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Season 1

  • S01E01 Right To Stay

    • October 5, 2002

    "Endurance" begins as 20 kids arrive on an island in the Pacific Ocean on an 82-foot ship. As the ship approaches the beach, the contestants are introduced and the game begins!

  • S01E02 Partner Game

    • October 12, 2002

    The remaining 14 contestants are formed into seven teams of two, following a tense mission to determine the picking order.

  • S01E03 Tilt

    • October 19, 2002

    This episode opens with the kids playing on the beach, looking like they are having fun and are carefree. However, based on the kids' confessionals, that is not the case. Max, of the grey team, tells the cameras that things on the island somtimes get pretty slow. His partner, Jenna, says that she is noticing a lot of ""playful flirting"" between some of the other competitors. According to the kids, Chelsea has a thing for Max, and there is definitely something going on between Sabrina and Aaron. The kids have been teamed up with their partners for a few days now, and Jonna says that everyone is happy with their partner. However, Lana, from the green team, says that although her partner, Trevor, is strong, she isn't sure they'll make a great team. Trevor watches his competitors and makes many observations. It is obvious that Sabrina, from the yellow team, and Ashley, from the red team, are friends. At the same time, some people think that the grey team, as well as the yellow and red tea

  • S01E04 Knotted Up

    • October 24, 2002

    As the episode opens, Sabrina, of the yellow team, explains that everyone is nervous about the upcoming temple mission. Chelsea, of the orange team, tells the cameras that her team is a target to be sent up to the Temple of Fate, but she isn't worried because she believes they'll do really well in the Temple Mission. Max, of the grey team, has a similar confidence and says that he isn't a target to be sent to the Temple anyway. Later, the teams meet J.D. Roth on the beach, where they get their first look at that day's challenge. The challenge, called ""knotted up"" will force teammates to work together as they are connected by the waist with a giant rope that has a large knot in the center. The first team to untangle the knot in their rope wins the mission. The teamates get into position, and as J.D. signals the beginning of the challenge, all teams rush toward the knot in their rope. The Red team (Christian and Ashley) and the Blue team (Jonna and Aaron) take an early lead, and are n

  • S01E05 Plant the Flag

    • November 16, 2002

    The morning after the Grey team's departure, J.D. met the kids near their huts,and gave Jonna Max's hat that he left behind. Along with the hat, Max left a note for Jonna. The note read: ""Give this to the next team you want to betray"". Aaron and Jonna of the Blue team are both shocked and confused by the letter, because, as Aaron says to the cameras, he thought Max understood why his team was sent to the temple. Jonna tells the cameras that she didn't agree to sending the Grey team to temple, and usually speaks up when she doesn't agree with something. Lana, of the Green team, tells the cameras that when her team returned from the Temple, Jonna pretended she was happy for them, but Lana claims it was only an act. Lana promises that if the Green team wins the Endurance mission, the Blue team will recieve the Samadhi. Later that afternoon, the teams arrive at the beach, where J.D. awaits for them. He explains to the teams that this weeks challenge is called ""Plat the Flag"" and is mo

  • S01E06 Squeeze Play

    • November 23, 2002

    From Discovery Kids.com With just six teams remaining on the island, and the Purple team not allowed to participate because they received the Samadhi, the five eligible teams competed in their second Temple Mission: Squeeze Play. This mission was a mental challenge based on the questionnaire the contestants took at the rock the day before. The kids were asked the same questions as before, but this time they had to answer based on what they thought the majority of the group said. Ashley answered four questions correct in a row on the way to the Red team's first victory. Now the hard part — picking two teams to send up to the Temple of Fate. At the Temple Selection the Red team announced that they were sending the Purple and Orange teams. This decision devastated Chelsea and Layla because they were best friends on the island and didn't want to be split up. They promptly spent the rest of the day together enjoying each other's company and making the most of their time. Both of their teams

  • S01E07 The First Six Days

    • November 30, 2002

    A review of the first six episodes, and a preview of the upcoming competitions and events.

  • S01E08 Water Logged

    • December 7, 2002

    Weather becomes a critical factor in the competition; the Yellow Team vies with the Blue Team for most powerful as each team applies pressure to the other.

  • S01E09 Eruption

    • December 14, 2002

    from Discoverykids.com The five remaining teams made the trek over to the Temple Mission to compete for the right to stay on the island for at least two more days. The winning team will also have to make the tough decision on which two teams to send to the Temple of Fate. The game, called ""Eruption"", was based on volcanoes. Pressure builds and builds under the earth's surface until it finally explodes, causing an eruption. This game was the ultimate test of strength and endurance as each team held on to a rope attached to a spring-loaded net containing water balloons that represented a volcano. The team who held on the longest would win ... sound simple? Not so fast. As the teams held on to their own rope, the entire structure holding the nets rose higher and higher off the ground making it nearly impossible to hold on. Since the Orange team had received the Samadhi, their rope was one foot shorter than everyone else's, making it that much harder for them to hold on. After an intense a

  • S01E10 House of Cards

    • January 4, 2003

    From Discovery Kids.com With the Orange team's departure leaving the Green team to fend for itself against the powerful Blue-Red-Yellow alliance, the final four teams competed in another Endurance Mission. As the girls walked up to the Endurance Mission, ""House of Cards"", they were shocked to find their partners buried in the sand up to their necks with their heads hidden beneath buckets. Modeled after the impressive construction of the Great Wall of China and intended to honor the many thousands of brave men and women who constructed it, the girls had to build a tower on their partner's head using blocks and pudding. The first one to pile all the blocks on their partner's head and maintain balance would win both the Pyramid Piece left by the Orange team and the right to dole out the Samadhi. In a huge shift of power, the Green team won their first mission and with the reward of the Samadhi and the Pyramid Piece, moved into third place with two pieces. Since the Blue team had sent G

