolen. He soon finds the car and drives off but then Paul reports it stolen and calls himself Duncan Waring, to appear to be the rightful owner of the car. They are both arrested and confuse the police by claiming to be the other. Professor Loftus eventually sorts things out by which time Sir Desmond's car has been towed away.

  • S04E08 Climbing the Ladder

    • May 28, 1972
    • ITV1

    Dick shows an interest in joining the Freemasons so the other doctors send him a spoof letter, allegedly from the Masons, inviting him to spooky Wookham Priory at midnight. Here they terrify him, before revealing themselves so when Dick issues an invitation to an orgy at the Empire Hotel, Duncan assumes this is a wind-up and rings the police. When the police turn up it's actually a masonic meeting which they interrupt - involving the Chief Constable.

  • S04E09 Face the Music

    • June 4, 1972
    • ITV1

    Lady Molly Cornford's father has died. He was a generous benefactor to St. Swithins and Professor Loftus organizes a memorial service for him. When the organist gets knocked unconscious whilst playing golf with Duncan, Bingham is only too pleased to fill the breach. Duncan, Paul and Dick see this as sucking up to Loftus so they get Bingham paralytic by giving him spiked tomato juices. And so at the service he ends up playing 'Good Golly, Miss Molly' instead of hymn number 123.

  • S04E10 Mum's the Word

    • June 11, 1972
    • ITV1

    Professor Loftus believes there should be a junior doctor on the board but only Duncan and Bingham apply. Dick tries to swing things for Duncan by saying that his mother is a countess but Bingham, coincidentally called out to treat her, finds she is a policeman's wife and sends the board to see her. Dick thinks quickly and drags up to impersonate the countess and Duncan gets the post.

  • S04E11 The Fox

    • June 18, 1972
    • ITV1

    A new matron arrives, the terrifying and puritanical Miss Fox. Even Loftus, who knew her when he was a young doctor, is scared of her. Duncan and Paul attempt to get rid of her by sending love letters supposedly by Bingham but all in vain. Duncan and Bingham fall out over the same girl, Sandra, and Duncan decides to get at Bingham by putting a bucket of whitewash on top of the door so that it will fall him. It claims another victim instead - but it gets rid of the Fox!

  • S04E12 A Night with the Dead

    • June 25, 1972
    • ITV1

    Bingham is anxious to propose to Dr. Mary Parsons and does so in the mortuary where she is working, but by accident slips the ring onto a corpse's finger. Mary still carries a torch for Duncan, which angers Bingham. Dick has bet Duncan he can't stay the night alone in the mortuary so he, to win the bet, and Bingham, for revenge, dress as ghosts to scare him. Duncan sees through the trick immediately and sends them away - but another corpse is apparently stirring under a sheet. It's Mary, still after Duncan.

  • S04E13 This Is Your Wife

    • July 2, 1972
    • ITV1

    Bingham and Mary are getting married but Mary is applying for promotion and Lawrence fears she won't get it if it's known she's married, so Duncan tells him to keep the wedding secret and leave it to the last moment. The day arrives and Duncan, who is to be best man, and Lawrence, race through an operation, arousing the suspicions of Paul and Dick, who think Mary is marrying Duncan. The wedding goes ahead but the four doctors get into a scrap and fall into a fountain, which shows up on the wedding photos.

  • S04E14 Honeymoon Special

    • July 9, 1972
    • ITV1

    As the Binghams prepare for their honeymoon, Paul and Dick get Lawrence so drunk he passes out and when he comes to they have encased his leg in plaster, telling him he broke it dancing on a table. Duncan has to drive the couple to their hotel in their car but due to the lack of trains must stay the night. Paul drives down next day to free Bingham but his car breaks down and Lawrence has to tow him. Unfortunately the plaster gets stuck on the accelerator and eventually the car stops on a level crossing. Lawrence is freed but the car is a write-off and Collier ends up with his leg genuinely in plaster as a result.

  • S04E15 The Long, Long Night

    • July 16, 1972
    • ITV1

    Waring and Bingham are on night duty in the emergency room, with sole patient Nobby Watts, when a sailor who has returned from Asia checks in - with all the symptoms of small-pox. Having rung the Medical Officer of Health to report the outbreak, the two doctors panic as they are bitten by the sailor's pet mouse and accidentally break the radiator, causing a flood. Next day it is revealed that the sailor had chicken pox, not small-pox, but the medics have to go into isolation since they were bitten by a - possibly rabid - mouse.

  • S04E16 The System

    • July 23, 1972
    • ITV1

    After a ward round row as to which doctor should examine ex-schoolmaster Mr. Hutton first, Professor Loftus asks the doctors to come up with a system to improve efficiency. Duncan is the only one with a system that looks workable but it becomes so complicated that it has to be scrapped. Then Bingham puts forward a system - which he has got from Mr. Hutton. Sadly this is the same system that Waring got from the old man.

