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Season 30

  • S30E01 #7649

    • March 31, 1993

    Dominique tries convincing Scott that Lucy would make a good surrogate mother for them. Scott blasts Lucy, thinking it was her idea, and Lucy says she won't carry their baby. Sean and a drunk Tiffany get into an argument when she accuses him of sleeping with Jessica and he tells her to get over losing Lucas. After, Sean accepts Jessica's invitation to join him for a nightcap. With Jason as the tie-breaking vote, the review board finds Karen guilty of cheating. An angry Karen slaps Brenda and then confronts Jason, who doesn't believe she's innocent. Karen tells Jagger she's not giving up her dreams of going to college.

  • S30E02 #7650 - 30th Anniversary Special

    • April 1, 1993

    On his 30th anniversary at the hospital, Steve feels he hasn't contributed to the hospital lately because he's now an administrator, not a doctor. Secretly, the staff plans a surprise party to show him their appreciation. Steve runs into Angie Costello, his very first patient at G.H. They reminisce (via flashbacks) to when he treated her as a teenager following a car accident that left her face horribly disfigured. Angie thanks Steve for his support years ago. Scott interviews potential surrogate mothers, but none meet his expectations. Lucy gets upset when Scott flippitantly asks Amy if she would consider the job. Bobbie breaks into Ryan's office to copy his address book. Steve catches Bobbie in the act but covers for her when Ryan comes by. G.H. staff and P.C. residents surprise Steve with the party, where he feels appreciated. Fugitives Mac and Felicia watch news coverage of the party, wishing they were home.

  • S30E03 #7651

    • April 2, 1993

    Jenny tells a stunned Ned she wants a divorce- but no alimony. Suspecting Ned still loves Jenny, Julia accepts a date with him. Persuaded by Dominique, Lee convinces Scott to accept Lucy as their surrogate mother and Lucy agrees to carry their child. Tracy shocks Paul with a restraining order against him, but he vows to see his son. Mac, Felicia and Sean find a list of Ryan's victims in his address book. Gail tells Sean that Ryan's fixated on blondes because of his mother and Sean uses the info to rattle Ryan. Using old tapes, Mac plans to give Ryan a telephone call from beyond the grave from his last victim Michelle.

  • S30E04 #7652

    • April 3, 1993

  • S30E05 #7653

    • April 4, 1993

  • S30E06 #7654

    • April 7, 1993

  • S30E07 12.16.93 - Thursday

    • December 16, 1993

  • S30E08 12.17.93 - Friday

    • December 17, 1993

    Kevin visits Ryan and gets him to remember some happy childhood moments. Ryan tells Kevin that after their father left with Kevin, his mother made his life miserable. Felicia tells Kevin he'll never heal Ryan, but Kevin disagrees and considers permanently moving to town. Laura's worried about Luke's mission for Frank but he asks her to trust him. Sean asks Luke to forget their troubles in Mexico years ago and offers his help with Frank, which Luke declines. Laura asks Ruby about the previous owners of the house they're buying. Ruby doesn't know them but tells her to ask around town. Lois convinces Ned to join her band for at least 3 weeks to see if he works out and she later lines up a gig. Jenny agrees to sell Felicia her share of The Outback as a surprise wedding present for Mac. Katherine gives Damian permission to vote her .5% of ELQ stock, but then learns from Ned that even .5% can be crucial in deciding a vote.

  • S30E09 12.20.93 - Monday

    • December 20, 1993

    A.J. confesses to Alan about trying to frame Jagger with his gym key.Alan blows his stack and he and A.J. exchange hard and bitter words.Then A-J invites Karen to lunch at the PC Grill, to apologize.Tony offers Laura the pick of the furniture in his attic. Laura eagerly explores the bean-bag chairs, lava lamps, etc that make up Tony's past. Later, Simone promises to introduce Laura to May-May Ward, who formerly lived in the new Spencer manse.Scott decides to give Lucy his 3.5% of ELQ; Lucy is thrilled. Scott decides to take 'Princess Baldwin' to GH so the chief of staff can change her diapers.But Outside the brownstone, he's accosted by a couple of thugs who kidnap him and baby.Paul brainstorms with Jag and Karen about the murder allegations. Karen insists Jag would never put anyone's lights out permanently. Edward's tensed up before the ELQ board of directors meeting. Ned tries to tease him about the meeting, but Edward turns nasty and tells Ned that Tracy gave him her proxy. Ned is

  • S30E10 12.21.93 - Tuesday

    • December 21, 1993

    Bobbie returns to the Brownstone and finds Scott's baby's car seat and diaper bag lying on the ground. She shows them to Felicia. Felicia is too concerned think about why Scott might have left the baby's things lying on the ground.Scott is tied up in a seedy hotel room being taunted by the kidnappers.The Thugs want 100 million dollars in ransom and and work for someone who is "expanding operations in Port Charles".Felicia meets with a bank loan officer.Trying to get a loan to buy 30% of the Outback.But she has no collateral.Bobby alerts Lucy of the missing pair.Alan explains to Monica how AJ set Jagger up. Monica is outraged, but Alan seems to be touched that AJ would try to protect his dad.Both agree Jagger can't go down for Alan's mistake.Spencers are moving in and Laura is mad at Luke for some unknown reason. Laura blows out the candles on her cake and makes her wish, she stares intently at Luke, commenting that it's a wish for all of them. The Banker turns Felicia down for the loa

  • S30E11 12.22.93 - Wednesday

    • December 22, 1993

    Luke & Laura argue about his dangerous mission for Frank and she fears he'll either lose his life or lose his soul. Luke insists it's the only way to get them out of danger & asks her to trust him. At the ELQ board meeting, Damian's incinerator proposal is voted down and Ned & Damian realize they need a missing Scott's votes to win. After Lucy gives Sean the ransom note, Bobbie reassures her she did the right thing. Lucy later gets a call from Scott to meet her at Dominique's grave. There, he tells her he's leaving the country with the baby, named Serena Lee Baldwin, but she can't go with them or know where they're going.

  • S30E12 12.23.93 - Thursday

    • December 23, 1993

    Sonny, Luke and Marco plan how to illegally bring in Frank Smith's hitman into the country. A worried Laura's upset that Luke will miss Christmas with her and Lucky, but he promises he'll be back by then. Brenda, Ruby and Karen suspect Sonny as the person who framed Jagger for Ray's murder. Brenda questions Sonny, but concludes he didn't do it. Brenda, Ruby and Karen all come to the conclusion A.J. is the most likely culprit. Monica and Alan argue about A.J.'s involvement with Ray's murder. Monica want him to confess to the police, but Alan disagrees. They hurl accusations over who's to blame.

  • S30E13 12.24.93 - Friday

    • December 24, 1993

    Mac tells Katherine the lab report reveals she's Dominique's half-sister. Katherine learsn from Lucy that Scott left the country with the baby. Damian's pleased to learn Lucy now controls Scott's ELQ shares. Lucy gets a call from Scott & learns he & Serena are safe. Luke, Sonny & Marco bring Frank's hitman into the country. Laura worries about Luke, who returns in time to celebrate Christmas with her & Lucky as promised. Kevin visits Ryan, who fakes progress, but Kevin sees through him. They realize they share identical scars on their wrists. Ryan's enraged when Kevin mentions he met Felicia, who's now engaged to Mac. Ryan tries to convince a guard he's really Kevin. Steve tells the Christmas story to the children at the hospital, then holds an orphaned baby who may have AIDS.

Season 31

  • S31E01 04.22.94 - Friday

    • April 22, 1994

    As Laura fakes abominal pains to her kidnappers, Luke and Foster rescue her. Luke & Laura meet with Cusack and threaten him to set up a meeting with Frank. Sonny asks Brenda the direction of their relationship and she assures him she's not playing games. They go back to Sonny's place and begin to make love, but some hoods bust in, dragging Sonny away. Simone tests an ailing Maxie, as Kevin comforts Felicia to Mac's dismay. Simone reveals Maxie's developed congestive heart failure. Steve & Audrey discuss Bradley Ward's disappearance years ago, a hot button issue, as Edward's distracted by the subject on Lila's birthday.

Season 32

  • S32E01 11.07.95 - Tuesday

    • November 7, 1995

    Robin encourages Sonny to go to Mary Mae's concert in Phillly because that's what Stone wants. Sonny's depressed over Stone's deteriorating condition, but Lily encourages him to keep the faith. Tom decides to protest when the hospital board votes not to fire Dorman. Tony, upset by the vote, tells Bobbie he doesn't feel their marriage counseling is working. Edward fails to convince Ned to go to Tokyo for 6 months, then tries to trick Lois into going on tour there but she tells him he can't control Ned. On Lucky & Emily's trail, Luke & Laura look for clues left behind in Chicaco, but don't find any. Laura tells Luke it's familiar being on the run, but she longs for a stable family life. En route to Albequerque, Lucky tells Emily he stayed 1 step ahead of his parents by doing the unexpected.