  • S01E11 Dial In

    • January 11, 2003

    From Discovery Kids.com The final four teams competed in a very important Temple Mission to ensure that they did not have to make the journey to the Temple of Fate. The mission, called ""Dial In,"" was patterned after the science of cracking codes. Each team had to decode a message from a giant wheel with letters and numbers that, when lined up correctly, would reveal a question that the teams needed to answer. Since the Blue team had received the Samadhi from the Green team, they had to start the game a staggering 15 seconds after everyone else. As soon as they got to their board they began cracking the code, and to everyone's shock, they finished first. Never before had a team that received the Samadhi won, and it sent a clear message to all the teams that Blue was the strongest team on the beach. When it came time for Blue to decide who to send to Temple, they seesawed back and forth for hours. Of course an obvious choice was the Green team who, despite making it this far, was still

  • S01E12 Build a Pyramid

    • January 18, 2003

  • S01E13 Leap of Fate

    • January 25, 2003

    The final face-off between the red, blue, and yellow teams. When two teams leave for the Temple of Fate, who will come back?

  • S01E14 Don't Drop the Ball

    • February 22, 2003

    From Discoverykids.com In the final Endurance Mission, ""Don't Drop the Ball,"" the Blue and Yellow teams competed for the final Pyramid Piece, which the Red Team left behind when they were eliminated from the island. In this game, each team was perched atop their own platform above the ocean. The object was for each team to hold a giant ball over their head for as long as they could. The first team to drop their ball into the ocean would lose. Jon and Sabrina of the Yellow team were steady the entire game, while Aaron and Jonna of the Blue team switched off to allow resting. This proved costly when, during one of their switchovers, they lost control of the ball and dropped it into the ocean, dashing their hopes of yet another victory. With the win, the Yellow team evened things up at five Pyramid Pieces for each team. At the Final Temple, the Yellow team was shocked to discover the final Temple Mission was different from the ""Fire, Wood, and Water"" game the teams had become accustomed

  • S01E15 Endurance Reunion (Part I)

    • September 13, 2003

    Nearly one year after they first started the game, the 7 teams of ""Endurance"" come together to talk about their experiences on the show. The teens are shocked when they learn two of them will return to the island as a team for ""Endurance 2"". Hosted by J.D. Roth

  • S01E16 Endurance Reunion (Part II)

    • September 20, 2003

    The second half of the Reuniuon special features clips from the competitions and never-before seen footage from the last days on the beach. We learn that the audience has voted for Max and Jenna to return to the island, but the votes from the 14 competitors are yet to be counted, and the results will remain a secret until ""Endurance 2"" premieres. Hosted by J.D. Roth

  • S01E17 Best of Endurance: California

    • March 4, 2006

    A recap of the best moments from "Endurance 1" is shown.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Drop-Out

    • September 27, 2003

    In the season opener, 20 new teens have met in Baja, Mexico to play ""Endurance"": a game that will test their strength, mind, and will. The contestants are: Phil, 14 Michelle, 14 Shep, 14 Calley, 15 Maryelle, 14 Glen, 14 Sarah, 14 Scooter, 14 David, 14 Annie, 15 Jeff, 15 Christa, 13 Jacquelynn, 13 Tyler, 14 Abbey, 14 Mike, 15 Wayne, 15 Keetin, 14 Trey, 14 Simone, 15 The contestants, looking worried and a little excited about the upcoming events, ride donkeys to their new homes. During the ride, Calley explains to the cameras that she is scared because she doesn't know anyone. Some contestants are slightly more confident. Scooter explains that he is in it to win it, while Simone admits that people look at her as a 'girly-girl' and she wants to prove that she can hold her own in challenges. During the ride to their new homes, some contestants take time to size up the competition. Trey believes that Phil and Mike look like good c

  • S02E02 Wash-Out

    • October 4, 2003

    It's day 2 on the ""Endurance"" beach, and the 14 new contestants learn they will be pairing up with their partnars later in the day. J.D. meets the teens on the beach, to get a feeling of who wants to be who's partner. When asked who he wants to partner up with, Shep says he wants to partner with either Jacquelynn or Christa. Jaquelynn feels that could be a good partnership. J.D. leaves the teens until later that day, and advises them to begin thinking about what partner AND team color they want. Later, the teens begin to discuss who they want to be partnered up with. In interviews, many of the girls seem to want either Shep, Phil or Tyler as their partner. At the same time, there is some animosity over the fact that many of the boys want to be partnered with Jacquelynn. While Wayne complains that HE should get Jacquelynn as his partner, Annie tells Calley and Michelle that Jacquelynn only wants to be partnered with Shep because she finds him attractive. Later, the teens meet on the

  • S02E03 Tower of Power

    • October 11, 2003

    Only a few days into the game, the strategizing and whispering has already begun. According to Maryelle, the teams are split down the middle; The yellow, green and brown teams against the grey, purple, orange, and red teams. Meanwhile, the blue team has split too. While Scooter wants to align with the purple and red teams, Christa is going back and forth on her decision. When the teams meet on the beach to compete in their first competition, they learn the challenge is a Temple Mission, and one team will be leaving the game that evening. In the mission, ""Tower of Power"", teams race across the water and beach, collecting large blocks as they go. The first team to cross the finish line with all their blocks stacked in a tower will win the first Temple mission. When the mission begins, the yellow and brown teams take an early lead, while the orange team is still struggling to stay afloat in the water. Soon, many of the teams are struggling to keep their blocks stacked, and the green