  • S04E17 On the Brink

    • July 30, 1972
    • ITV1

    Dr Collier has been working to hard, and begins behaving extremely odd, even for him. the stress of the job finally reaches a critical point when he's found hanging from outside of the hospital window. it's up to his friends to get him back safely

  • S04E18 Amazing Grace

    • August 6, 1972
    • ITV1

    Reggie Grace is a hapless, clumsy medical student but Collier has given him a good report because he fancies his sister, so when a party of big-wigs come to visit the hospital Grace is charged with showing them round. To cause a diversion Collier feigns illness and collapses. The plan is that he supposedly has glandular fever but Reggie correctly diagnoses a slipped disc and is declared the hero of the hour by the visitors.

  • S04E19 Shut Up and Eat What You're Given

    • August 13, 1972
    • ITV1

    Dr Waring and Dr Collier are complaining about the food served in the hospital. they figure the only way to change that is to get Professor Loftus to have lunch in the hospital, so he can taste the food himself.

  • S04E20 Yellow Fever

    • August 20, 1972
    • ITV1

    Due to a remark made by Duncan in his local Chinese restaurant, a party of Chinese communists comes to visit the hospital. Bingham, in particular, is convinced they are spies come to find how hospital equipment can be used to start wars, so there is panic when they all go missing. In fact they have been admiring the hospital's linear accelerator and put in an order for some for Chinese hospitals. They are then invited to watch an operation, which the paranoid Bingham almost sabotages, but the day ends well. However, it seems that Duncan has also been shooting his mouth off in his local Hungarian restaurant as well.

  • S04E21 The Taming of the Wolf

    • August 27, 1972
    • ITV1

    The doctors want to accompany Loftus on his ward rounds in order to see the pretty new physiotherapists. Loftus humiliates them in front of the ladies. Duncan dates one of them, Emma, whom he sees as young and vulnerable and he is very protective of her. This gets too much for her and she strips off in public, denouncing him as dull before she chucks him.

  • S04E22 An Officer and a Gentleman

    • September 3, 1972
    • ITV1

    Envious of the Binghams' new house which they bought with financial help from their parents, Dick, Paul and Duncan consider buying a property. Dick and Paul offer six thousand to Major Woodnutt for his house in Primrose Crescent, which he says he will honour as an officer and a gentleman. However, when Duncan innocently puts in a higher offer he accepts that instead and eventually sells to a couple who put in an even higher bid. The house is lost but revenge presents itself when the major arrives at the hospital in need of an operation.

  • S04E23 That's My Uncle

    • September 10, 1972
    • ITV1

    When Professor Loftus goes on holiday, his replacement is Dick's uncle, Jeremy De Quincy, who is easy-going and initially seen as a breath of fresh air. However, eventually he gets on everybody's nerves as he is a lecherous scrounger, borrowing money from both patients and doctors. When Dick tells him he knows he is not qualified to be a chief surgeon, he leaves - but appoints Lawrence Bingham as his successor.

  • S04E24 The Big Match

    • September 17, 1972
    • ITV1

    Duncan and Paul want a colour television set for the doctors' common room but the Binghams want a table-tennis table as Lawrence professes to be excellent at the game. Dick stays neutral. To decide which item they should have a ping-pong match is arranged between Waring and Collier on one side and Bingham and Dick on the other with Mary as umpire - the winners to bring in their choice. Dick and Paul are both useless as is Mary as the umpire and even Lawrence's shortcomings are eventually exposed.

  • S04E25 The Rumour

    • September 24, 1972
    • ITV1

    Mrs. Loftus returns to work as a nurse at the same time that Annabel, Lady Cornford's daughter, starts work. Annabel does not want preferential treatment and disguises her parentage but when she lets it slip that she has had dinner with the professor and has been seeing a married man called Geoff, it is assumed that she and Loftus are having an affair. Mrs. Loftus eventually explains the truth but, to save face, Duncan tries to tell everybody about another of the professor's indiscretions.

  • S04E26 Blackmail

    • October 1, 1972
    • ITV1

    Professor Loftus is near to receiving his knighthood when he hears that Professor Mincing from Highcross has also been considered. Having suspended Dick for cooking the books for the hospital bar, he reinstates him when Dick gets him membership at his club. Unfortunately this is all seen and recorded by Professor Mincing so, to avoid further suspension, Dick and Duncan, disguised as window-cleaners, set out to retrieve the tell-tale tapes.

  • S04E27 A Long Day's Journey into Knighthood

    • October 8, 1972
    • ITV1

    Professor Loftus is to go Buckingham Palace to receive his knighthood but rivalry between Waring and Bingham means that his Rolls Royce is cancelled. Duncan sets out to drive him but runs out of petrol and, when Collier offers to drive, Bingham lets his tyres down so that eventually the journey has to be made in an ambulance. Since some robbers have also used an ambulance as a getaway vehicle, confusion reigns as the hospital party is arrested. Sir Geoffrey misses his appointment but they do get a reward for catching the villains.

Season 5

  • S05E01 The Merger

    • September 15, 1973
    • ITV1

    Eaves-dropping on a conversation between Sir Geoffrey and Sir John Pollock, the head of Highcross, Duncan learns that St. Swithins is to be demolished to make way for a hotel and the staff moved into Highcross. Feelings run high as a result, leading to protests to suggest that the staff are all cavalier and incompetent. However, what really swings things is when the rugby team are made aware of the bad news.