  • S32E02 11.13.95 - Monday

    • November 13, 1995

    After Alan breaks the news that she's HIV+, Robin seeks comfort from the spirit of her late mother Anna, who consoles her with the fact that she'll live a long life & make a difference in the world. Before Mary Mae's concert, Justus punches out Tom (who's pretending to be drunk) after Tom kisses Simone in front of the Ward family. Ned & Steve berate Tom for his behavior. Ned & Lois try keeping a lonely Brenda away from Sonny. Damian thinks Lucy's hiding something because she hasn't mentioned Kevin once during their trip together. Trapped in the cave, a scared Emily faces & kills a rattlesnake, as Lucky comes to & digs her out.

  • S32E03 11.22.95 - Wednesday

    • November 22, 1995

    Prior to Stone's early Christmas celebration, Robin receives comfort from the spirits of her late parents. Anna advises Robin not to give up hope & Robert tells her that Mac & Luke are there for her. Mike & Sonny argue while cooking Christmas dinner. Edward blames Lois and L&B for distracting Ned, who botched a deal for ELQ. Mac urges Katherine to mend fences so she pays a compliment to Lois, who's suspicious of her motives. Luke gives Garcia info on Damian's bank accounts for further investigation. Luke then reunites with Robert's spirit, then offers support to Robin. Stone celebrates his last Christmas with loved ones.

  • S32E04 11.28.95 - Tuesday

    • November 28, 1995

    Lucky convinces Emily to stick with the Qs & she decides to let them adopt her. Em asks Bobbie if she and Alan are lovers & Bobbie tells her nothing happened & it's over. Bobbie offers her apologizes again to Monica, who isn't ready to forgive & forget. Damian tells Sonny someone is investigating their bank accounts. Damian tries mixing business with pleasure with Lucy in Buffalo, but Kevin comes to her rescue and carries her away. Luke tells a saddened Lucky that Stone is facing death gracefully. Sonny tells a dying Stone he's the brother he always wanted. Mac feels sympathy for Sonny while watching Robin sleep in Stone's arms.

  • S32E05 12.07.95 - Thursday

    • December 7, 1995

    Lucy's sad on Serena's 2nd birthday until she gets a surprise delivery from Scott. Lucy & Kevin discuss having children. After helping Garcia connect Damian & Sonny, Katherine fears Damian's wrath and Mac advises she go on vacation. Lois is upset to learn Ned went beind her back to bring down Sonny. Lois & Ned pay Sonny a visit and ask him to sell his L&B shares but he refuses. Realizing he's about to go down, Sonny tells Luke he needs to buy out his share of the club. Luke doesn't have enough cash so Sonny suggests he find a new partner. Tommy's worried about Tom, who claims he's okay, but Simone & Felicia aren't so convinced.

Season 33

  • S33E01 01.04.96 - Thursday

    • January 4, 1996

    Kevin & Lucy plan a Paris vacation. After reading in the paper about Damian's ties to organized crime, Lucy gets a visit from Damian. She asks him to leave and notes something final in his goodbye. Garcia tells Mac and Katherine that she should enter the witness protection program as Damian's gunning for the leak. Jason lies to Robin about how Jason's accident occured, then confides the truth in Kevin, but rejects his suggestion to enter rehab. Damian follows Robin as she collects Katherine's clothes. Tom and Felicia make plans to go sledding with their kids. Ned implores Jason to live, but Jason's monitor goes off.

  • S33E02 01.05.96 - Friday

    • January 5, 1996

    Tony tells Ned that Jason went into neurogenic shock & there's a slim chance he'll make a full recovery. Ned berates AJ for confiding in Kevin about the accident. Jason finally opens his eyes. Robin tells Brenda about Jason's accident & also that she knows about Sonny's engagement. Brenda tells Robin that Sonny still loves her & must have made a deal with Lily's dad. Sonny gives Lily an engagement ring & they make love. Damian surveys Dorman's lakehouse. Mac plans to go to Miami with Karen. Katherine goes to the Outback after a noise frightens her. Lucy sees her arrive, but doesn't see Damian chloroform & abduct her.

  • S33E03 01.12.96 - Friday

    • January 12, 1996

    Jason opens his eyes again in front of AJ & has an involuntary movement. Brenda unknowingly makes a guilty AJ feel even worse when she talks about Ned's guilt over causing the accident. Encouraged by Jason's recovery, Lila plans a party to celebrate Justus & Simone's wedding & Emily's birthday. Lucky tells Luke he needs money because he lost it gambling, but loses even more money while gambling on credit. Justus tells Luke the city council asked for his resignation. Ned learns Lois's plane went down in Brazil. Garcia arrives at G.H. with a warrant for Damian's blood, then later arrests Katherine for his murder.

  • S33E04 01.17.96 - Wednesday

    • January 17, 1996

    After accidentally burning Lily's wedding dress, Brenda is forced by Ruby to tell Sonny & Lily what happened, however, they accuse her of deliberately starting the blaze and tell her to stay out of their lives. The Qs hold a party to celebrate Emily's birthday and Justus & Simone's upcoming wedding. Felicia questions party guests about Katherine's alibi to no avail. Lucky plays poker with Edward and wins. Katherine tells Mac she's thinking of jumping bail and later, Katherine, Mac & Felicia discuss holes in the police's timeline. After their party, a sobbing Justus calls Simone with some sombering news.

  • S33E05 01.18.96 - Thursday

    • January 18, 1996

    Mac, Katherine, Felicia & Det. Napoli go to Damian's lakehouse to look for clues to Katherine's innocence but being there freaks Katherine out. Lois returns home to Ned and learns Mary Mae passed away. Justus recounts to Luke, Simone & Keesha how he found Mary Mae dead. Justus & Simone postpone their wedding. Upset over Mary Mae, Edward tells Ned & Lois he loved her & then remembers her torch singing days. Brenda tells Mike she accidentally burned Lily's wedding dress. Mike advises her to accept the fact that Sonny's getting married. Sonny & Lily find her burnt dress but vow not to let Brenda upset their wedding.

  • S33E06 01.19.96 - Friday

    • January 19, 1996

    Simone tells Tom and Felicia that Tommy wrongly assumes that because Simone and Justus have postponed their wedding because of Mary Mae's death, the wedding has been canceled. Tom agrees to set Tommy straight. A hospitalized Jason squeezes Robin's hand and then verbally but weakly responds to Alan. Ned suggest Lois book the Idle Rich in Port Charles. She's worried that Edward might sue, but Ned disagrees. Lucy lets Mac and Katherine know she saw Katherine the night of Damian's "death," thus provding Katherine with an alibi. Port Charles residents remember the life of Mary Mae Ward at her memorial service.

  • S33E07 01.22.96 - Monday

    • January 22, 1996

    Lois, Brenda and Ned plan to get Edward's goat by having "Eddie" perform at the Outback without Edward's approval. Keesha's father David wants her to move back to Philadelphia, but she refuses. Justus promises to look out for her. Alan tells Jason about the accident, but Jason doesn't remember him. A.J.'s convinced Jason will remember Keesha, but he doesn't remember her either. Tom daydreams about Felicia. Lucy tells Mac and Katherine how she saw Katherine the night Damien "died." Realizing Lucy has invalidated the police's timeline, Mac tells Justus, who calls the D.A. about the new witness.

  • S33E08 01.23.96 - Tuesday

    • January 23, 1996

    Lucy tells her story to the cops, but the D.A. doesn't find her a credible witness and plans to proceed with the case against Katherine. Justus offers to coach Lucy for her grand jury testimony. Lucky's invited to a high stakes poker game and plans to "borrow" money from Luke's emergency duffle bag. Luke almost catches Lucky and realizes he's lying, but decides to let him steal the money to teach him a lesson. Sonny tells Lois he's marrying Lily and they both agree that he and Brenda weren't meant to be. Tom advises Tommy to accept Justus as Simone's new husband, but Tommy remains angry with Justus.

  • S33E09 01.24.96 - Wednesday

    • January 24, 1996

    After visting Jason, Keesha tells Lois he's not himself anymore. Jason tells Lois he doesn't know his family and feels nothing for Keesha. After Tom tells Tommy to accept the fact that Justus is marrying Simone, Tommy runs away. Lily urges Lois to reconcile her differences with Sonny, then Lois urges Brenda to let go of Sonny. Lucky "borrows" money from Luke's duffle bag, then gambles with adults. Mac asks Luke for info on Frank Smith's contacts to find Damian. Edward advises Ned to stay focused on ELQ, but Ned says he'll continue being "Eddie Maine." Edward and Lois square off over "Eddie's" upcoming concert.