  • S02E04 Fireball

    • October 18, 2003

    The next afternoon, J.D. meets the remaining teens near their huts, and gives the green team a note left by Wayne and Maryelle. The note tells the purple team to send Tyler home and to stay true to the alliance. It also reveals that the grey team wishes to give the purple team their pyramid piece. When J.D asks the teams if anyone had an alliance with the grey team, Annie reveals her team, purple, DID indeed have an ""agreement"" to work together. Now, with the grey team's pyramid piece, Annie and Jeff have taken the lead in the game. When the teams return to the huts, Annie tells Michelle the only reason she was sent to temple was because many people want to see Tyler go. In the other hut, Tyler complains to Phil and Scooter about how annoying he finds Michelle. As the purple team walks to the pyramid piece poles, away from the other kids, Annie tells Jeff she was closest to Maryelle and wishes orange went, while Jeff admits he is worried that other people will see their team as a threa

  • S02E05 Rollerball

    • October 25, 2003

    With the second Temple mission looming, tensions are high on the beach. Michelle, of the Orange team, is determined to win the challenge, in hopes of gaining more respect, and Jenna explains that the brown team's strategy is to win. As the teams meet on the beach, they learn about the temple mission, entitled ""Rollerball"". In the challenge, each teammate takes one side of a board with small walls scattered across the board. The object is to move two balls from one side of the board to the other, maneuvering around the walls and falling into a pocket on the other side of the board. The first team to drop both balls into the pocket wins the temple mission, and will get the privilege of sending two teams to Temple. Shortly after the challenge begins, both the brown teams and the green teams get one ball into the pocket. While the other teams continue to have trouble keeping their first ball on the board, the green and brown team appear to be neck and neck. However, the green team is abl

  • S02E06 Tide Pull

    • November 1, 2003

    The next morning, J.D. meets the remaining teams near their huts, and gives Mike and Keetin a note left from the Red team. Within the note, Jacquelynn and Phil write that they can't wait to see the Green team go home next, and that they are leaving their Discipline pyramid piece with the Blue team, Christa and Scooter. That gives the Blue team two pyramid pieces, while the Purple team holds the lead with three. Although Mike and Keetin seem to laugh off the note in front of everyone, they reveal their true thoughts to the camera. Mike worries that other teams may begin to dislike them because the Red team accused them of being backstabbers. Meanwhile, Max, of the Brown team, tells the cameras that the Blue team wants the Green, Yellow, and Brown teams out. The teens later meet on the beach to compete in their next Endurance mission, ""Tide Pull"". In this Endurance mission, one member from each team paddles their boat as far as they can away from the shore within 30 seconds. After 30

  • S02E07 Halftime

    • November 8, 2003

    A recap of the first 6 episodes, and a preview of what's to come.

  • S02E08 On the Ropes

    • January 3, 2004

    It's morning, the day of the Temple mission, and the teams are gearing up to prove who deserves to stay in the game. Some teams, especially the Blue team, feel they could go home if they don't win this mission. Although his team has the Samadhi, which will handicap them in the challenge, Scooter vows that his team, Blue, will win the mission and send the Brown and Yellow teams to the Temple of Fate. Later that day, the teams meet J.D. on the beach, to learn they will be playing an a mission called ""On the Ropes"". In the mission, one member from each team takes the end of their rope and strings it through a series of hoops. The compeititor that strings their rope through the last hoop will win the mission for their team. The catch? The player with the rope will be blindfolded, and their partner will scream directions from the starting position. The teams take their positions, and the mission begins. The blindfolded team members take off, ropes in hand. Many of the contestants have a

  • S02E09 Face to Face

    • January 10, 2004

    The next morning, the five remaining teams meets with J.D. near the huts, to discuss the Blue team's elimination from the game. J.D. asks Annie to read the letter from the Blue team. In the letter, Christa and Scooter write that they compliment Jenna and Max for having the guts to send them to Temple, and that they hope the Green or Purple team win. Also, the Blue team writes that they leave their two pyramid pieces to the Annie and Jeff, of the Purple team. While Annie and Jeff are excited to hear they have received two more pyramid pieces, the other contestants question why the Purple team received the pieces. Calley, of the Yellow team, tells the cameras that she believes Scooter left the pieces to the Purple team just to irritate the remaining contestants. It seems, however, that Calley is not upset her enemy, Annie, received pieces. Both girls tell the cameras they have talked about their differences, and have agreed to get along. Later, while the teens relax near their huts, t

  • S02E10 Cherry Picker

    • January 17, 2004

    It's the day of the Temple Mission, and every team is ready to win. Especially Shep and Calley, who are ready to show they are worth keeping in the Green/Brown/Yellow alliance. However, the Purple team once again wins the Temple Mission, and get the opportunity to send two teams to the Temple of Fate. In the end, Annie and Jeff decide to send their rivals the Brown and Yellow Teams to the Temple. That evening, Shep and Calley are eliminated from the game.