  • S05E02 Men without Women

    • September 22, 1973
    • ITV1

    Duncan tries to cheer up depressed Dr. Don Harper, whose wife has just left him, but in vain. Duncan himself is pleased because, though there is currently a dearth of pretty nurses to date, the lovely Nurse Dobbs has agreed to go out with him. However she is actually Harper's wife using her maiden name and, seeing her with Duncan, gives her husband the incentive to win her back.

  • S05E03 A Deep Depression Centred over St. Swithin's

    • September 29, 1973
    • ITV1

    Due to Dick Stuart-Clark's incompetence a patient almost loses a healthy leg and he gets a good telling off from Sir Geoffrey. When he asks his colleagues how he is regarded they are very honest, telling him he is a rubbish doctor and a notorious skirt chaser. He considers resigning but Sir Geoffrey wants to give him another chance, persuading Duncan and Paul to give him a confidence-boosting pep talk, though, due to a misunderstanding in terms, this almost goes wrong and when Dick eventually gets his own confidence back Sir Geoffrey is puzzled as to what actually happened.

  • S05E04 The Epidemic

    • October 6, 1973
    • ITV1

    The blundering Reggie Grace is feeling ill again so Waring decides to use a new computer to find out what his prognosis is and it turns out that he has typhoid. The hospital is sealed off and features on the evening news as a state of emergency is called. Ultimately a second opinion shows that Reggie has gastroentiritis and not typhoid after all. The machine was faulty - especially when it shows up that Lawrence Bingham is pregnant.

  • S05E05 The Garden Fête

    • October 13, 1973
    • ITV1

    Sir Geoffrey wants bright ideas for the hospital's annual garden party. Duncan suggests a beauty contest but has trouble finding contestants and is upset when Annabel, whom he is dating, puts herself forward, as does Mary Bingham. Lawrence suggests donkey rides but the donkeys arrive early and have to he kept hidden. Paul will do conjuring tricks as The Great Collieto but he turns out to be a disaster as does Dick's puppet show when, after an encounter with Punch, Sir Geoffrey discovers it is a ploy to sell booze and children have to be sent away from it. Amidst all the chaos the beauty contest gets won by one of the donkeys and any profits made disappear as everybody wants a share.

  • S05E06 Brotherly Hate

    • October 20, 1973
    • ITV1

    Bingham refuses to recommend Paul to Loftus for a senior house post. However when Lionel Bingham, Lawrence's identical but less buttoned-up twin appears, he impersonates his brother and gets Paul the job. Whilst Lawrence launches a bitter diatribe against how Lionel always bested him at everything, a third brother Leonard, turns up.

  • S05E07 TheLoftus Papers

    • October 27, 1973
    • ITV1

    Sir Geoffrey is off to a conference in Rome and asks Duncan to accompany him, giving him the text of the speech he will deliver. Paul, annoyed that Duncan threw him out of an operation for clowning around, steals the paper and hides it in an adult magazine, where it is found by Dick, who tries to exploit the situation to replace Duncan in Rome. The paper is replaced anonymously but gets thrown out with the rubbish. Duncan has offered a reward for its return and the reward goes to the cleaning lady. On the tarmac at the airport Sir Geoffrey checks the contents of his brief-case and the paper blows away.

  • S05E08 In Place of Strife

    • November 3, 1973
    • ITV1

    Painters arrive to decorate the ward and, as they are in white coats, Duncan mistakes them for new students. The painters do their work but go home at five, leaving a bare patch, which Duncan paints in. Next day the irate painters down tools in protest at his non-union interference. The doctors put the furniture back in place, causing the porters to also down tools. Soon all the hospital's manual workers are on strike so Sir Geoffrey suspends Duncan to appease them. This causes the doctors to go on strike.

  • S05E09 The Pool

    • November 10, 1973
    • ITV1

    Duncan joins doctor Diana - whom he has helped by lancing a patient's boil very roughly - in protesting against the hospital swimming pool being demolished to make way for a new wing. Sir Geoffrey promises to keep the pool but goes back on his word and Duncan, Diana and other protesters lie down in front of the bulldozer coming to get rid of the pool. The driver is none other than the man with the boil and the bulldozer ends up demolishing Sir Geoffrey's car.

  • S05E10 The Godfather

    • November 17, 1973
    • ITV1

    The Binghams' marriage is in crisis. Lawrence wants a son and heir but Mary wants to carry on with her medical career. Efforts on Lawrence's part to get Duncan to talk Mary round fail miserably and soon Dick and Paul have been roped into the argument. Since Mary's pet name for her husband is Badger, Duncan wheels a crib into the ward containing a badger to drop a hint in her direction but she explains that she is already pregnant.

  • S05E11 A Man's Best Friend Is His Cat

    • November 24, 1973
    • ITV1

    Sir Geoffrey and his wife are visiting her mother and he asks Duncan to look after his cat, Thomas, which wees everywhere and is not good-natured. Thomas gets put with the lab animals and Duncan assumes he has been taken away for experimentation. He buys a replacement cat but Sir Geoffrey claims this is not his Thomas. Thomas is saved, making Sir Geoffrey think again about animal tests, but, oddly, gives birth to kittens. Lady Loftus explains that the first Thomas died and she replaced him behind her husband's back, unaware that this cat was a different sex.

