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Season 1

  • S01E01 Montauk with Jim Jarmusch

    • November 20, 1991

    John Lurie fishes takes film director Jim Jarmusch fishing for shark near Montauk, Long Island, and shows Jarmusch an unusual way to catch a shark with a piece of cheese and a pistol.

  • S01E02 Jamaica with Tom Waits

    • November 27, 1991

    John Lurie takes Tom Waits fishing for snapper in Jamaica. Waits gets seasick on the old tug boat they rent, but he later manages to astonish Lurie by putting a live red snapper down his pants.

  • S01E03 Costa Rica with Matt Dillon

    • December 4, 1991

    John Lurie takes movie star Matt Dillon on a fishing trip to Costa Rica, where they meet a village elder who teaches them the Fish Dance and a guide who claims to be able to turn into a bird.

  • S01E04 Maine with Willem Dafoe

    • December 11, 1991

    John Lurie takes actor Willem Dafoe ice fishing in northern Maine. After constructing a shelter and drilling holes in the ice, their survival becomes questionable after Dafoe runs out of cheese crackers.

  • S01E05 Thailand with Dennis Hopper (1)

    • December 18, 1991

    John Lurie takes movie star Dennis Hopper to Thailand in search of the elusive giant squid. After having no luck on the southern coast, they head north on a trawler to seek advice from the reclusive squid monks.

  • S01E06 Thailand with Dennis Hopper (2)

    • December 25, 1991

    John Lurie and movie star Dennis Hopper continue their search for the elusive giant squid in the coastal waters of Thailand. After stealing a boat from the squid monks, they soon find themselves hypnotised into a helpless state by the strange powers of the giant squid itself.