  • S02E11 Aqueduct

    • January 24, 2004

    It seems that after days of strategizing and making deals, Max's plan may backfire. Annie shares with Keetin that Max promised the Purple Team a spot in the Final 2. When Keetin reveals Max made the same deal with the Green Team, both girls seem to be suspicious of the Brown Team. Later in the Temple Mission, the Orange Team, Michelle and Tyler, surprise everyone by winning their first mission. With the Samadhi in the their hands, the Orange Team readies to make some deals. That evening, at the rock, Tyler asks J.D. if he can remove the Samadhi from the game, instead of giving it to a competitor. J.D. removes the Samadhi from the game, creating a level playing field for the next day's Temple Mission.

  • S02E12 Plank Maze

    • January 31, 2004

    The final four teams battle it out in a spot for the final three. When Mike and Keetin win the Temple Mission, they feel the heat from the other teams when they announce who they'll be sending to the Temple. In the end, the Purple Team, which J.D. calls the strongest team on Season 2, in eliminated from the game.

  • S02E13 Pathfinder

    • February 7, 2004

    The final three teams ready to compete in the most important Temple Mission of the game. After the Brown team wins the mission, the Green and Orange teams worry about whether they will return to the game. By the end of the night, Michelle and Tyler, Season 2's underdogs are finally sent packing.

  • S02E14 The Home Stretch

    • February 14, 2004

    With only two episodes left before the winners of ""Endurance 2"" are revealed, we take a look back at the most dramatic moments and exciting challenges of Season 2.

  • S02E15 Final Mission

    • February 21, 2004

    In the final mission, the remaining two teams battle it out for the eight pyramid pieces left by the Orange team. After the challenging mission, the teams each recieve four pyramid pieces, which they ready to use the next day at the final visit to the Temple of Fate.

  • S02E16 Finale

    • February 28, 2004

    The final two teams compete at the Temple of Fate; The game ends with the Brown Team becoming the ""Endurance 2"" champions.

  • S02E17 Best of Endurance 2: Desert

    • March 11, 2006

    A recap of the best moments from Endurance 2 is shown.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Endurance 3: Hawaii Casting Special I

    • September 4, 2004

    Cameras follow the casting crew of ""Endurance 3: Hawaii"" as they view tapes from young hopefuls, and tour the country to find potential contestants. In the end, J.D. Roth and the crew at Three Ball Production narrow the field to 40 finalists, 20 of who will take part in the next season of ""Endurance"".

  • S03E02 Endurance 3: Hawaii Casting Special II

    • September 11, 2004

    J.D. Roth and the casting crew review tapes from the 40 finalists, looking for teens that are athletic, exciting, and interesting. With the 20 contestants picked, J.D. Roth makes phone calls and personal visits to tell the new contestants the good news.

  • S03E03 The Arrival

    • September 25, 2004

    As a third season of ""Endurance"" begins, 20 new teens meet in Hawaii and travel through the jungle to meet J.D. and begin the competition that will test their mind, strength, and their will to win. In the first competition, the teens compete for the right to stay in the game. Before the day is over, six teens are eliminated from the competition.

  • S03E04 First Elimination

    • October 2, 2004

    Three boys are eliminated when rain makes the first challenge more challenging than ever. Back at the huts, the teens begin voicing their preferences of partners.

  • S03E05 Pick Your Partner

    • October 9, 2004

    The teens pick their partners; All attention is on Bryanah and Lindi, who declare themselves enemies after Lindi takes Bryanah's choice partner.

  • S03E06 Headstrong

    • October 16, 2004

    From Discoverykids.com: While the 14 official Endurance: Hawaii contestants wax nostalgic about their six fallen comrades, JD is concocting the biggest twist of the game thus far: he's in the process of informing the six kids who lost the Right to Stay game that they are going back to the jungle. Brandon, Marshall, Tom, Eleanor, Vanetta and Taylor will compete against each other in a final, winner-takes-all contest. The winner not only gets the right to stay on Endurance: Hawaii, but also gets to choose his or her partner from the remaining five contestants. These two ""second-chance"" kids will be the Endurance: Hawaii Brown team. With his plan in full swing, JD heads into the jungle to meet with — and surprise — the unknowing Endurance players at the huts. Before revealing anything, JD reminds the contestants that later in the day they'll all participate in their first Endurance mission and someone will end up with the Samadhi that will handicap them for the following day's Temple miss

  • S03E07 Ring of Fire

    • October 23, 2004

    In this episode of Endurance, the teams compete in their first Endurance mission for the pyramid piece and the power of the samadhi. All eight teams must stand at the end of a ring, holding up a pole in the center of the ring. If the pole hits the ring, it will ignite, creating a ring of fire and that team is out. Brown is first out, followed quickly by yellow. Eventually, gray, red, and orange are eliminated leaving Blue, Green, and Purple standing. The three remaining teams can only hold up the pole with only one arm and they can't switch arms, making it harder to keep the pole up. Blue was arguing in the middle of the mission and are the next team eliminated, leaving Green and Purple left to battle it out. Alex's hand slips of the handle of the pole and the green team is now out. Purple won the mission and receives a second pyramid piece, putting them in the lead with two pieces. They also decide who gets the samadhi. After the mission, the teams think who may get the samadhi, and s

  • S03E08 Bagging on You

    • October 30, 2004

    From Discoverykids.com The day that everyone has been dreading has arrived. The Endurance: Hawaii contestants will finally compete in their first Temple Mission, and by the end of the evening one team will be going home! But it's Bryanah and Monroe (YELLOW TEAM) who are the most stressed out because they're handicapped by a five-foot piece of rope since the PURPLE TEAM gave them the Samadhi. Sarah (PUPLE TEAM) reveals the reason they gave the Samadhi to Yellow: she doesn't like Bryanah, and she's not alone. Apparently Lindi, Rachel and Nicole don't like her either. Even Monroe is wishing he were paired with someone else since his partner seems to attract so much drama! It seems the only one in Bryanah's corner is Alex (GREEN TEAM), but even she concedes it's unlikely Yellow will be able to pull off a win with the Samadhi hampering them. The anxious contestants meet up with JD to find out about the day's mission: ""Bagging on You"". As JD explains, each team member will be holding two san