  • S05E12 There's No Fire without Smoke

    • December 1, 1973
    • ITV1

    Duncan and Dick carry on playing cards during a fire drill, aware there is no fire but Sir Geoffrey is annoyed with their apathy and appoints them fire wardens. Urged by Sir Geoffrey to make the next fire drill as realistic as possible, Bingham causes a real fire but the brigade don't respond as they are used to hoaxes. Duncan and Dick panic and steal a fire engine only to discover that Sir Geoffrey has extinguished the flames himself. When the firemen eventually turn up they are not pleased with the doctors.

  • S05E13 Hello Sailor!

    • December 8, 1973
    • ITV1

    In debt and spurned by Annabel, Duncan decides to join the Navy but, when Annabel agrees to marry him, needs a way of getting out, so feigns madness. The psychiatrist testing him is also mad but the Surgeon Commander agrees to release Duncan if he keeps quiet about it. Duncan is released only to find that Annabel has now joined up.

  • S05E14 Any Complaints?

    • December 15, 1973
    • ITV1

    The Municipal and District Hospital Patients' Protection League has received six hundred and seventy complaints about Duncan Waring, and he only has thirty patients on his ward. When the board of governors has a new member, the terrifying Mrs. Broadway, maybe it's time to bring in the charm offensive, since Dick is doing a roaring trade as a medi-florist and purveyor to patients of chocolates which are just past the sell-by date. By the end of the day, however, it's Duncan who wants to complain.

  • S05E15 Watch Out - There's a Thief About

    • December 22, 1973
    • ITV1

    Items are going missing from around the hospital, arousing suspicions that they are being stolen and sold to hotels - until an electro-cardiograph machine goes walkabout. A recently flush Duncan becomes the prime suspect and an eager Bingham pulls all the stops out to catch the thief, but cries wolf so often that nobody believes him when he actually rumbles the culprit.

  • S05E16 Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot?

    • December 29, 1973
    • ITV1

    Duncan re-encounters Irishman Danny Hooley, a former colleague from his medical student days, who claims to have been working in Africa. Duncan gets him a job at St Swithins as a locum, but Bingham discovers he has been struck off for having affairs with patients and Sir Geoffrey sacks him. Duncan tries to hide him in his room but it's clear Danny's days as a doctor are over.

Season 6

  • S06E01 Sir John and Baby Doc

    • April 21, 1974
    • ITV1

    Dick gets the sack and Duncan resigns in protest. With Collier gone and the Binghams bringing up triplets they've nothing to stay around for and become ship's doctors on passenger liner the Begonia, only to find the captain is Sir Geoffrey's twin brother Norman. Next day they are shipped aboard by a crane to a very dirty ship whose last doctor died of suspected parrot fever and where they are likely to be pursued by crewman Mad Jake. Fortunately they find out in time they're on the wrong ship, it's not the Begonia after all.

  • S06E02 Oh I Do Like to Be Beside the Seasick

    • April 28, 1974
    • ITV1

    Having put to sea, Duncan discovers that he is prone to sea-sickness so Dick gives him a healthy dose of remedial medicine. Unfortunately he overdoes the dosage and Duncan falls into the ship's swimming pool, arriving soaking wet at the captain's cocktail party. The captain sacks him and in revenge Duncan tells American passenger Mrs. Tranmere that Loftus loves to sing, so she asks him. Ultimately Loftus reinstates Duncan because the party was a huge success, due to his singing.

  • S06E03 A Healthy Ship Is a Happy Ship

    • May 5, 1974
    • ITV1

    There is a loss of manpower on the Begonia because Dick has been doling out sick notes or chitties to the crew. Captain Loftus discovers this and threatens to sack him. Industrial action is called. However, when the ship arrives in Madeira nobody wants a chittie, as it would mean missing shore leave. Dick has been fooled by the crew. He has, however, made money by selling the chitties at two pounds a time.

  • S06E04 The Senior Officer's Perks

    • May 12, 1974
    • ITV1

    Dick and Duncan are both smitten by the lovely Anna-Maria, a glamorous Austrian passenger. Dick gets to bandage her finger but Duncan,as the senior officer, takes over and keeps Dick away from her by forcing him to make animal noises in a talent contest. Anna-Maria is persuaded to enter a beauty pageant which she wins. However she has also attracted the attentions of the captain and when Duncan goes to her cabin, finds Loftus there in a compromising position.

  • S06E05 Go Away, Stowaway!

    • May 19, 1974
    • ITV1

    The purser finds a pair of trousers with the name tag 'Manuel Sanchez' on and knows there is a stowaway on board. Dick finds him hiding in his wardrobe. He tells him he came to England for work but missed his girl-friend in Tenerife. Then Duncan finds him and gets a different story. The two doctors finally work together and, at Tenerife, dress Manuel as a souvenir vendor, knowing the purser will throw him off the ship as he wants.

  • S06E06 Floating Profits

    • May 26, 1974
    • ITV1

    Dick is running a late night poker school and a money exchange for passengers but collapses from the stress of it all and needs bed rest. He gets Duncan to take over but Duncan fumbles the exchange, giving the passengers overly generous rates and is hopeless at poker, losing to Captain Loftus, who finds out about it and wants to be included. Finally Duncan collapses from exhaustion - as does the purser.