  • S33E10 01.25.96 - Thursday

    • January 25, 1996

    Lucky wins at gambling with the adults, not realizing he's been set up. Lucky then wins more money from Edward and returns the money he "borrowed" from Luke. Monica tells Emily how upset she is that Jason doesn't recognize her. Tom assures Simone that a missing Tommy's fine. Felicia gets the news to cover Tommy's disappearance, but thinks he's just hiding and not missing. Lucy testifies before the grand jury but her testimony about the timing of when she saw Katherine conflicts with another person's testimony. Going into detail about her duck Sigmund, Lucy makes herself look unbelievable, much to Justus & Katherine's dismay.

  • S33E11 01.26.96 - Friday

    • January 26, 1996

    Simone finds the missing Tommy, who tells her he hid in the attic. Justus tries to make friends with Tommy, but he refuses. Lucy has a vision of Damian, but Kevin thinks it's her guilty conscious for blundering her testimony. Lucy visits Madame Maia and asks for her psychic help. Monica visits Jason, who's surprised to learn she's a doctor and he's a pre-med student. He realizes why he knows medical terms, but he still can't remember the hospital or anyone in it. Prior to Eddie Maine's concert, Ned's served with a restraining order barring him from singing as Eddie. Defying Edward, Ned plays anyway but gets arrested.

  • S33E12 01.31.96 - Wednesday

    • January 31, 1996

  • S33E13 02.29.96 - Thursday

    • February 29, 1996

  • S33E14 03.04.96 - Monday

    • March 4, 1996

    Brenda dines with Jax, who declines to do business with Damian. Lucky gambles again with Harper and his friends, but loses big time. Harper gives Lucky a deadline to come up with the money. Keesha visits Jason and kisses him to remind him of their love. He kisses her back but when he's too forceful, a shaken Keesha runs off. She returns and confronts him again. The Mayor urges Justus to resign his city council seat. Justus declines Edward's assistance. During his press conference, Justus blasts Damian but blunders when answering reporters' heated questions. Later, Damian offers to buy the Ward House from Justus.

  • S33E15 03.05.96 - Tuesday

    • March 5, 1996

    When Harper threatens Lucky via telephone to pay up his debt by midnight, Luke realizes Lucky's been gambling again. Justus nixes Damian's offer to buy the Ward House and is stunned when Damian reveals he's bought most of the neighboring real estate on Charles Street. Jason informs Keesha her kiss didn't make him remember her. He crudely asks her to come back again though as he drops his towel, revealing his naked body. Humiliated, she asks him to stop tormenting her, but he reiterates he feels nothing for her. Keesha finds comfort in A.J.'s arms. Sonny learns Lily was fired from her school because of his reputation.

  • S33E16 03.06.96 - Wednesday

    • March 6, 1996

    Mac suggests Justus fight fire with fire in dealing with the press, so Mac and Felicia plan to investigate Justus's past for skeletons before the press does. Mac declines Katherine's assistance in the matter as he wants her to stay clear of Damian. Sonny and his goons pay a visit to Lily's principal and threaten the man into giving Lily her job back. Bobbie has another nightmare again. At the hospital, she talks with Diane who asks for Bobbie's help in getting her baby back before it's adopted. Tom and Felicia make plans to go away for the weekend but when Felicia has to work, Tom announces "it's too late."

  • S33E17 03.28.96 - Thursday

    • March 28, 1996

  • S33E18 04.08.96 - Monday

    • April 8, 1996

  • S33E19 04.09.96 - Tuesday

    • April 9, 1996

  • S33E20 11.15.96 - Friday

    • November 15, 1996

    Luke and Laura plan a private celebration on the night of their 15th wedding anniversary, but a series of mishaps separately delays them from making it to their designated rendezvous on time. Along the way, Luke and Laura reminisce (in a series of flashbacks) about meeting, falling in love, marrying and raising a family. With Luke and Laura out for the night, Lucky babysits Lesley Lu and explains to her the Timoria game he's playing on his computer. Elsewhere, a mysterious sickly woman holds a Cassadine medallion. Luke and Laura finally arrive at the catacombs where they toast their 15 years of marriage.

Season 34

  • S34E01 03.04.97 - Tuesday

    • March 4, 1997

    Lucky visits Nikolas and asks him to find out what drugs Stefan gave Lesley. Stefan overhears and tells Nikolas the Spencers are lying to him. Nikolas asks Stefan to hand over Lesley's medical files to prove his innocence. Laura remembers her past affair with Stefan and telling him she was pregnant. Luke & Laura are surprised by Lesley's miraculous signs of recovery. Tom asks Felicia for another chance, but she's tired of playing second to his vendetta against Stefan. Then Luke comes by and tells Tom about Lesley and Tom leaves Felicia again. Lucy's worried when Kevin meets with Alexis to discuss his contract with Stefan. Kevin tells her she'll have to accept the fact he's working for the Cassadines. Lucy goes to Felicia and asks for her help. Tony tells Katherine she's going to be released from the hospital. Katherine subtley asks Tony about Stefan's marriage to Bobbie. Tony rebuffs Carly's offer to accompany him to pick up Lucas. Stefan threatens Laura to leave town with Lesley or he

  • S34E02 03.05.97 - Wednesday

    • March 5, 1997

  • S34E03 07.07.97 - Monday

    • July 7, 1997

    Carly talks to AJ at the gym and tries to get him back together with Keesha. AJ acts protective when Carly picks up some weights, because of her condition. AJ mentions that night he can't remember because it was his last night of drinking. She is nervous. Tony comes in so they cover what they were talking about. Later, she phones Keesha to ask her to meet her at GH. She tells Keesha that AJ is still smitten with her. Keesha is not enthusiastic because she doesn't feel that way about him anymore. She realizes she was on the rebound from Jason. Carly keeps pushing, saying AJ's lonely, but she doesn't convince Keesha. Again Tony comes in and wonders what's up. They don't tell him the truth but he warns Carly not to "play matchmaker". He grows sad when he sees a toy elephant that was once BJ's. Carly is sympathetic but he tells her he's happy to be having the new baby. Audrey confronts Bobbie about taking the drugs. Bobbie's lie to her but asks her to trust her for now. She says no one got

  • S34E04 07.08.97 - Tuesday

    • July 8, 1997

    Mike chats with Luke about his new bar. Luke is upset about Stefan. Mike suggests he forget about Stefan. When Mike happens to mention the Julian calendar, Luke gets excited and kisses him. He realizes it means he has more time to stop Stefan. He goes home and figures out on his computer that it's really July 11th that is the final date. The man with the ponytail still watches Sonny and Brenda in their hideaway. They wait and worry, feeling edgy. Jax hires Mac to help Brenda. Later, Robin visits and hugs Mac and Jax. Robin wants details, especially about Jason, but Mac wants to keep her from worrying. She wonders why Trooper V is hanging around Jax but he has no answer. Mac and Robin find out Jason's in jail so they go to get him out. Taggert harasses Jason in his cell for information about Brenda and Sonny but he doesn't get any. Taggert gets a call about her location so he rushes off to nab her. Robin and Jason touch through the jail cell bars. Mac and Valentine spring Jason. Jason f

  • S34E05 07.09.97 - Wednesday

    • July 9, 1997

    Luke helps Brenda and Sonny get out of town. He lends them some of his old disguises.Nickolas helps Sarah with her car. She doesn't want his help but is forced to take it when she almost burns her hand trying to do it herself. They get into another argument and he storms off again. Mac and Jason wonder if Dorman's drug suppliers set up Brenda to get back at Sonny. Jason describes the ponytail man to Kevin so he can sketch him. Later, AJ recongizes the man in the sketch from a "shady bar" he used to frequent. Jason insists on going there, despite AJ's concerns. Jason makes plans with Robin for dinner later. She has a "bad feeling" about the bar but he shrugs it off. Carly has a fantasy about AJ and Keesha visiting her, Tony, and the baby. But in real life, Tony disapproves of her matchmaking. Keesha gets annoyed by Carly's ambushing her with dinner with AJ. While Trooper V gets called back to the police station, Jax investigates the murder. He probes Amy about Rebecca and she reveals

  • S34E06 07.10.97 - Thursday

    • July 10, 1997

    Stefan and Bobbie argue again. He says he wants a quick divorce. She asks Luke's advice but he has no answers. Luke plans to make his move that night against Stefan.Stefan and Alexis grow confident that the fruition of their plan is growing near. They share a toast.Robin worries about Jason. Mac wishes she's date someone at college and warns her that Jason is even more involved with Sonny than he was before. Katherine drops by and chats with Robin. Jason looks for the ponytail man who makes origami, now dubbed The Tin Man. He calls Sonny on the cell phone to tell him he found a matchbook from Tigre Key, Florida. The Tin Man aims his gun at Jason.Rebecca finally tells Jax that she saw Pierce after he was stabbed and she didn't help him. That was when he pulled off her button. She says she passed a man with a ponytail in the hall. Jax tells Mac what he found out and Mac wonders if it was the Tin Man. Luke and Sonny say goodbye as Sonny leaves town on the run with Brenda. He puts them in