  • S03E09 Squaring Off

    • November 6, 2004

    From Discoverykids.com: The Blue team (Antonio and Willa) was the first team to be eliminated in Endurance: Hawaii, but their presence is still felt the following morning as the remaining teams nervously gather with JD to find out which team Blue left their Commitment piece to. In their departing letter, read to the group by Nicole (Orange team), Blue forgives the Yellow team (Bryanah and Monroe) for sending them to Temple and leaves their piece to the team that beat them: Orange (Nicole and Demian). With that drama behind them, everyone relaxes a bit. All the contestants know the drill: The day after an elimination game, the teams have to play an Endurance mission to decide who gets the Samadhi. But at least they're guaranteed another day in the jungle...or are they? JD reveals yet another twist, and this one is HUGE! Today is another Temple mission, and by the end of the day another team will be headed home! JD's revelation sends the teams' alliance-scheming into hyper-drive! Nicole

  • S03E10 Out on a Limb

    • November 13, 2004

    From Discoverykids.com: For the second morning in a row, the Endurance: Hawaii contestants gather with JD to find out which team will receive the recently eliminated team's pyramid piece. In their departing letter to the group, the GREEN TEAM (Bjorn and Alex) decides to leave their Heart pyramid piece to the YELLOW TEAM (Bryanah and Monroe) - but not before Green takes a parting shot at Demian of the ORANGE TEAM, telling him he needs to ""step up"" and make his own decisions and not blindly listen to his partner Nicole! With the addition of Green's piece, Yellow team enters into the three-way tie for first place with Orange team and the GRAY TEAM (Lindi and Chris). Before JD lets the contestants go back to their huts, he decides to drop a tidbit of info about the day's upcoming mission. In another twist, JD reveals that the winner of day's mission will not get the Samadhi and will not win a pyramid piece. But, he warns, something much more valuable will be at stake! With that stunning re

  • S03E11 From 20 to 12

    • November 27, 2004

    This recap episode brings viewers up to date on the game. Includes never-before seen footage and more Confessional interviews.

  • S03E12 Bamboo Jungle

    • December 4, 2004

    From Discoverykids.com: The fallout of Monroe and Bryanah's (Yellow) decision to choose the Gray (Chris and Lindi) and Purple (Reece and Sarah) teams to join their ""superteam"" in the Temple Mission is still reverberating the following morning in the jungle. Although some of the players who were not chosen by Yellow, such as Kareem from the Red team, admit that Yellow made a wise decision, Tom and Vanetta (Brown) are disappointed that Yellow chose strategy over friendship. Now, Brown feels like they're in a do-or-die situation — if they lose the day's mission, there's a good chance they'll be heading to Temple that evening. Later on, the contestants meet with JD to find out about the day's Temple mission. But first, JD reiterates that the three teams comprising the winning superteam will be immune from being sent to Temple that evening. The game that will decide which superteam is safe is called Bamboo Jungle. Essentially, it's an obstacle course that will force the contestants to jump

  • S03E13 Pipeline

    • December 11, 2004

    From Discoverykids.com: It's another rainy, dreary morning in the jungle, and the remaining contestants are trying to adjust to life in the huts without their friends from the recently departed Red team (Rachel and Kareem). JD meets with the survivors to read Red's departing letter and, more importantly, to find out which team Red has left their pyramid piece to. In the letter, the Red team reveals that they found Reece and Sara (Purple team) most trustworthy, so they have decided to bestow their Trust piece upon them. This revelation miffs Tom (Brown team), who expected his good friend Kareem to leave the piece to him. The addition of Red's piece gives Purple the lead in the game, with three pyramid pieces total, followed closely by Yellow (Bryanah and Monroe) and Orange (Nicole and Bryanah), who are tied for second place with two pieces each. JD quickly segues into the day's Endurance mission, which is on everyone's mind. But in typical JD fashion, he slyly throws in a twist: he info

  • S03E14 I'm Pulling for You

    • December 18, 2004

    From Discoverykids.com: The day begins in the jungle with the Yellow team (Bryanah and Monroe) in low spirits. Understandably, they still have not fully recovered from Gray (Lindi and Chris) taking their only two pyramid pieces the previous afternoon. JD encourages Yellow to hang in there and continue to play hard, because there are many twists and turns yet to unfold on Endurance: Hawaii. Fate and good fortune could be just around the corner. Speaking of twists, JD goes on to announce that there will be no Temple mission today and no team will be eliminated that evening! Instead, the teams will compete in another Endurance mission, for the Courage pyramid piece and the power to choose which team will be handicapped by the Samadhi. It all seems like good news until JD throws out one last bit of information about this mission's Samadhi — the team that receives it will have absolutely no chance of winning the next day's Temple mission! Back at the huts the teams begin to make plans about