  • S06E07 Goodbye, Mr. Ships!

    • June 2, 1974
    • ITV1

    Dick and Duncan have already been carpeted by Captain Loftus for being late back on ship after shore leave but now find themselves stranded on Madeira as the Begonia has sailed without them. They get hold of a small motor boat to chase after their ship and eventually wind up back on board but only after Dick has knocked Duncan overboard.

  • S06E08 The V.I.P.

    • June 9, 1974
    • ITV1

    Duncan gets on the wrong side of an attractive female passenger, unaware that she is a journalist writing an article about her cruise.

  • S06E09 In a Little Spanish Town

    • June 16, 1974
    • ITV1

    The two doctors are relaxing on a Spanish beach when Duncan sees a local girl in difficulties in the water and rushes to rescue her, applying mouth to mouth resuscitation. The locals assume he is kissing her and Duncan finds he is expected to marry her. When he refuses he is accused of rape and jailed, requiring Captain Loftus to bribe the police chief in order to release him.

  • S06E10 Physician Heal Thyself

    • June 23, 1974
    • ITV1

    Whilst Dick beats the captain at cards, Duncan has a day on the beach with the charming Rosita, only to find himself in extreme agony, clutching his side. He is sure he has appendicitis but, now the Begonia has sailed, there is only one other person on board - discounting the vet - who can operate - Dick Stuart-Clark. Duncan is most reluctant to let his friend loose on him though fortunately it transpires that his affliction is food poisoning from the ice cream he ate on the beach.

  • S06E11 A Wolf in Ship's Clothing

    • June 30, 1974
    • ITV1

    Mrs. Tranmere, an influential middle-aged American woman, has taken a shine to Duncan and the Captain orders him to dance attendance on her to keep her sweet. Duncan is more interested in her daughter, who has reciprocated the feeling, and he has also arranged to go on a date with her. To add to the complications, Joyce, the ship's nurse, gets drunk and throws herself at the doctor, requiring him to run from one date to the next, finally ending with none.

  • S06E12 Murder! He Said

    • July 7, 1974
    • ITV1

    Duncan is sick of the purser offering medical advice and the purser is anxious to rat on Duncan to the captain for taking bribes from the kitchen. After the couple have publicly come to blows, the purser disappears and Duncan is suspected of killing him. The purser reappears, having got locked in a store room and escaped through the ventilation shaft, and the feud continues.

  • S06E13 But It's So Much Nicer to Come Home

    • July 14, 1974
    • ITV1

    The Begonia comes home after the cruise and Duncan, having fallen out with Dick, decides he has had enough of being a ship's doctor and returns to St. Swithins. Things have changed but Sir Geoffrey will have him back - and Dick too. Should they accept? Or should they return to the Begonia?

Season 7

  • S07E01 Keep Your Nose Clean

    • April 27, 1975
    • ITV1

    Fresh from his spell as ship's surgeon on the MS Bergonia, Duncan Waring returns to St. Swithin's with Dick in tow.

  • S07E02 When a Body Meets a Body

    • May 4, 1975
    • ITV1

    Duncan is asked to give a second opinion on one of the prisoners at Pentonville.

  • S07E03 It's the Thought That Counts

    • May 11, 1975
    • ITV1

    In celebration of Sir Geoffrey's twentieth anniversary at St. Swithin's, Duncan and his colleagues plan a surprise for him.

  • S07E04 Radio Activity

    • May 18, 1975
    • ITV1

    As St. Swithin's prepares to launch its own radio station, Duncan is asked to be responsible for its running.

  • S07E05 A Run for Your Money

    • May 25, 1975
    • ITV1

    When Duncan loses a large sum of money he raised at a charity dance, he has to go to extraordinary lengths to prevent Loftus finding out.

  • S07E06 Learning by Heart

    • June 1, 1975
    • ITV1

    When Duncan learns he has to take an important exam to hold on to his job, he has the arduous task of finding somewhere quiet to study.

  • S07E07 It's Just the Job

    • June 8, 1975
    • ITV1

    Whilst working at a careers convention, Dick stumbles on a cushy, well-paid job at a hotel, and decides to pack his bags and leave St. Swithin's.

  • S07E08 What's Op Doc?

    • June 15, 1975
    • ITV1

    With an increased workload, Duncan's tiredness causes him to make a terrible mistake... or does it?

  • S07E09 Room for Change

    • June 22, 1975
    • ITV1

    The doctors are finding it increasingly difficult to share their small office between the five of them and apply for smaller desks.

  • S07E10 A Heart in the Right Place

    • June 29, 1975
    • ITV1

    Duncan has to find an interesting case to present at a divisional clinical conference.

  • S07E11 What's Your Problem

    • July 6, 1975
    • ITV1

    Psychiatry seems to be the only solution to Duncan's depressing problem.

  • S07E12 Clunk Clink

    • July 13, 1975
    • ITV1

    After a playful incident in the office, Duncan and Dick are forced to consult an osteopath.

