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# Name Originally Aired Image
1 The Beginning of the Battle! Son Goku is Back 04/05/2009
2 The Enemy is Goku's Brother!? The Secret of the Saiyans, the Strongest Warriors 04/12/2009
3 A Battle with Their Lives on the Line! Goku and Piccolo's Wild Suicide Attack 04/19/2009
4 Son Goku Runs in the Afterlife! The Million Kilometer Snake Road 04/26/2009
5 Wilderness Survival! The Moon Awakens Gohan 05/03/2009
6 Finally Arriving at the End! Kaio-sama's Playful Test 05/10/2009
7 Battle with 10-Fold Gravity! Goku, Your Training is a Footrace 05/17/2009
8 Come Forth, Shen Long! The Saiyans Finally Arrive on Earth 05/24/2009
9 Yamucha's Struggle! The Terrifying Saibaimen 05/31/2009
10 Wait Chaozu! Screams of Tenshinhan's Kikoho 06/07/2009
11 Will Son Goku Make It?! The Battle Resumes in 3 Hours 06/14/2009
12 Piccolo Lets His Tears Flow... Furious Counterattack of Son Goku! 06/21/2009
13 This is the Kaioken!! A Battle to the Limit: Goku vs Vegeta 06/28/2009
14 Kamehameha Clash! Tenacious Great Transformation of Vegeta 07/05/2009
15 Goku in Absolute Peril! Entrust Your Wishes to the Genki Dama 07/12/2009
16 The Invincible Vegeta Defeated! Son Gohan Summons a Miracle 07/19/2009
17 A Hard-Fought Dawn... The Star of Hope is Piccolo's Home 08/02/2009
18 The Spaceship that Sleeps in Yunzabit! Blast Off For Planet Namek 08/09/2009
19 A new strong enemy! Emperor of the Universe, Freeza 08/16/2009
20 Rebellion Against Freeza! Vegeta, Burning With Ambition 08/23/2009
21 Protect the Dragonballs! The Namekian Offensive 08/30/2009
22 The Terrifying Dodoria's Pursuit! The Truth is Revealed to Vegeta 09/06/2009
23 Vegeta's Secret Plan! Tragic Attack Upon the Namekians 09/13/2009
24 Resurrected Friends! Beautiful Warrior Zarbon's Evil Transformation 09/20/2009
25 Kuririn Powers Up! The Squirming Freeza's Premonition 09/27/2009
26 The Smashed Up Conspiracy! Vegeta's Counterattack vs. Zarbon 10/04/2009
27 A Hair-Trigger Pinch! Gohan, Protect the Four-Star Ball 10/11/2009
28 The Super Decisive Battle Draws Near! The Ginyu Special Force Has Arrived! 10/18/2009
29 The Special-Squad's Frontline Man! Break Gurudo's Spell 10/25/2009
30 The Hellish Recoome! Keep Me Entertained, Vegeta-chan 11/01/2009
31 Son Goku Finally Arrives! Knock the Ginyu Special-Squad Around 11/08/2009
32 Star Performer's Entry!? Captain Ginyu vs. Son Goku 11/15/2009
33 Son Goku at Full Power! The Terrified Ginyu has Something Up His Sleeve!! 11/22/2009
34 Surprise! Goku is Ginyu and Ginyu is Goku!? 11/29/2009
35 A Great Turnabout for Goku!? Super Shenlong, Come Out Right Now! 12/06/2009
36 Enraged Freeza Draws Near! Porunga... Please Grant Our Wish! 12/13/2009
37 A Tormenting Super Transformation! Freeza's One Million Fighting Power 12/20/2009
38 Freeza Bares His Fangs! A Transcendent Power Attacks Gohan 12/27/2009
39 The Reborn Piccolo Shows Himself! An Enraged Freeza's Second Transformation 01/10/2010
40 Final Super Transformation of Freeza! The Terror Greater than Hell Starts Now 01/17/2010
41 The Moment We've Waited For! Son Goku is Revived 01/24/2010
42 Defeat Freeza, Son Goku! The Proud Vegeta's Tears 01/31/2010
43 Son Goku vs. Freeza! The Curtain Opens on the Super Decisive Battle! 02/07/2010
44 A Battle breaking all limits! Goku, Freeza, and Ginyu again!? 02/14/2010
45 It's a 20-Fold Kaioken! A Kamehameha With Everything on the Line 02/21/2010
46 This is the Last Trump Card! Goku's Extra-Large Genki-dama 02/28/2010
47 Awaken, Legendary Warrior... Son Goku, the Super Saiyan! 03/07/2010
48 The Super Saiyan Who Can Get Angry! Announce Your Name Son Goku! 03/14/2010
49 Exact Vengeance Son Goku! The Countdown to the Planet's Collapse 03/21/2010