  • S03E15 Balance Ball

    • January 8, 2005

    From Discoverykids.com: The day on Endurance: Hawaii begins with a tragic and unfortunate event: Vanetta (Brown team) injured her knee in a freak accident in the early morning. She was immediately evacuated out of the jungle to the nearest hospital, and as a result, she's been forced out of the game! As all of the contestants gather with JD to play the day's Temple mission, JD gives Tom, Vanetta's partner, his options: he can either take himself — and thus, the Brown team — out of the competition, or he can continue to compete as a one-man team. Tom gallantly chooses to stay in honor of his fallen teammate, and decides that the Brown team will continue on in Endurance: Hawaii, albeit at a great disadvantage. JD shares his admiration for Tom's decision to persevere in the game, and then tells everyone about the day's Temple mission, Balance Ball. In this game, each of the team members will be required to hold one end of a platform on which they will balance a ball. The team will have to

  • S03E16 The Halfway Mark

    • January 15, 2005

    From Discoverykids.com: On this unusually sunny morning in the jungle, JD meets with the final four teams of Endurance: Hawaii to read the recently departed Brown team's farewell letter, and more importantly, to find out which team Brown has left their Perseverance pyramid piece to. In a jovial letter, in which he congratulates all of the remaining contestants, Tom reveals that Brown has chosen to leave its pyramid piece to the Yellow team (Bryanah and Monroe), because they have demonstrated so much perseverance throughout the game. The acquisition of Brown's piece, a small but much-needed recovery, puts Yellow back on the board, after Gray (Lindi and Chris) had taken all of their pieces by way of the Samadhi on a previous day. Currently, the Gray team is in the lead with four pieces; Purple (Sarah and Reece) has three pieces; Orange (Nicole and Demian) has two pieces; and Yellow now has one pyramid piece. Before they convene, JD lets everyone know that a pyramid piece and the powerful

  • S03E17 The Final Four

    • January 22, 2005

    From Discoverykids.com It's down to the final four teams on Endurance: Hawaii, and with a Temple mission to be played in the afternoon, everyone is reassessing their loyalties and alliances. In particular, Nicole (Orange team) seems ready to abandon her team's alliance with the Gray (Lindi and Chris) and Purple (Sarah and Reece) teams, out of fear that one of those teams will send Orange to Temple with the perennially picked-on Yellow team (Bryanah and Monroe), should they win the day's mission. No one is more surprised by the newfound friendship between the Orange and Yellow teams than Bryanah, but she realizes that Nicole's offer of a truce isn't one of goodwill, but rather a strategic maneuver to stay in the game. Later, the teams meet up with JD to play the day's Temple mission, You're Fired. Based equally on physicality and luck, the game requires the contestants to shuttle water from the nearby pond into a series of tubs located across a stretch of land using only small pouches.

  • S03E18 Create Your Own Game

    • January 29, 2005

    From Discoverykids.com And then there were three - only the Yellow (Bryanah and Monroe), Gray (Lindi and Chris) and Orange (Nicole and Demian) teams remain on Endurance: Hawaii! JD meets with the remaining contestants at the huts first thing in the morning to read the Purple team's farewell letter, and to find out which team Purple has left their pyramid pieces to. Although Sara and Reece seemed to have left the island on good terms with everyone, they specifically cite the Gray team as their greatest friends, and make good on a promise to leave their 3 pieces to them. With the addition of Purple's pieces, the Gray team now has an astounding 7 pieces total; both the Yellow and Orange teams have only two apiece! Despite the daunting lead Gray holds, there are more challenges ahead and anyone could come out on top. JD goes on to explain the day's Endurance mission, CREATE YOUR OWN GAME. The name pretty much says it all; for the first time in Endurance history, the contestants must cooper

  • S03E19 Final Elimination

    • February 5, 2005

    From Discoverykids.com: After enjoying a sunny morning of swimming in Kauai, the contestants meet with JD at the huts to hear about the afternoon's Temple mission — the last one of Endurance: Hawaii. With only three teams left in the game, the winner of the mission is a lock to play for the championship, while the other two teams will have to test their luck at Temple later that night. No one needs reminding that the Yellow team (Bryanah and Monroe) was given the Samadhi by the Gray team (Lindi and Chris) the previous day, but JD brings up an interesting fact: no team in Endurance history has ever been to Temple three times and played for the championship. If the Samadhi handicaps Yellow and forces them to Temple, and should good fortune be on their side and they make it back to the jungle anyway, they could makegame history! Later, the contestants rendezvous with JD to play the final Temple mission, Color Coded. In this memory game, the players on each team must correctly choose one o

  • S03E20 Battle for the Pieces

    • February 12, 2005

    From Discoverykids.com At last, the final day of Endurance: Hawaii has arrived! And when the Orange (Nicole and Demian) and Gray (Lindi and Chris) teams meet with JD at the huts on this sunny morning in the jungles of Kauai, he takes a moment to congratulate them on making it to the championship round. But they soon get down to business, reading the now-departed Yellow team's farewell letter. In the letter, Bryanah and Monroe express their sympathies to Demian for having to deal with Nicole as a partner, but they postscript the comment by telling him it was his own fault for choosing her in the first place! They then go on to express their admiration for Lindi and Chris, and wish them the best of luck at winning the championship. The good news for Orange is that the Yellow team couldn't leave their pieces to Gray, which would've given them an even more overwhelming lead. Instead, their two pieces will be up for grabs in the day's mission, Battle for the Pieces! In this mission, the two