  • S07E13 The Course of True Love

    • July 20, 1975
    • ITV1

    Duncan and Kate are getting on very well. But when Duncan starts to mention marriage, he could be putting it all in jeopardy.

Season 8

  • S08E01 When Did You Last See Your Mother?

    • January 16, 1977
    • ITV1

    When Duncan finds a baby on his door step with a note attached saying Baby Duncan, he assumes that the child is his and makes efforts to track down the putative mother from his ex-girlfriends. He takes easily to paternity, as, rather oddly, does Dick, and he is dismayed when the baby's actual mother turns up to claim the ownership of her small charge and finds he has no connection with it.

  • S08E02 I Love Paris... When I Get There

    • January 23, 1977
    • ITV1

    Duncan is planning to take Kate for a romantic weekend in Paris but has to deliver a kidney for a transplant at St. Swithins and gets Dick to drive him there. Unfortunately Dick's crazy driving attracts police attention and Duncan has to hitch a lift with a family on holiday but they have to stop when their son is sick. Fortunately an R.A.F. helicopter comes to Duncan's rescue but the weekend still looks to be doomed.

  • S08E03 Money Spasms

    • January 30, 1977
    • ITV1

    Duncan is shocked to find himself overdrawn at the bank, thanks to Dick's 'borrowing' his credit card to gamble on the horses. He lost and, as Andy MacKenzie is also in need of funds, the three doctors volunteer to be paid guinea pigs at a scientific research unit. This involves testing a new muscle relaxant, with which they are injected. Being so relaxed has dire results when they return to work at St. Swithins.

  • S08E04 What's in a Name?

    • February 6, 1977
    • ITV1

    Duncan panics when physiotherapist Eleanor Wilcox comes to work at the hospital. Some while ago, returning from a conference, he had a one night stand with her but said his name was Dick Stuart-Clark, to prevent Kate finding out. Now he must keep up the pretence with Dick pretending he is Duncan. In fact Kate knew about it all along but had also had a similar fling with a male physiotherapist.

  • S08E05 The War of the Wards

    • February 13, 1977
    • ITV1

    Dick hopes to win a new car in a slogan-writing contest. So does Mr. Wilkes, a butcher admitted with a suspected gallstone. Sir Geoffrey and Duncan feel that an operation to remove it is warranted. Chief physician Professor Avery feels that this is unnecessary - it can be removed by other means. Andrew MacKenzie agrees with him - leading to a war of the wards, though ultimately it turns out that the 'gallstone' is actually a shadow on the X-ray.

  • S08E06 For Your Own Good

    • February 20, 1977
    • ITV1

    Gervaise Gascoigne, the pompous, rude and very wealthy father of James, arrives as a patient at the hospital and manages to irritate everybody, including his son, whom he refers to as Florence Nightingale. Dick tries to fleece him in a gambling scam but Gervaise is too canny to be had and turns the tables on him. Even Sir Geoffrey is not immune from old Gascoigne's withering comments as Alicia, Gervaise's wife, once had a fling with him.

  • S08E07 Bunny Makes the World Go Round

    • February 27, 1977
    • ITV1

    Duncan is desperate to get together five unusual medical cases so that he can present them at an exam. However his frantic efforts to acquire them are somehow misunderstood so that he ends up, not with medical anomalies but cute soft toys, as fluffy bunnies and cuddly Teddy bears fill up his ward - a fact which is not going to endear him to Loftus.

  • S08E08 Loftus the Terrible

    • March 6, 1977
    • ITV1

    Sir Geoffrey is in a constant foul mood, worse than anybody has ever seen him in before, barking at staff and patients alike. Knowing that he has always had a soft spot for Duncan, his colleagues put Waring forward as the natural peace-maker. He discovers that his boss's black mood is down to his having had a row with his wife, as a result of which they are not speaking to each other. Helped by Kate, Duncan resolves to patch things up between the couple.

  • S08E09 A Turn for the Worse

    • March 13, 1977
    • ITV1

    The entertainment committee has to account for missing funds.

  • S08E10 M*A*T*C*H*

    • March 20, 1977
    • ITV1

    Saturday afternoon war breaks out in the doctors' common room. Duncan, Dick and Andy want to watch football on the television but Gascoigne wants to see an old film and, for a while, gets his way, thanks to Sir Geoffrey. When Dick tries to persuade Gascoigne that the set has broken down, two repairs men arrive to take it away for mending. Gascoigne, however, has the last word by sending the others a set with no internal workings, just a football on a piece of string inside it.

  • S08E11 California Girl

    • March 27, 1977
    • ITV1

    Californian girl Kirby Allen comes to St. Swithins. Her father is a millionaire and Sir Geoffrey hopes that he will contribute an expensive scintillascope to the hospital. But father must be kept sweet so, although Dick, Andy and Duncan are all smitten by Kirby, they must not molest or antagonize her in any way. Strangely enough, she has no interest in any of them and only has eyes for James Gascoigne, who appears to be scoring with her.

  • S08E12 Sunday Bleeping Sunday

    • April 3, 1977
    • ITV1

    It's Sunday and Duncan has just completed a punishing night shift and is exhausted. It's also his birthday but everybody, even Kate, has forgotten the fact. He really could do with a little peace and quiet but Sir Geoffrey, who gets him to buy him lunch, and Dick, smarting because he has failed to get a date with new nurse Nerida, only manage to get in his way. Not to mention the bleeper going off. What's a guy to do to earn a day of rest?

