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# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Will You Do It With Me, Here? 01/12/2019
2 By Any Chance, Did We Do It? 01/19/2019
3 Is It True, After All? 01/26/2019
4 And... What About You? 02/02/2019
5 Is It Okay... If I Fall for Him? 02/09/2019
6 Right Here And Now, Try To Kiss 02/16/2019
7 This Is What It Means To Go Out Together, You Know? 02/23/2019
8 Then I Don't Have To Be An Adult 03/02/2019
9 Don't Say That, Please? 03/09/2019
10 Liar... 03/16/2019
11 Are You Sure? 03/23/2019
12 I'm Sorry, I Love You. 03/30/2019


Posters can be used in coverflow applications and in social media applications. They are 680x1000.
There are no posters for this season.

Wide Banners

Legacy banners that use less vertical space. Each is 758x140.

There are no wide banners for this season.