  • S03E21 Season Finale

    • February 19, 2005

    From Discoverykids.com ""And then there were two!"" proclaims JD as the Orange (Nicole and Demian) and Gray (Lindi and Chris) teams approach the island for the last gathering of Endurance: Hawaii. Earlier in the day, the Gray team obliterated Orange in the Battle for the Pieces mission. By doing so, they collected two additional pyramid pieces, giving them a 10-piece-to-2-piece lead! JD asks the contestants to take a moment to reflect on their Endurance experience in Hawaii, and how amazing it was to compete in a setting that is actually an island, within an island, within another island! He also asks the remaining two teams to think about one interesting fact: The two contestants able to determine their teammates after the Choose Your Partner mission at the beginning of the game, Lindi and Demian, made it to the final round, although they got here in drastically different ways. The Orange partnership has been a struggle from the beginning, but it was their friendships (and alliances) th

  • S03E22 Galapagos Special

    • September 10, 2005

    The "Endurance: Hawaii" champions travel to the Galapagos Islands, where they swim with tropical penguins, play with sea lions and meet a tortoise named Lonesome George.

  • S03E23 Best of Endurance 3: Hawaii

    • September 17, 2005

    A recap of the best moments from Endurance: Hawaii is shown.

Season 4

  • S04E01 Hang Glide

    • October 1, 2005

    20 kids arrive in the mountains of Tehachapi for the new season of Endurance. They know a grueling competition awaits them and some are more confident than others. They meet the host JD Roth and he gives them a basic tour of the area; where they sleep, and where the Temple of Fate is. JD announces that no one will be leaving that day. Instead, six of them will be leaving the next day. They will play a mission to find out who has what it takes to be an official contestant on Endurance 4.

  • S04E02 Power Play

    • October 8, 2005

    It's day two of competition, the partner selection. JD asks a one of the Jeszie who she would not want as a partner, she says Franke. Franke is disappointed to hear this because he want her as a partner. He then asks the whole group who the ideal partner for them would be, Shea speaks up and says Amelia, and Amelia wanted Shea as a partner. JD added a new twist and made the two the blue team right on the spot for speaking up. Then for the competition. Each competitor had to old up a log above their head with one hand as long as possible, the winner would be selecting the teams. Chris won in the end. He put together his team first, the yellow team, him and Callie. The next team was the red team, Franke and Erika, then purple, Jonathan and Daniela. Daniela wanted Michael as a partner and was kind of upset when she got paired up with with Jonathan. Then grey, John and Julie; orange, Michael and Kylie; and Green, Jeszie and Isaac. The teams are now set, next week will be the first temple mission and elimination.

  • S04E03 Blocked

    • October 15, 2005

    Everyone's been guessing who has the best team, but now it's time to find out. The seven new teams are about to go head to head in their first Endurance Mission, and the dreaded Samadhi is on the line!

  • S04E04 Raft Pull

    • October 22, 2005

    The stakes are raised as the teams battle it out in their first Temple Mission. As the competition heats up, alliances are revealed, enemies are made, and one team will leave the game for good!

  • S04E05 Drop Out

    • November 26, 2005

    The teams are expecting to play in a Endurance Mission... but JD announces that this mission will be for something much bigger then the samadhi!

  • S04E06 Super Stumped

    • December 3, 2005

    The teams must work together with other teams in the next temple mission. It's green, yellow, and red vs. orange, blue, and purple. The winning super teams must pick two teams on the opposing team to go to the Temple of Fate, where only one team will be awarded the chance to stay in the game.

  • S04E07 The Halfway Point

    • January 14, 2006

    Only 10 of the original 20 contestants remain. In this recap episode you can see highlights of the first grueling week.

  • S04E08 Waterworks

    • January 21, 2006

    The five remaining teams are surprised with a huge twist, with one team being eliminated at the Temple of Fate.

  • S04E09 Fireball

    • January 28, 2006

    A favorite game returns as the teams compete in a Temple Mission. One team is eliminated at the Temple of Fate.

  • S04E10 Hang 5

    • February 4, 2006

    After the four remaining teams test their strength in the Endurance Mission, a discussion about the Samadhi erupts into a shouting match for one team. But up on the hill the painful decision makes emotions run high for everyone!

  • S04E11 Cubed

    • February 11, 2006

  • S04E12 Create Your Own Game

    • February 25, 2006

    The last Endurance Mission.

  • S04E13 Circle of Trust

    • March 4, 2006

    The green team has the samadhi, and it will put them at a huge disadvantage in the next temple mission. The teams that don't win this mission will automatically be sent to the Temple of Fate. Can the green team overcome their disadvantage? Or, will another team win the crucial challenge. Find out in this episode in which the final two teams are revealed.

  • S04E14 Spin Fly

    • March 25, 2006

    The final two teams battle for the last pyramid pieces before the final Temple of Fate.

  • S04E15 Finale

    • March 25, 2006

    The final two teams go up to the Temple of Fate to battle it out for the trip to Costa Rica!

  • S04E16 Best of Endurance 4: Tehachapi

    • October 7, 2006

    A recap of the best moments in Endurance: Tehachapi is shown.

  • S04E17 Top Ten Games

    • December 30, 2006

    The top ten challenges from the first four seasons of Endurance are revealed, as voted on by fans at discoverykids.com

Season 5

  • S05E01 Balance is the Key

    • October 14, 2006

    Twenty teens travel to a secret location to compete in Endurance: High Sierras. Once there, they begin the "right-to-stay" competition that will send 4 of them home.

  • S05E02 Hanging Around

    • October 21, 2006

    The "right-to-stay" competition concludes, deciding the 16 official Endurance competitors. JD then announces that the winner of the next competition will get to pick the first team, which causes mass chaos as everyone tries to agree on the teams. Conflict emerges out of apparent happiness, and the episode ends in doubt as to whether they'll be able to agree on even one of the teams.