  • S34E07 07.11.97 - Friday

    • July 11, 1997

    Sarah visits Emily at home. Emily introduces her to the family. Alan keeps bugging Monica about why she seems so concerned about Emily and he tells Monica he thinks Sarah might be good for her. Ned and Monica still argue about whether they should go to the police to help out Brenda. Alan eavesdrops on Emily and Sarah. He hears Emily tells her that she's worried she'll lose Monica so he confronts Emily about it. She almost blurts out the reason. Jason meets Robin for dinner. He brings her flowers. They don't know that the Tin Man is waiting outside with a gun. They dance, kiss, tell each other they love each other. They don't go to dinner because he's so late they lost their reservation. The Tin Man shoots and hits the vase, which shatters. This gives Jason time to throw Robin to the floor, but then the Tin Man shoots Jason. Bobbie tries to get Nickolas to like her again but he asks her to prove it by telling him why she drugged Stefan. She can't. Bobbie tells him Stefan "is not what he

  • S34E08 07.14.97 - Monday

    • July 14, 1997

    Alexis and Stefan bring Nickolas into ER, his head and neck immobilized. Stefan tells the doctor that Nickolas has been unconscious for awhile. Alexis fills Bobbie in on the fire. Nickolas wakes up and the doctor orders tests. Stefan tries to reassure Nickolas, who tells him to go away. The doctor tells Stefan he must wait outside with other non-medical personnel. Stefan goes outside and tells Alexis that Nickolas is awake. She asks what happened and he fills her in, although he never actually says he pushed Nickolas. He tells her he had no choice but to rush Nickolas to GH rather than finish the virus countdown. She tells him, "of course" he made the right choice. She also tells him they saved Nickolas' favorite horse from the fire. Stefan says the program is "gone" but she says they can "develope another one". He doesn't think it will be so easy. Later, Alexis runs into Ned and they exchange stories about why they're there. The doc tells Stefan and Alexis that Nickolas has a concussi

  • S34E09 07.15.97 - Tuesday

    • July 15, 1997

    Sonny and Brenda discuss how awful it is to be on the run. She asks if they'll be running forever and he explains why it would be too difficult. He says they must find the Tin Man. They have breakfast and she is glad to be alone with him. They make love. Later, Sonny worries why Jason's hasn't called. Nickolas refuses to see anyone, even Stefan. Sarah visits anyway but he's glad to see her. He is very vulnerable, which attracts her. They talk about his life and after awhile she leaves because he's tired. She runs into Stefan in the hall and they exchange greetings. He goes into Nickolas' room and finds his bed empty and his clothes gone. Lucky is still angry at Luke, who defends his actions. He tells Lucky they can go to Switzerland now, but Lucky insists on staying. He gives Luke all sorts of reasons for wanting to be "independent" and stay but Luke suspects that Sarah is the real reason. Lucky gets indignant when Luke suggests that. it is an interesting scene because Lucky tries to m

  • S34E10 07.16.97 - Wednesday

    • July 16, 1997

    Audrey gets stressed out getting ready for work when Sarah tells her she's not working today. Audrey beats herself up for being clumsy and forgetful until Sarah reminds her it's the one year anniversary of Steve's death. They reminisce; Audrey talks about their wedding and how nervous she was. Later, Audrey looks at photo albums and we see a montage of clips of them together. Bobbie asks Alan and Monica about Jason so they fill her in. Monica admits that Robin is Jason's "family now". Luke comes by and gives his support. Luke and Bobbie chat about what the Quartermaines are going through. He reminds her he's leaving tomorrow and invites her to see him off at Ruby's. He tells her Lucky is coming back for the summer. Mac comes by and fills Luke in on who shot Jason and why. Later, Luke asks Bobbie if she can handle Stefan while he's gone. Stefan walks by looking for Nickolas. He looks out of sorts because he's so upset and hasn't had a lot of sleep. Bobbie asks about Nickolas but he is h

  • S34E11 07.17.97 - Thursday

    • July 17, 1997

    Sonny worries about Jason. Brenda and he prepare to pull into port. She shows him her disguise, a blonde pony-tail wig, baseball cap and dowdy clothes. He also wears a cap and dresses down. They wonder why Laura had a blonde wig when she is a blonde. Sonny phones Robin so she fills him in. He tells Robin to tell Jason "the Tin Man job is no longer his". He fills Brenda in on what happened. Sonny is determined more than ever to get the Tin Man. They hide while the ship docks. Someone comes in and takes their cell phone, not knowing it's theirs. Sonny and Brenda have lunch on the shore. Sonny thinks that the "Tiger Key" clue is a setup but says they must follow it anyway. He sees a moving truck headed toward Florida so they plan to jump in the back. One of the truckers goes into the restroom so Brenda goes to distract the other one. She dumps a shake on him so he has to go to the restrooom to clean off. They head toward the truck but two men with guns stop them, saying they are cops. Mac

  • S34E12 07.18.97 - Friday

    • July 18, 1997

    Ardnowski reminds Jax that he can't leave the area since he's on parole. She gets in his way. He claims he's not leaving, only taking his plane up to check some things out. She doesn't believe him and they continue to argue. He tells her to watch him if she doesn't believe it. She follows, suspicious. Later, she overhears him tell his secretary on the phone that he's leaving town and how he gave her the slip. Jax flies his plane but she pops out, a stowaway. She insists he turn the plane around. Alexis and Stefan continue to search for Nickolas. He blames himself and she reminds him it was "an accident". He tells her he's got an interview with Veronica Bowles to talk about Bobbie stealing the drugs. He says he might just threaten Bobbie with it.Bobbie comes by and asks him how Nickolas is. He berates her and tells her about the interview.He hands her a document that he wants her to sign. It says that she'll give back the $6 million he gave her when they got married. She refuses to sign

  • S34E13 07.21.97 - Monday

    • July 21, 1997

  • S34E14 07.22.97 - Tuesday

    • July 22, 1997

  • S34E15 07.23.97 - Wednesday

    • July 23, 1997

  • S34E16 07.24.97 - Thursday

    • July 24, 1997

  • S34E17 07.25.97 - Friday

    • July 25, 1997

  • S34E18 07.28.97 - Monday

    • July 28, 1997

  • S34E19 07.29.97 - Tuesday

    • July 29, 1997

  • S34E20 07.30.97 - Wednesday

    • July 30, 1997

  • S34E21 07.31.97 - Thursday

    • July 31, 1997

  • S34E22 08.01.97 - Friday

    • August 1, 1997

    Sarah sees Nickolas looking at her and gets flustered. Lucky notices that Emily's upset. Lucky tries to help her but she doesn't make much sense. Keesha says she feels too old to be at the party so she offers to take Emily home. Lucky tells Sarah he has to go with Emily because she's upset. Amy chats with Nickolas. He accidentally bumps into Sarah. She tells him Lucky had to leave and asks him to stay. He is walking away when she asks him to dance. He agrees and they dance romantically. Some of Sarah's friends invite them over to Kelly's for another party but Nickolas declines and leaves when Lucky's name is mentioned. Jason chews out Robin for asking Sonny to fire him. He tells her she's ruined his life, not in those exact words. Robin says she doesn't understand him and why he thinks his job is his identity. He accuses her of being overprotective of him because of his brain damage. She denies it. He talks about how he learned from her and Sonny when he first woke up from his accident