50 Do-or-Die Full Power of Freeza! Shenlong Heed this Wish 03/28/2010
51 Furious Battle Cry of Goku! Make it in Time... The Resurrection Wish! 04/04/2010
52 Two Remain on a Vanishing Planet! This is the Final Showdown 04/11/2010
53 The Final Blow, Son Goku... Planet Namek Scatters Throughout Space 04/18/2010
54 Goku Vanishes in Space... Return to Life! Super Warriors 04/25/2010
55 That's planet Earth, papa... Freeza's family comes for revenge 05/02/2010
56 I will defeat Freeza! Another Super Saiyan appears 05/09/2010
57 Welcome Back Son Goku! The Confession of the Mysterious Young Boy Trunks 05/16/2010
58 Goku's New Technique, Instant Movement! Special Training Staked on 3 Years From Now 05/23/2010
59 The Pair Who Don't Leave a Trace! The Artificial Humans Appear 05/30/2010
60 Attacked on Both Sides by an Internal Enemy?! Son Goku vs Artificial Human #19 06/06/2010
61 No Chance of Victory Against #19! Super Vegeta Arrives Late 06/13/2010
62 Piccolo's Assault! The Missing #20 and the Future Gone Eschew 06/20/2010
63 Pursue! Doctor Gero... The Search for the Mysterious Laboratory! 06/27/2010
64 #17 and #18, and...! The Artificial Humans Awaken 07/11/2010
65 A Cute Face and Super Power?! #18 vs Vegeta 07/18/2010
66 The Time has Come to Become One Again... Piccolo's Decision for Ultimate Power! 08/01/2010
67 One More Time Machine?! Bulma Unveils a Mystery 08/08/2010
68 And the monster appears... Appearance! It's Super Namek! 08/15/2010
69 I am Your Sibling! The Monster with the Ki of Goku 08/22/2010
70 Escape tactic, Taiyoken! The Android Cell attacks 08/29/2010
71 Attack the Elusive Cell! Son Goku, Finally Revived! 09/05/2010
72 Surpass Super Saiyan! Now, Into the Room of Spirit and Time 09/12/2010
73 This is the Power of a Super-Namekian! #17 vs. Piccolo! 09/19/2010
74 Run #17! The Suicidal Resistance, Piccolo 09/26/2010
75 Unmeasured Power! The Silent Warrior #16, Makes his Move 10/03/2010
76 Tenshinhan's Do-or-Die Shin Kikoho! Save Your Brother-in-Arms, Son Goku 10/10/2010
77 Super Saiyan Surpassed! The Daring Vegeta Strikes Cell 10/17/2010
78 The Surging Resentment of Cell! Krillin, Destroy #18 10/24/2010
79 And So the Situation Takes a Turn for the Worst... Cell Attacks #18! 10/31/2010
80 The Tables Have Turned! Perfect Form Cell Finally Goes into Action 11/07/2010
81 Vegeta's Full-Power Strike! But Cell's Terror Grows and Grows 11/14/2010
82 Super Power Awakening! Trunks Surpasses his Father 11/21/2010
83 The Television`s Been Hijacked! A Live Broadcast of the Cell Games Press Conference 11/28/2010
84 Training Completed! Does Goku have the Composure to Defeat Cell?! 12/05/2010
85 An Interrupted Rest! The Self-Defense Army, Launches a General Offensive Against Cell 12/12/2010
86 A New God! The Dragon Balls are Finally Revived 12/19/2010
87 Satan's Legion Runs Wild! The Curtain Rises on the Cell Games 12/26/2010
88 The Decisive Battle! Cell vs Son Goku 01/09/2011
89 A Battle of the Highest Level! Defeat Cell, Son Goku 01/16/2011
90 Conclusion to the Death Match! Time for Goku's Decision 01/23/2011
91 Get Angry, Gohan! Release Your Dormant Power 01/30/2011
92 The Tears that Disappeared into the Sky! The Angry Super Awakening of Gohan 02/06/2011
93 Fighting Spirit Free from Hesitation! Gohan, Pulverizes the Cell Juniors 02/13/2011
94 The Perfect Form Breaks Down! Explosion, the Super Iron Fist of Rage 02/20/2011
95 Bye-Bye Everyone! This is the Only Way to Save the Earth 03/06/2011
96 Combine Our Power! The Mightiest Final Kamehameha 03/20/2011
97 Farewell with a Smile! Heading for New Days... 03/27/2011
98 Peace in the Future! Goku's Soul in Eternity 08/02/2011


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