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The Baby-Sitter's Club

Terry is overjoyed to see her old friend from the neighborhood, Debbie. Gwen is a little put off, though, by Debbie's memory of the way Terry characterized her when she was Terry's boss. Terry wants to get the old gang together and hit the town one night, but Debbie will have to find a babysitter for her children. Hoping to rehabilitate her image, Gwen volunteers to do the job. Out at one of the girls' favorite old hangouts, Terry finds that the nightlife is not quite the way she remembered it. Meanwhile, Gwen is proving unsuited to the task of handling the kids and the oldest one, Molly, locks herself in the bathroom and won't come out. Gwen calls for help, but finally proves she has some ""people skills"" with younger folks, too, as she talks Molly out of the bathroom by sympathetically comparing both of their situations.

Name Type Role
Bill Barol Writer
Janelle Ginestra Guest Star
David Dundara Guest Star
Nicole Sullivan Guest Star
JB Gaynor Guest Star
Morina Pierce Guest Star
Tracy Vilar Guest Star
Jennifer Jostyn Guest Star
Angelo Pagan Guest Star
Jack Galle Guest Star
Pamela Fryman Director