Season 35

Season 36

  • S36E01 01.04.99 - Monday

    • January 4, 1999

  • S36E02 01.05.99 - Tuesday

    • January 5, 1999

  • S36E03 01.06.99 - Wednesday

    • January 6, 1999

  • S36E04 01.07.99 - Thursday

    • January 7, 1999

  • S36E05 01.08.99 - Friday

    • January 8, 1999

  • S36E06 01.11.99 - Monday

    • January 11, 1999

  • S36E07 01.12.99 - Tuesday

    • January 12, 1999

  • S36E08 01.13.99 - Wednesday

    • January 13, 1999

  • S36E09 01.14.99 - Thursday

    • January 14, 1999

  • S36E10 01.15.99 - Friday

    • January 15, 1999

  • S36E11 01.18.99 - Monday

    • January 18, 1999

  • S36E12 01.19.99 - Tuesday

    • January 19, 1999

  • S36E13 01.20.99 - Wednesday

    • January 20, 1999

  • S36E14 01.21.99 - Thursday

    • January 21, 1999

  • S36E15 01.22.99 - Friday

    • January 22, 1999

  • S36E16 01.25.99 - Monday

    • January 25, 1999

  • S36E17 01.26.99 - Tuesday

    • January 26, 1999

  • S36E18 01.27.99 - Wednesday

    • January 27, 1999

  • S36E19 01.28.99 - Thursday

    • January 28, 1999

  • S36E20 01.29.99 - Friday

    • January 29, 1999

  • S36E21 02.01.99 - Monday

    • February 1, 1999

  • S36E22 02.02.99 - Tuesday

    • February 2, 1999

  • S36E23 02.03.99 - Wednesday

    • February 3, 1999

  • S36E24 02.04.99 - Thursday

    • February 4, 1999

  • S36E25 02.05.99 - Friday

    • February 5, 1999

  • S36E26 02.08.99 - Monday

    • February 8, 1999

  • S36E27 02.09.99 - Tuesday

    • February 9, 1999

  • S36E28 02.10.99 - Wednesday

    • February 10, 1999

  • S36E29 02.11.99 - Thursday

    • February 11, 1999

  • S36E30 02.12.99 - Friday

    • February 12, 1999

  • S36E31 02.15.99 - Monday

    • February 15, 1999

  • S36E32 02.16.99 - Tuesday

    • February 16, 1999

  • S36E33 02.17.99 - Wednesday

    • February 17, 1999

  • S36E34 02.18.99 - Thursday

    • February 18, 1999

  • S36E35 02.19.99 - Friday

    • February 19, 1999

  • S36E36 02.22.99 - Monday

    • February 22, 1999

  • S36E37 02.23.99 - Tuesday

    • February 23, 1999

  • S36E38 02.24.99 - Wednesday

    • February 24, 1999

  • S36E39 02.25.99 - Thursday

    • February 25, 1999

  • S36E40 02.26.99 - Friday

    • February 26, 1999

  • S36E41 03.01.99 - Monday

    • March 1, 1999

    Liz and Lucky do a little flirty wrestling and eat some Chinese.Alexis jumps in to defend Jason and Sonny to Taggert about the warehouse fire.Later Sonny tells her that she could be a great asset to him.Katherine and the Prince have some hot sex and then Katherine gives him a robe.Carly and AJ fight about Michael. Carly calls a cab and is off to do a little eavesdropping. She ends up waiting for Jason when he gets home. Jerry assures both Jax and Bobbie that he had nothing to do with the fire.Jason asks Sonny about this Moreno guy. Sonny puts him down. Says he's a bug. Once Sonny's alone, the bug shows up.

  • S36E42 03.02.99 - Tuesday

    • March 2, 1999

  • S36E43 03.03.99 - Wednesday

    • March 3, 1999

    Ned tries to convince Lilah to write her story. He can't figure out why she doesn't want to.Mike flirts with Tammy. Jason tells Carly they could leave. Tonight.Carly blabs on and on to him, but he's not listening. He's thinking about how he can help Michael get through this.At the park, Laura admits to Bobbie that she is separated from Luke. Bobbie gives her a few jabs.Sefan tells Laura that he only married Bobbie to get to her. The Qs do some squabbling, while Carly makes plans to sneak Jason in to see Michael.

  • S36E44 03.04.99 - Thursday

    • March 4, 1999

  • S36E45 03.05.99 - Friday

    • March 5, 1999

  • S36E46 03.08.99 - Monday

    • March 8, 1999

    Luke makes a deal with Faison over a piece of the Ice Princess. Nikolas meets Helena on the docks to discuss business. In Greece, Jax and Alexis discover a very dead Dr. Lastiris. While Jax distracts the doctor's assistant, Alexis snoops and finds Nikolas' file. Over a romantic dinner, Stefan invites Laura to the opera. She says yes. Everyone at the Q's is upset about the Michael exchange. Emily sticks up for Jason and Lila tells Edward he won't be sleeping in her bed tonight. Jason says his good-byes to Michael and tells Edward that Michael will never belong to him.Back on the docks a very sad Jason encounters Tony. When Tony gets in his face about Michael, Jason punches him. Sonny shows up, Jason hits Tony again. Sonny suggests that Tony leave. Jason spends the night alone, in his empty penthouse, without Michael.

  • S36E47 03.09.99 - Tuesday

    • March 9, 1999

    Stefan was stunned by Nikolas' decision to move out of Wyndemere.Alexis was disappointed to discover that Dr. Lastiris' files were missing, and she and Jax realized that Helena might be behind the doctor's death. Liz and Lucky decided to help Nikolas find a new place to live. Felicia then suggested that Nikolas move into Brenda's cottage. Tony confessed to Felicia that he wasn't proud of his recent behavior. The Quartermaine's breakfast was interrupted by Michael's cries. Carly attempted to comfort Michael but was unsuccessful. Carly then demanded that AJ call Jason to help calm Michael. AJ stood his ground and refused to let Jason anywhere near Michael. A distraught Emily begged Jason to run away with Michael. Jason calmed Emily and told her that going on the run wouldn't be best for anyone.

  • S36E48 03.10.99 - Wednesday

    • March 10, 1999

    Michael is crying.Edward is complaining.Ned is picking at AJ about using Michael.Lila tells AJ he wouldn't like her advice. Alan tells AJ to be patient.Nikolas tells Stefan he is moving out of Windemere. Felecia works on her manuscript, wishing she was writing Lila's memoirs. Alan promises to help Tony with his custody case. Eddie Main gets a gig at Jakes. Sonny tries to comfort Jason. Jason vows to keep his promise to Michael. Michael is still crying.

  • S36E49 03.11.99 - Thursday

    • March 11, 1999

    Felecia is thrilled to be writing Lila's memoirs, but Mack is not so enthusiastic. When she tries to interview Lila, Edward interupts. Bobbie and Luke sign the papers for the diner. Bobbie promisses Luke her support as far as Laura goes. Luke says he is taking time off from the war. When Carly comes whining to Jason about Michael's crying, Jason warns her never to use Michael to get what she wants. Sonny is worried about Moreno, but he tries to keep Jason out of it. When Mike offers his help, Sonny rejects him.Emily and Liz have a nice visit. Mike is hot for Tammy.Michael is still crying.

  • S36E50 03.12.99 - Friday

    • March 12, 1999

    The Q's are complaining. Edward is complaining about Leticia. Emily complains that Jason isn't allowed at the mansion.Monica complains that it is inhuman to let Michael cry.Ned continues to pick at AJ. Carly and Emily have a screaming match and the rest chime in. Michael crys on. At the penthouse, Jason has a plan to take down Moreno. Sonny objects. He wants to keep Jason clean so that he can get Michael back. Sonny is not even sure that Moreno set the warehouse fire. At Kelly's, Tammy is moving in and Luke is minding the store. Jax and Alexis come in to confer with Luke about Hellena and the file Alexis found in poor dead Dr. Lastiris's office. Luke warns Alexis to watch her throat and Jax to watch his guts when it comes to Helena. Helena has the file on Nikolas. Nikolas moves into the cottage. Laura stops by with news of her date with Stefan. Katherine stops by with a picnic basket. AJ, Carly, and Michael have a nervous visit with the psychiatrist. When they get back to the man

  • S36E51 03.15.99 - Monday

    • March 15, 1999

  • S36E52 03.16.99 - Tuesday

    • March 16, 1999

  • S36E53 03.17.99 - Wednesday

    • March 17, 1999

  • S36E54 03.18.99 - Thursday

    • March 18, 1999

  • S36E55 03.19.99 - Friday

    • March 19, 1999

  • S36E56 03.22.99 - Monday

    • March 22, 1999

  • S36E57 03.24.99 - Tuesday

    • March 24, 1999

  • S36E58 03.25.99 - Wednesday

    • March 25, 1999

  • S36E59 03.25.99 - Thursday

    • March 25, 1999

  • S36E60 03.26.99 - Friday

    • March 26, 1999

  • S36E61 03.29.99 - Monday

    • March 29, 1999

  • S36E62 03.30.99 - Tuesday

    • March 30, 1999

  • S36E63 03.31.99 - Wednesday

    • March 31, 1999

  • S36E64 04.01.99 - Thursday

    • April 1, 1999

  • S36E65 04.02.99 - Friday

    • April 2, 1999

  • S36E66 04.05.99 - Monday

    • April 5, 1999

  • S36E67 04.06.99 - Tuesday

    • April 6, 1999

  • S36E68 04.07.99 - Wednesday

    • April 7, 1999

  • S36E69 04.08.99 - Thursday

    • April 8, 1999

  • S36E70 04.09.99 - Friday

    • April 9, 1999

  • S36E71 04.12.99 - Monday

    • April 12, 1999

  • S36E72 04.13.99 - Tuesday

    • April 13, 1999

  • S36E73 04.14.99 - Wednesday

    • April 14, 1999

  • S36E74 04.15.99 - Thursday

    • April 15, 1999

  • S36E75 04.16.99 - Friday

    • April 16, 1999

  • S36E76 04.19.99 - Monday

    • April 19, 1999

  • S36E77 04.20.99 - Tuesday

    • April 20, 1999

  • S36E78 04.21.99 - Wednesday

    • April 21, 1999

  • S36E79 04.22.99 - Thursday

    • April 22, 1999

  • S36E80 04.23.99 - Friday

    • April 23, 1999

  • S36E81 04.26.99 - Monday

    • April 26, 1999

  • S36E82 04.27.99 - Tuesday

    • April 27, 1999

  • S36E83 04.28.99 - Wednesday

    • April 28, 1999

  • S36E84 04.29.99 - Thursday

    • April 29, 1999

  • S36E85 04.30.99 - Friday

    • April 30, 1999

  • S36E86 05.03.99 - Monday

    • May 3, 1999

    Sonny abruptly cancels their scheduled meeting after Moreno makes a last minute move to lure him and Jason out into the open. Sensing Carly's hesitation, A.J. tells her that despite the whirlwind nature of their admittedly unconventional romance he still feels a wedding is the logical next step. Hannah asks Luke if she can rent one of the rooms above Kelly's Suggesting that marriage is just the best way A.J. can think of to keep Michael in his life, Carly reminds her would-be suitor that she needs a real relationship and someone she can count on to smooth out her rough spots. Nikolas congratulates Elizabeth on being accepted to one of the country's most prestigious art academies.

