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Once Removed

William Price hires Lynn to keep his ex-wife Kathy, a former drug addict, from getting custody of their two boys. Lynn doesn't see any problem until William reveals that he lives with five women and has children with all of them. Kathy's lawyer tells the Department of Children and Family Services about William's ""family,"" and the department decides to put all eight children into foster care. Realizing their court strategy back-fired and the situation is only hurting the children, Kathy joins William to regain custody of the children. They agree to joint custody, William accepting Kathy's rights as a mother and Kathy accepting William's lifestyle. Randi and Emily help a family take on their HMO, which refuses to cover an expensive treatment that has helped their son's life-threatening illness. When the judge rules against them, the father gets fired so his family can qualify for state health insurance, which would cover the son's treatment. The state claims fraud and denies them insuran

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Name Type Role
Pamela Davis Writer
Harry O'Reilly Guest Star
Abigail Revasch Guest Star
Bruce Abbott Guest Star
David Kagen Guest Star
Rae Ritke Guest Star
Alison Simpson Guest Star
Bradley White Guest Star
Bruce A. Young Guest Star
Zachary Northcutt Guest Star
Kristina Lear Guest Star
Cindy Lou Adkins Guest Star
Joyce Guy Guest Star
Kate M Guest Star
Jonathan Hand Guest Star
Scott Alan Smith Guest Star
Matthew Koby Guest Star
Stewart Skelton Guest Star
Laura Leigh Hughes Guest Star
Oz Scott Director