This special episode revisits a basketful of not-to-be-missed missions from the Food Unwrapped casebook. Jimmy asks why so much bacon in supermarkets is Danish and visits one of the largest pork abattoirs in Europe. And he comes face to face with traditionally-matured cheeses’ residents, cheese mites. Kate investigates why most British supermarkets only stock one variety of banana, and heads to Malaysia to learn about a disease that could mean the end to one of our favourite fruits. She also tracks down the slippery fellows used in the increasingly popular jellied eels. Meanwhile, Matt visits a Scottish distillery to find out the surprising truth about what gives whisky its distinctive flavour and goes on a real life egg hunt to find out more about double yolks. But with 1.5 million hens eggs laid every day at just one UK farm, he may need to use some special techniques to find the rare ‘double-yolkers’.

  • Episode Number 13
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  • Originally Aired Monday, June 20, 2016
  • Special Released After Season 8
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