  • S36E87 05.04.99 - Tuesday

    • May 4, 1999

    Laura sadly begins boxing up Lucky's things and asks her estranged husband if there are any mementos of their son that he would like to keep. Alexis warns Stefan that he and Nikolas are still standing in HelenaÕs direct line of fire. Katherine has suspicions about Jax double after he offers her twice the amount that her ELQ stocks are worth. Upon hearing his cousin's news, Ned dryly congratulates A.J. on finding the one woman in the world who will make him the perfect mate. Fresh from her brush with death, Alexis explains to a skeptical Stefan why she~s done fighting for her rightful place in the Cassadines clan. In a fit of blind rage brought on by inconsolable grief, Luke throws most of Lucky's belongings out the window while Laura begs him to stop.

  • S36E88 05.05.99 - Wednesday

    • May 5, 1999

    Chloe tells Felicia she hopes the rest of the world derives as much pleasure in reading Lila's letters as she has over the years. Ned suggests to Jax that they work together to ensure that Katherine loses her ELQ shares. Alexis discusses her trial strategy with Jason but cautions her client that the odds of him winning custody are still very long. Moreno's henchman secretly stashes drugs in one of the bags of coffee stored in Sonny's warehouse. Jax agrees to vote with Ned once he regains his seat on the ELQ board. Sonny is pleased to learn that Hannah has taken a room above Kelly's. Though Alexis insists she'll have to go after Carly in the courtroom if they are to have any shot at winning, Jason refuses to allow his attorney to say anything derogatory about Michael's mother.

  • S36E89 05.06.99 - Thursday

    • May 6, 1999

    As A.J.'s attorney rehearses him for his court appearance, Edward sputters in protest when he learns he's not on the witness list. Carly is irked to discover that Hannah is living in her old room above Kelly's while Marcus and his men fan out to search the coffee warehouse, Jason manages to slip out the back way. Still operating under the delusion that Hannah is after Jason, Carly gets in the young woman's face once again with a barrage of new threats. Jason suddenly comes charging up and thrusts a baggie into Carly's hands, instructing his startled friend to run home and flush the drugs immediately. When Marcus arrives with gun drawn, Hannah watches wide-eyed as Jason is taken into custody.

  • S36E90 05.07.99 - Friday

    • May 7, 1999

    Luke contacts 'Herr Kreg' and discloses that he's been mulling over the offer which was left on the table following their last discussion. Laura's heart breaks as she listens to Nikolas trying to explain to Lulu why their brother won't be coming home for any more visits. After Laura reminds her small daughter that Lucky went to heaven, Elizabeth tells Lesley Lu they all still carry a piece of her big brother in their hearts. Monica and Bobbie fear that Jason has lost any chance of winning custody now that he's been arrested once again. Meanwhile, a fuming Tony accuses A.J. of treachery after he receives a subpoena. Luke urges Sonny to kill Moreno before the man plants his next cache of drugs inside the blues club.

  • S36E91 05.10.99 - Monday

    • May 10, 1999

    On the witness stand, Jason calmly explains why he believes he is the best parent for Michael. Lesley demands some answers from Stefan, who reveals how his mother arranged for her to have a fatal 'accident'. Faison offers to prove to Lucky that the images he's seeing of Elizabeth were not pre-recorded. Instructing his operative to askask Liz for directions to the PCPD, Faison directs Lucky's attention to the view screen and together they watch the scene unfold. Sonny asks Hannah why she covered for Jason when the cops busted him. Disclosing how certain she is that her new friends aren't trafficking in drugs, Hannah reminds Sonny how he trusted her enough to hire her even knowing she~d been fired for robbing the till at Jake's.

  • S36E92 05.11.99 - Tuesday

    • May 11, 1999

    Laura nervously reports for her first day of work at GH. Felicia brings Chloe to the Quartermaine mansion to meet Lila at last. Waiting alone in the foyer, Chloe is startled when a cluster of quarreling Quartermaines suddenly bursts through the door, hurling insults at one another at the top of their lungs. Spotting Hannah emerging from Kelly's, Jax rushes up, calling Brenda's name. Realizing his mistake, Jax apologizes profusely and tells Hannah how much she resembles his late fiancee. Ned introduces Chloe to Edward, who rapidly switches into charm mode to greet his wife's newly arrived cousin. As Lila warmly welcomes Chloe, Edward is rattled to learn that the young fashion designer is in possession of several letters written during his courting days.

  • S36E93 05.12.99 - Wednesday

    • May 12, 1999

    Packing up Brenda's things, Jax tells Jerry he realizes he finally has to get on with his life. Chloe brightens up the lives of the Quartermaines with her humorous stories about life in the fashion world. Still desperately hunting for guests to honor Carly, Bobbie attempts to rope a reluctant V into attending her daughter's bridal shower. A fuming Carly confronts A.J. with the prenuptial agreement and accuses him of plotting to dump her as soon as he gets his mitts on Michael. The Quartermaines persuade their delighted cousin to stay on with them at the mansion. Later, Felicia overhears Edward and Lila privately voicing a concern about Chloe having committed their letters to memory.

  • S36E94 05.13.99 - Thursday

    • May 13, 1999

    Lesley brings Lulu over to GH for her check-up, then tells her daughter she'll be happy to babysit while Laura dines out with Stefan that night. As Carly's shower gets underway, Emily makes a surprise appearance just in time to watch the bride-to-be open her gifts. Tony brings Laura some devastating news about one of her young outreach clients. Horrified to learn that Tripper was stabbed to death in an alley, Laura tearfully wishes she could have reached the boy before tragedy struck. Carly eagerly rips into her presents but can barely hide her disappointment when everything turns out to be stuff for Michael. After opening Emily's inappropriate gift last, Carly finally loses her temper and screeches at her startled guests to take their presents and shove them.

  • S36E95 05.14.99 - Friday

    • May 14, 1999

    A.J. is stunned when the judge orders Jason to have custody of Michael three nights each week. Meanwhile, an ecstatic Jason celebrates the outcome of the court battle and thanks Emily for helping him with her testimony. Lesley entreats Luke to go to Laura and mourn together for the son they've lost. Certain he and his estranged wife can do nothing to ease one another's pain, Luke turns down Lesley's tearful request. Over dinner, Hannah explains to Sonny why she's so cautious about getting trapped in the same kind of smothering relationship which drove her to flee from southern California. Pining for her dead son, Laura imagines how lovely it would have been to see Lucky marry Elizabeth and raise a child of his own. Luke finally removes his wedding ring and tosses it into the bay. A weeping Laura stumbles along the railroad tracks, oblivious to the sound of an oncoming train.

  • S36E96 05.17.99 - Monday

    • May 17, 1999

    Faison offers to give Lucky one nugget of information for every game of chess the boy manages to win. Horrified to see Laura standing on the railroad tracks, Stefan pulls her to safety just seconds before the oncoming train roars by. Elizabeth shows Luke the subway token she's wearing and confides how it helps her feel close to Lucky, along with the other small mementos which symbolized their commitment to one another. Jerry and Bobbie discuss how to explain the situation to Lucas after the boy walks in on them together in bed. At Kelly's, a beaming Hannah describes for Tammy how Sonny's kiss left her positively breathless. Meanwhile, Mike is pleased to learn that his son has finally started seeing someone new.

  • S36E97 05.18.99 - Tuesday

    • May 18, 1999

    On the anniversary of B.J.'s death, Bobbie and Felicia share their memories of the sweet little girl who saved Maxie's life. Meanwhile, Tony drops by the Spencer house to commiserate with Laura as they both grieve for their lost children. An agitated Mike appeals to Jason for help convincing Sonny how unhealthy it is to try to replace a dead wife and a dead girlfriend with a look-a-like. A.J. suggests to Carly that they move up their plans and hold the wedding in just seven days. Warning A.J. she won't be rushed into signing any prenuptial agreement, Carly voices an objection to pushing up the date but finally consents to wed in one week. Stefan comes to check on Laura and is pleased when Lesley Lu shyly asks him to stay for her tea party.