  • S08E13 Happy Ever After

    • April 10, 1977
    • ITV1

    Duncan and Kate announce that they are getting married. Dick wants to organize a reception at the bar for them but Andy, whose own marriage failed, cannot understand why they should wish to tie the knot. To escape the attentions of their colleagues they decide to have a very quiet ceremony at a registry office with no guests but, at the end of the day, do not go through with it.

Season 9

  • S09E01 Thanks for the Memory

    • February 12, 1979
    • ITV1

    Duncan is working in St. Barnabas hospital, Sydney, under fearsome Professor Beaumont and alongside the Australian answer to Bingham, Maurice Griffin. Dick Stuart-Clark is admitted as an amnesia sufferer, though this is a ploy, as he skipped St Swithins having sold off oxygen cylinders and is wanted in Sydney for not paying his hotel bill. Duncan takes him to see Beaumont about a job but before any deal can be reached Griffin, whose patient Dick is, has shoved a syringe full of sedatives up his bottom and knocked him cold.

  • S09E02 It's A Job Worth Doing

    • February 19, 1979
    • ITV1

    Still unemployed, Dick parties till all hours, causing Duncan to be late for an operation and throw up on the theatre sister. Duncan decides it's time his friend got a job and makes him fill in the application form. Dick, a reluctant interviewee, does his best to get on the wrong side of chief anaesthetist Wilkinson, but the man loves his cavalier attitude and gives him a job.

  • S09E03 A Bird in the Hand

    • February 26, 1979
    • ITV1

    Dick and Duncan both want to take physiotherapist Pamela Kincaid to a weekend beach party. Duncan plans to get Dick out of the way by sending him to a conference but Dick 'persuades' a philandering patient to take his place. When the man's wife turns up at St. Barnabas to see him, a heavily bandaged Duncan impersonates him, but his efforts to avoid Professor Beaumont leave Dick free to act as escort to Pamela.

  • S09E04 I Gotta Horse

    • March 5, 1979
    • ITV1

    Dick Stuart-Clark accepts a part ownership in a race horse as payment for a bill.

  • S09E05 The Hawaiian Operation

    • March 12, 1979
    • ITV1

    Dick Stuart-Clark organises a raffle with the usual disastrous results.!

  • S09E06 The More We Are Together

    • March 19, 1979
    • ITV1

    Stuart-Clark organises a surprise party for Waring.

  • S09E07 It's All in the Mind

    • March 26, 1979
    • ITV1

    An attractive young lady out-patient asks Dick and Duncan to her fancy dress party, where her 'costume' will be Lady Godiva. Duncan plans to go as a witch-doctor but Griffin, who has been reading a book on head-hunters of Borneo, mishears him ordering his costume and assumes that a witch-doctor is working in the hospital. He tells Beaumont, who believes he is over-doing it and sends him home, asking Duncan to replace him. Arriving in costume Duncan frightens the out-patients.

  • S09E08 If You Can't Beat 'Em...

    • April 2, 1979
    • ITV1

    When the health minister calls, he finds the Hospital in chaos.

  • S09E09 Alias Clarke & Waring

    • April 9, 1979
    • ITV1

    Professor Beaumont receives a letter from Sir Geoffrey claiming that Duncan owes two thousand pounds in gambling debts back in Britain. In fact the culprit is Dick, who has used Duncan's name and Duncan threatens to have him extradited unless he clears the matter up. Dick goes to the bank to collect the money but blows it at the races, earning a thump from Duncan. Beaumont agrees to take the money out of Dick's salary but Dick finds out that he is not the only one to use another's name in vain.

  • S09E10 Impatients

    • April 16, 1979
    • ITV1

    Professor Beaumont is angry that the patients have been complaining about the three doctors, even Griffin, whose lengthy descriptions of operations have induced nausea and all must behave themselves. Unfortunately Griffin gets into a spat with a cantankerous old man, Dick is caught on the fiddle and Duncan gets a thump from a seven foot muscle man whose car he damaged earlier in the day. Duncan is relieved when the day is over - until he drives into Beaumont's car.

  • S09E11 The Sydney Surprise

    • May 7, 1979
    • ITV1

    Dick and Duncan urge Professor Beaumont to have a day off, but Dick leaves Duncan in the lurch when he joins a friend on his boat, The Sydney Surprise. Duncan goes to find him but Griffin rings Professor Beaumont and sends him to the boat on a supposed emergency. The two doctors are found out - but so is the professor when a rich widow also on board turns out to be his bit on the side.

  • S09E12 Name of the Game

    • April 30, 1979
    • ITV1

    Mrs Beaumont is looking for her husband, who has been in Waring's flat all afternoon.

  • S09E13 Identity Crisis

    • May 14, 1979
    • ITV1

    Dr.Waring & Dr. Stuart-Clark mix up their patients diagnosis charts & operate on the patient who didn't need an operation!

Season 10

  • S10E01 Sins of the Father

    • February 21, 1991
    • ITV1

    The 1990s are very different for the doctors who were medical students in the 1960s–and there are skeletons in the cupboard.