  • S05E03 Unwind

    • October 28, 2006

    The competition to decide who will choose the first team concludes, and the eight official Endurance teams are chosen. Then a surprise elimination competition sends a team home on the same day, leaving just seven teams in the game.

  • S05E04 Hot Potato

    • November 4, 2006

    The teams compete in the first Endurance mission, with the winning team getting a pyramid piece and the samadhi. However, this samadhi gives a team the power to switch two players. The Blue Team wins it, and after much discussion decide to give the power to the Red Team with the understanding that they'll switch the girls on Red and Green. However, all the other teams come up with an idea to switch Gray and Blue, and the episode ends not knowing which switch will actually happen.

  • S05E05 Move It Along

    • November 11, 2006

    Two teammates are switched, and the teams compete in another Endurance mission, and this samadhi will actually affect the next day's Temple mission.

  • S05E06 Walk the Plank

    • January 13, 2007

    The teams compete in the first Temple Mission of the season, and the first team is sent home from the High Sierras.

  • S05E07 Fill & Spill

    • January 20, 2007

    The six remaining teams compete in an Endurance mission, with the Heart piece and the ability to pick the super teams for the next Temple mission on the line.

  • S05E08 Superboats

    • January 27, 2007

    The Super Teams compete in the Temple mission to decide the next teams that will be sent to Temple. A surprising twist affects the mission, leaving some teams powerless to control their fate.

  • S05E09 Mid-Season Recap

    • February 3, 2007

    The ninth episode of season five is a recap of the prior eight episodes, featuring highlights from the challenges and other dramatic moments.

  • S05E10 It's a Drag

    • February 10, 2007

    The five remaining teams are greeted with another twist, and another team goes home.

  • S05E11 Create Your Own Game

    • February 17, 2007

    The final four teams create their own game, with another pyramid piece and samadhi on the line, which will have a big impact on the next Temple mission and in deciding the final three teams. Another twist: the loser of this Endurance Mission will be automatically sent to the next Temple of Fate.

  • S05E12 Fill 'Er Up

    • February 24, 2007

    The teams compete in their next Temple mission, with Purple handicapped by the samadhi. Another team is sent home at the Temple, leaving just three teams.

  • S05E13 All Tied Up

    • March 3, 2007

    The final three teams of Green, Blue, & Purple are left. As JD explains the magnitude of the next mission, he reveals that one team will have a huge advantage over the other two teams.

  • S05E14 Slingshot Alley

    • March 17, 2007

  • S05E15 Finale

    • March 17, 2007

    The Purple and Green teams put their friendship aside to win the Grand Prize trip to Hawaii. In their final time at the Temple, the Purple team starts with six pyramid pieces and the Green teams starts with seven.

  • S05E16 Best of Endurance 5: High Sierras

    • May 27, 2007

    A recap of the best moments in Endurance: High Sierras is shown.

Season 6

  • S06E01 End of the Rope

    • October 13, 2007

    Sixteen kids travel to Fiji to begin the sixth season of "Endurance:"

  • S06E02 Memory Race

    • October 20, 2007

    The official 12 players of Endurance: Fiji play the partner selection game which will determine the six teams that will battle it out to become the next Endurance champions.

  • S06E03 Mana Kisi

    • October 27, 2007

    The six teams compete for a mystery prize, and alliances begin to form as the teams position themselves to make it to the final two.

  • S06E04 Blind Faith

    • November 3, 2007

    The teams decide who should have an advantage. Later, it's time to play the first Endurance mission to win the first pyramid piece and the dreaded Samadhi.

  • S06E05 Box Launch

    • November 10, 2007

    The 6 teams have their first Temple Mission and the winners make a move to change up the game, and the first team is eliminated from Endurance 6.

  • S06E06 Alliances Uncovered

    • November 17, 2007

    The remaining 5 teams compete in another Endurance Mission.

  • S06E07 Weight an Hour

    • November 24, 2007

    An explosive decision is made at the second Temple Mission.

  • S06E08 Mid-Season Recap

    • February 2, 2008

    Halfway through the season, we take a look back at the events of the season so far.

  • S06E09 Island Hopping

    • February 9, 2008

    It's down to the final four teams of Red, Orange, Green and Blue. JD says that things are going to be shaken up today when the teams compete for TWO pyramid pieces and another dreaded Samadhi.

  • S06E10 Shark Bait

    • February 16, 2008

    With the Red team handicapped by the samadhi and later discovering the secret Orange-Green alliance, it's now an all out war for the final four to pick two teams to send to the temple.

  • S06E11 Stand Bags

    • February 23, 2008

    The three remaining teams of Blue, Red and Green will compete in the final temple mission. And everyone is caught off guard when JD reveals the final surprising twist of the season as the battle to qualify for the final round begins.

  • S06E12 Finale: Part 1

    • March 1, 2008

    The two remaining teams, Green and Blue, prepare to compete in the final mission for the remaining pyramid pieces.

  • S06E13 Finale: Part 2

    • March 8, 2008

    The two remaining teams compete in the Final Mission for pyramid pieces. Then the teams prepare for the Final Temple.

  • S06E14 Best of Endurance 6: Fiji

    • June 21, 2008

    Highlights from the sixth season of Endurance are shown, as well as never before seen moments.

  • S06E15 JD's Greatest Twists

    • June 28, 2008

    JD counts down the top five twists in Endurance history.