  • S36E98 05.19.99 - Wednesday

    • May 19, 1999

    Happy to have his son back home with him for a while, Jason introduces Michael to Hannah. Suffering from a bad hangover, Luke's morning gets even worse when Helena strolls into the blues club. Jax congratulates Alexis on her stunning victory in the custody case. Felicia resumes work on Lila's memoirs. A.J. announces to his family that his wedding to Carly will take place in just one week. Though Alan and Edward finally move forward to congratulate the couply, Monica voices her doubts about her son's decision and Ned chimes in with his usual derogatory remarks. When an emergency at the warehouse calls him away, Jason agrees to leave Michael in Hannah's care. Feigning sympathy for his loss, Helena suggests to a bristling Luke that he now knows how she felt when he murdered her son.

  • S36E99 05.20.99 - Thursday

    • May 20, 1999

    Lucky diligently practices his chess moves in hopes of squeezing more information out of Faison. As the Quartermaines gather for another ELQ board meeting, Lila announces that she's given her proxy to her young cousin so Chloe can vote her shares. Elizabeth tells Nikolas she can't imagine herself moving alone to Manhattan to attend art school. Ned gives an amused Chloe the lowdown on each of the board members unique peccadilloes as everyone takes a seat in the mansion's drawing room. Meanwhile, Carly bristles at being excluded from the festivities when Sonny objects to her presence as an interloper who owns no shares of stock. Luke drops by the Spencer house to pick up Lulu for an afternoon in the park.

  • S36E100 05.21.99 - Friday

    • May 21, 1999

    Sonny marvels at Hannah's fast work after she accomplishes a complete redecoration of Jason's penthouse in just one day. Faison phones the blues club but is surprised into silence when Felicia answers Luke's private line. As the engagement party gets underway at the mansion, Edward takes Katherine to task for selling half of her ELQ shares to the likes of Jasper Jax. Sonny sets out to prove to Hannah's that he has no longer has any mixed feelings about her, but their hot and heavy kissing session is interrupted before it leads to anything more intimate. Emily rips into Carly when the bride-to-be thanks Elizabeth for her kind words at Lucky's funeral. Luke crashes the Quartermaines party on Felicia's arm and wastes no time cheerfully insulting his niece.

  • S36E101 05.24.99 - Monday

    • May 24, 1999

    Lucy throws herself into planning mode for the annual Nurses Ball and is irked to discover that Katherine has already cast herself in the role of master planner. Laura asks Sonny to forgive her for putting the blame on him when Lucky died. Feeling guilty about letting Bobbie's young son catch them in bed, Jerry volunteers to have a man-to-man talk with Lucas about sex. Later, Jerry makes an awkward declaration of his love and is astounded when Bobbie immediately echoes the sentiment. Lucy informs a fuming Katherine that everyone in town is laughing at her behind her back because of her totally inappropriate relationship with Nikolas. As Ned gives her the grand tour of Port Charles, Chloe is delighted to bump into Jax once again.

  • S36E102 05.25.99 - Tuesday

    • May 25, 1999

    Lucy throws herself into planning mode for the annual Nurses Ball and is irked to discover that Katherine has already cast herself in the role of master planner. Laura asks Sonny to forgive her for putting the blame on him when Lucky died. Feeling guilty about letting Bobbie's young son catch them in bed, Jerry volunteers to have a man-to-man talk with Lucas about sex. Later, Jerry makes an awkward declaration of his love and is astounded when Bobbie immediately echoes the sentiment. Lucy informs a fuming Katherine that everyone in town is laughing at her behind her back because of her totally inappropriate relationship with Nikolas. As Ned gives her the grand tour of Port Charles, Chloe is delighted to bump into Jax once again.

  • S36E103 05.26.99 - Wednesday

    • May 26, 1999

    Luke sneaks into the Quartermaine mansion just as Carly and A.J. begin to repeat their vows in front of the minister and their assembled guests. At the hospital, Laura assures Stefan she's ready to handle the outreach work load. Hannah joins Jason at Jake's for a friendly game of pool. Elizabeth accuses Nikolas of trying to take Lucky's place when she finds him waiting for her to come out of her regular appointment with Gail. After apologizing for overreacting, Elizabeth tells Nikolas she'd love to design the t-shirt for this years Nurses' Ball. Felicia slips away early from the ceremony to rendezvous with Luke and together they head upstairs to search for clues to Edward's secret.

  • S36E104 05.27.99 - Thursday

    • May 27, 1999

    Luke sneaks into the Quartermaine mansion just as Carly and A.J. begin to repeat their vows in front of the minister and their assembled guests. At the hospital, Laura assures Stefan she's ready to handle the outreach work load. Hannah joins Jason at Jake's for a friendly game of pool. Elizabeth accuses Nikolas of trying to take Lucky's place when she finds him waiting for her to come out of her regular appointment with Gail. After apologizing for overreacting, Elizabeth tells Nikolas she'd love to design the t-shirt for this years Nurses' Ball. Felicia slips away early from the ceremony to rendezvous with Luke and together they head upstairs to search for clues to Edward's secret.

  • S36E105 05.28.99 - Friday

    • May 28, 1999

    Katherine gives Carly a gift certificate for a Deception makeover and snidley tells her to make something of herself. Stefan pulls Laura off of Helena at the Hospital after Helena coldly tells Laura that it's her own fault that her son is dead and that her family is a mess. Felecia worries when she sees Luke correction Lila's love letters from Edward. Luke then informs her that he made copies so they wouldn't get caught and that he doesn't think Edward actually wrote them. Carly and A.J. honey moon for the night at the Port Charles Hotel. Stefan orders a doctor for an overly distraught Laura.

  • S36E106 05.31.99 - Monday

    • May 31, 1999

  • S36E107 06.01.99 - Tuesday

    • June 1, 1999

  • S36E108 06.02.99 - Wednesday

    • June 2, 1999

    As Chloe struggles to decide which way to vote on the docks project, Jax gives his new friend a crash course in urban redevelopment and corporate politics. Luke suggests to Felicia that the Quartermaine secret they're tracking might not be Edward~s at all but Lila's. Jax invites a delighted Chloe to come out with him for a day of sailing. Though Felicia balks at the notion that sweet Lila could be hiding any skeletons in her closet, Luke points out to his co-conspirator that certain letters seem to be missing from their collection. Nikolas sadly confides to Elizabeth that he has no clue how to help his anguished mother deal with her grief. Later, Katherine is irked to spot Elizabeth tenderly consoling Nikolas with a warm hug.

  • S36E109 06.03.99 - Thursday

    • June 3, 1999

    Felicia tells Luke she has a hunch that Lila's missing letters may be at the Quartermaine estate on oyster Bay, Long Island. At GH, Bobbie gently reminds Laura that dealing with one's grief--no matter how painful--is healthier in the long run than trying to suppress it. Later, Sonny stops by and offers Laura his own insight on the grieving process in hopes that it will help her through what lies ahead. Simon Prentice arrives in Port Charles and informs an amused Jax he's fallen hopelessly in love with the fabulous red-haired decoy his old pal brought to Monte Carlo during their last confrontation at the gaming tables. As she nags Ned to rehearse, V explains to an intrigued Chloe how Lila's buttoned-down grandson leads a double life as the hippest musician to come out of New York state in years.

  • S36E110 06.04.99 - Friday

    • June 4, 1999

    Under pressure from Luke, Jason finally admits that Sonny is poised to take back his territory from Moreno. Meanwhile, Benny welcomes his boss back into the fold as Sonny savors his final few moments in the coffee business. Laura vows to help her small daughter remember their happiest moments with Lucky. A.J. is frustrated when Carly eagerly seizes upon every opportunity to avoid being alone with her new husband. Laura thanks Stefan for being there to help her through so many of the crises she's encountered throughout her life. Later, when Laura expresses concern about returning home to a house currently full of bad memories, Stefan reminds her she is always welcome to come move into Windemere any time she feels ready for a change.

  • S36E111 06.07.99 - Monday

    • June 7, 1999

    Simon finally tracks down the elusive object of his affection and declares his love to a flustered V. Just as Sonny and Hannah begin to make love, Marcus breaks down the bedroom door and informs his usual suspect that he's under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder. Though Sonny protests at having Hannahg involved, Marcus orders the young woman to report to the precinct house for questioning. When Bobbie wonders how he's handling Carly's marriage to A.J., Jason assures Michael's grandmother that he isn't bothered by this latest turn of events. V gets nowhere trying to convince Simon that she isn t worthy of his adoration. Laura and Luke confide to one another how they keep seeing Lucky everywhere they go.

