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# Name Originally Aired Image
1 The Streets where Monsters Dwell 04/01/2007
2 BI BI BI!!! The Rat Man! 04/08/2007
3 The Mysterious Melody! Yasha 04/15/2007
4 Man! Ittan Momen 04/22/2007
5 The Cursed Movie
6 Big Panic! The Monster Alley
7 Flame On! Uncle Eyeball
8 An Old Adversary! Nurarihyon
9 Spirit Train, That Netherworld Divide
10 The Almighty God! The Thunder Beast
11 Spiritual Comic Dialogue
12 Ringtone from the Spiritual World
13 Struggle! The Bodyguard
14 Kitaro Dies!? Cow Demon Revives
15 Work! Eyeball Oyaji
16 Monsters are Game Masters?!
17 Wandering Priest
18 Black Eyes that Glow in the Old Castle
19 Sumo Wrestling Rally in the Kappa Pond
20 Voice From the Dark! Ghost Spot
21 Only the Neck? Monsters' Love Story
22 Fake Kitaro Appears!!
23 Epicure!? Sazaeki
24 Battle in the Dreams! Pillow Return
25 Monsters' Sports Meet
26 Monsters Idol!?
27 The rule of hell! Running mouse mouse
28 Kitaro dinosaurs appear!
29 Cat daughter's Yokai bus tour
30 Kitaro killing strategy
31 Youkai Comics Turn round!
32 Landing! The Western Youkai of the threat
33 Great counterattack! Japan yokai
34 Hell sink of Yokai Alley
35 Shinigami's paradise tour
36 Rescue eyeball Oyaji
37 Kitaro defeat! Demon hair of grudge
38 Male female becoming a dad
39 Nurarihyonan Last Day
40 Great Fever! Kitaro Goods
41 Defeat Kitaro! Moushi man's counterattack
42 Obey swamp youkai!
43 Youkai Mystery Train!
44 Choi evil! Eyeball father
45 Cat daughter noisy !? Youkai maid cafe
46 Snake female gorgon dinner party
47 Yokai big case
48 Fight! Gegege House
49 Seven of the other world Misaki
50 Curse of the bride!
51 Sightseeing of Tokyo daughter's Tokyo youkai
52 Fear! Night road monster
53 Hakusanbo Viva! Haunted house
54 Vampire elite
55 Curse of the hundred
56 Forbidden cape! Iso woman
57 The legendary great youka
58 Pet youkai! White swell
59 Gremlin to land Tokyo!!
60 Work!! Yukai Bali Bali
61 The Youkobo of Youkai Castle
62 A neck demon leads to death
63 Japan all youkai annihilation!? Yokai cloth!!
64 Monday night
65 A bird of curse! Uplus dances
66 More Kinjo! Yokai Hit Chart
67 Walking blood-sucking tree! Takiko
68 Hell super-battle war! Total Westerner youkai appeared!
69 Kitaro major incident! Hollow dugong entrance
70 It is impossible to get rid of it!
71 South Okamoto Japan landing!
72 Youkai Castle Start !! Vermillion War
73 Mystery of Yokai 47
74 I am sorry for this! Kagoshima Battle Battle !!
75 A spectator school of looking up entrance
76 The strongest tag !! Southern & Chinese youkai !!
77 Snow Woman! Beautiful Revenge Demon
78 Angry fellows! God Hidaru
79 Voyeurism of the oblivion! Child of the hammer
80 Beauty and sleeping! Continuous Yokai incident
81 Duel! Yokai hunter vs. girlfriend
82 Life Karakara! Red hot springs
83 Burn it! Red Bean Association
84 Noboru Bell! Echoing in the darkness of the night
85 Kitaro screaming! Trump card for youkai castle !!
86 The fear approaching behind!
87 Giant! Gearm's tears
88 A youkai desperate! Hell crossing quiz !!
89 Shingo no Miracle! Kitaro Big Leopard !!
90 New Year's big runaway! Kitaro fire car
91 Youkai Brushman! The First Eyelet
92 Furious! Youkai Mill !!
93 Ghost in a ghostbill 's youkai!
94 The true character of Okinawa's guardian shrine!
95 Yokai Suites! Strategy of Valentines
96 Romantic Romance! Invitation of Youkai
97 Impact! Become a Kitaro cat!
98 Oyaji big blood congestion! Brave Kitaro !!
99 The castle town of the city! Yokai Kamuhime
100 Farewell, Father! Tengu king of threat 03/29/2009


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