  • S10E02 Happy Birthday, Sir Geoffrey

    • February 28, 1991
    • ITV1

    Rebecca tells Dick the hospital needs a new computer costing two thousand pounds but he is otherwise occupied with inviting minor celebrities to Sir Geoffrey's birthday party in pursuit of that elusive knighthood, though Sir Geoffrey is dismayed that the guest list comprises mainly strangers. On the night Rebecca and her students kidnap Sir Geoffrey and demand the price of the computer as a ransom. Dick pays up, hoping to stop the cheque but finds Sir Geoffrey was in cahoots with the students all along and, thanks to them, is loving his party.

  • S10E03 The VIP

    • March 7, 1991
    • ITV1

    Duncan is appalled that the penny-pinching hospital administrator, accountant Adam Quint, will not spend money on run-down wards, malfunctioning internal phone systems and other much-needed improvements. So he tells him that there is to be a V.I.P. visitor and Quint puts everything to rights, feeling cheated when a satisfied Duncan tells him it was his own fault for assuming that celebrity patient was not the heir to the throne but a little boy who needed his tonsils out - also called Charles Windsor.

  • S10E04 The Kindest Cut

    • March 14, 1991
    • ITV1

    Paul decides to have a vasectomy and persuades Duncan to do the same. Duncan has his, but on the way to the operating theatre Paul sees a pretty girl and backs out, having to pretend to Duncan that he had the snip. When he eventually sees the pretty girl with whom he would like to have babies again Paul discovers that she is about to have a sex change operation.

  • S10E05 Bye Bye, Bickerstaff

    • March 21, 1991
    • ITV1

    The three doctors are all set to go to Cardiff Arms Park to watch the rugby but, fearing wifely disapproval, claim to be going to the funeral of their late, unpopular colleague Bickerstaff, which is taking place near the ground. Along with Sir Geoffrey they attend the funeral, staying for the wake where they sample Bickerstaff's mother's crab and avocado dip, Unfortunately it lands all four of them in casualty with food poisoning before they can see the match - leading them to ponder on the fact that, even when dead, Bickerstaff knew how to ruin their day.

  • S10E06 It's All Right, I Am a Doctor

    • March 28, 1991
    • ITV1

    To the jealousy of some of his colleagues, Paul becomes a national celebrity as the Monday Medic on breakfast television, with his catchphrase 'It's all right, I am a doctor'. He gets a column in women's magazine Twenty-Something where he is invited to conduct research on why young women are attracted to older men, and finds himself smitten by the American researcher working with him. However it turns out that she was only using him, as her marriage to him would have given her a work permit.

  • S10E07 Waring Goes Private

    • April 4, 1991
    • ITV1

    Duncan is feeling stressed out. He rows with a young patient called Alec who swears by Paul Collier's new book and, having thrown a fit when his relaxation tape is also by Paul, comes to see that he is jealous of his colleague. To help him find out if private medicine is for him, Paul lets him take his Harley Street surgery for an afternoon but, after another meeting with Alec, appreciates that Paul does not have the answer for everything and is happy to stay at St. Swithins.

Additional Specials

  • SPECIAL 0x1 Doctor in the House

    • ITV1

    "Doctor in the House" follows the misadventures of medical students Michael Upton, Duncan Waring, Paul Collier and Dick Stuart-Clark. The lads basically mean well, but their habits of skyving off and attempting to chat up every available nurse drives the ferocious Professor Geoffrey Loftus to distraction

  • SPECIAL 0x2 Doctor at Sea

    • ITV1

    The continuing adventures of the boys from "Doctor In The House", "Doctor At Large" and "Doctor In Charge". When Dick (Geoffrey Davies) finally gets himself the sack from St Swithin's, Duncan (Robin Nedwell) resigns in support. They sign up for what they hope will be a cushy job as medical officers on the cruise ship MS Begonia. Unfortunately they didn't realise Professor Loftus' twin brother would be the captain!

  • SPECIAL 0x3 Doctor at Large

    • ITV1

    Following his student misadventures in Doctor in the House (1969), Michael Upton (Barry Evans) starts out on an equally fun-filled but disaster-prone solo career. He moves through a variety of jobs in general practice, including one with Dr. Maxwell (Arthur Lowe), before returning to St. Swithin's Hospital as a junior registrar.

  • SPECIAL 0x4 Doctor in Love

    • ITV1

    Doctors Burke and Hare leave the confines of St Swithins for the world of general practice, stopping off on the way as patients at the Foulness Anti-cold Unit. Hare then takes up a position as junior in a well-healed G.P.'s surgery while Burke continues to sow his doctorial wild oats.

  • SPECIAL 0x5 Doctor in Clover

    • ITV1

    Doctor in Clover is another 'Doctor' movie, but this time Leslie Phillips is the main doctor in the story, looking for love and romance from the hospital nurses, much to the annoyance of the main Administrator (James Robertson Justice) who wants his doctors to be 100% focussed on the job. Numerous antics follow, with Phillips getting Justice fixed up with the new prim-and-proper Matron (Joan Sims) and his attempted failures to lure the hospital's beauty, the physiotherapist.