  • S36E112 06.08.99 - Tuesday

    • June 8, 1999

    Chloe is amused by her first encounter with the venerable force of nature known as Lucy Coe. Pooh-poohing Lucy's efforts as infantile, Katherine submits her own budget for the Nurses Ball to Jerry. Elizabeth completes her sketch for the official Nurses Ball t-shirt and shyly shows the finished result to Bobbie. As Luke easily cracks the code on the security system for the Quartermaines home at oyster Bay, Felicia falls into another romantic reverie featuring herself and her partner in crime. Katherine actively campaigns for the job of mistress of ceremonies at the Ball but provokes little enthusiasm from Jerry. Emily continues to gather video sound bites for her school project.

  • S36E113 06.09.99 - Wednesday

    • June 9, 1999

    Anxious to elude the persistent Simon, V dons a disguise and tries to convince Ned to start an immediate far away tour through the upper Midwest. Felicia tells Luke they have to return to oyster Bay to retrieve the letters the caretaker purloined. With no hard evidence connecting Sonny to Moreno's disappearance, Mac again brings Hannah in for questioning. Ned suggests to V that she simply accept the flattering attentions from her smitten suitor, but she scoffs at the idea that she has the power to lure a man from halfway around the world. Tony promises Bobbie he has no plans to disrupt this year's Nurses Ball. Unaware that Emily left her video camera running, Jerry and Bobbie sneak into one of the conference rooms at GH and make love.

  • S36E114 06.10.99 - Thursday

    • June 10, 1999

    Hannah admits to Tammy that she already regrets breaking things off with Sonny. Meanwhile, a worried Mike asks his son why he gave up his new life as a legitimate coffee merchant to go back to the dangerous world of organized crime. Stefan urges Nikolas to come join his parents and Lesley Lu at the Cassadines country house. 'Heir Kreg' pressures Luke to participate in another business transaction. As they scheme to throw V and Simon together, Chloe and Jax begin to grow closer themselves. Tammy advises Hannah to consider giving Sonny a second chance. Anxious to prevent her daughter from throwing herself into Stefan's arms, Lesley pleads with Luke to fight for Laura but he reminds his mother-in-law that the party is over.

  • S36E115 06.11.99 - Friday

    • June 11, 1999

    A gloomy Sonny warns Hannah that he can't protect the people he loves and he can't change the kind of life he seems destined to lead. Luke and Felicia return to the house at oyster Bay and rifle through the caretaker's desk. Stefan invites Laura to make his country house her own for as long as she likes. Later, Stefan is touched when Lesley Lu thanks him for helping her mommy feel happy again. Felicia and Luke are intrigued to learn that the Quartermaines caretaker is Reginald's father. Jax apologizes for setting V up but gently encourages his friend to give the obviously smitten Simon a chance. Hannah makes it clear to Sonny that she's willing to take any risk to be with him.

  • S36E116 06.14.99 - Monday

    • June 14, 1999

    Sonny and Hannah's reunion is closely observed by an interested third party. Edward reveals that Felicia and Luke have been snooping around the house at oyster Bay but assures a worried Lila that the missing letters will never surface because he instructed Jennings Senior to burn them. Speculating that Lila may have given birth to a child out of wed-lock more than 50 years ago, Luke and Felicia head to the oyster Bay cemetery to check out their theory. Annoyed when Simon guesses her real name, V reminds her would-be suitor that a shared fondness for good grammar and correct punctuation is no basis for romance. Later, Jax and Chloe again step in to help the course of true love run smooth by arranging a double date for the Nurses Ball.

  • S36E117 06.15.99 - Tuesday

    • June 15, 1999

    Laura confides to a concerned Nicholas that she is feeling better, thanks to Stefan's care and her sessions with Gail. Katherine meets Eve at the hospital and realizes that she and Lucy have been at odds for a long time. She enlists her help in sabotaging her efforts at the Nurses' Ball. Emily pleads with Jason to share his experience with Robin on videotape for the Nurses' Ball but he claims it is too painful and admits he's not even going to the charity event. Before Tony has a chance to see the shocking video of Bobbie and Jerry spontaneously making love in an office at the hospital, Emily retrieves her video. Carly demands her diamonds back from Jason and boasts that she is going to the Nurses' Ball with A.J., her husband.

  • S36E118 06.16.99 - Wednesday

    • June 16, 1999

    V gripes to Ned about the way Chloe and Jax tricked her into accepting Simon's invitation to the Nurses Ball. Lucy tearfully offers Luke her condolences and apologizes for missing Lucky's memorial service. At GH, a curious Amy quizzes Laura about life at the Cassadines's country house. Upon bumping into his ex in the halls of the hospital, Scotty expresses his sympathies for Laura's loss and reveals his plans to be wed once again. Laura wishes him nothing but happiness. Tammy commends Alan for bravely agreeing to do another musical number at the Nurses Ball in spite of his disastrous performance at last years festivities. Alan blames his horrible performance on the fact that he was high on drugs at the time.

  • S36E119 06.17.99 - Thursday

    • June 17, 1999

    Sonny and Hannah spend another blissful night in each other's arms. Emily scrambles to complete the final cut of her video in time for the Nurses Ball. As she busies herself in the country house's flower garden, Laura tells Stefan she's growing eager to get back into the swing of her regular activities in town. Though Stefan cautions her against rushing things, Laura suggests that going to the Nurses Ball might be a good way to ease back into her schedule. Sonny invites Hannah to join him for a ride on his new speedboat. Bobbie cajoles her brother to attend the Nurses Ball but Luke explains that he would have too much trouble facing an event which holds so many memories of his late son.

  • S36E120 06.18.99 - Friday

    • June 18, 1999

    Backstage at the Nurses Ball, Lucy flits to and fro fussing over last minute details while Katherine snipes at her from the sidelines. A beaming Hannah thanks Sonny for the beautiful gown as they depart from Kelly's. Chloe and Jax keep their fingers crossed when Simon and V's evening gets off to a good start. A bristling A.J. orders his bride to lose the diamonds after Carly emerges from her room glittering with Jason's jewelry. As Monica rolls her eyes in disgust, A.J. then presents a delighted Carly with an even more expensive necklace to replace the one from his brother. Lucy tells Felicia she's bound and determined to keep her clothes on all night for the first time in the history of the Nurses Ball.

  • S36E121 06.21.99 - Monday

    • June 21, 1999

    Emily's moving video makes a strong impact on the attendees at the Nurses Ball as portions of the tape are shown throughout the evening. Jason tries to reassure a worried Mike that Sonny will be fine without his bodyguards for one night. As word about A.J.'s promotion gets out, Carly is amused to receive an invitation to join the Charity Guild. Trying to lend a hand, Amy inadvertently loads the wrong tape into the VCR for the next video break. Lucy and Katherine take their ill-concealed rivalry out front and center during a production number in which each woman tries to upstage the other. Carly's newfound social standing takes a rapid nose-dive as the astounded guests watch the video of Bobbie and Jerry making love.

  • S36E122 06.22.99 - Tuesday

    • June 22, 1999

    V and Simon become trapped in an elevator together as they attempt to leave the hotel. Waiting for a rescue, V apologizes to Simon for conking him on the head with a champagne bottle during their first encounter in Monte Carlo. Recognizing a silver cross hanging from Juan's neck, Sonny realizes the piece of jewelry once belonged to Lily. After asking Jason to clear the room, Sonny demands some answers from the boy. Carly tearfully apologizes to a sympathetic Lila for embarrassing the entire Quartermaine clan at the Nurses Ball. Hurt to think that Sonny suspects him of being a fraud, Juan throws the crucifix at him and stalks off. Jax explains to Chloe how his family lost every penny they had during their recent reversal of fortune.

  • S36E123 06.23.99 - Wednesday

    • June 23, 1999

    Hannah comforts Sonny after he awakens shouting from a nightmare about Lily. Tammy finds Juan rooting through the garbage cans behind Kelly's and invites the boy to come inside if he's hungry. Tony taunts Bobbie after an article about her video 'debut' appears in the society pages. Upon checking out death certificates in the oyster Bay city hall, Luke reports to Felicia that the baby whose grave they found did not belong to Lila and Edward but to Jennings Senior and his wife. Ned teases a blushing Reginald about his obvious interest in Letitia. Later, when A.J. gloats about his victory at ELQ, Ned hands his letter of resignation to Edward and informs his grandfather he's washing his hands of the family business for good.

  • S36E124 06.24.99 - Thursday

    • June 24, 1999

  • S36E125 06.25.99 - Friday

    • June 25, 1999

    Helena's operative reports back to her on Laura's movements at the hospital. Sonny asks Jason to keep an eye out for Juan so they can send the boy safely back to Puerto Rico on the next available flight. Meanwhile, on the docks, Tony comes to Juan's assistance after the boy's latest victim takes angry exception to having his wallet lifted. Alexis, Jax and Ned try to help Chloe out of her predicament but she refuses to give up creative control even if it means losing her design firm. Tony convinces a sullen Juan to come to the free clinic to have his injuries treated. Jason confesses to Sonny how seeing Carly in A.J.'s arms bothered him more than he cares to admit.

  • S36E126 06.28.99 - Monday

    • June 28, 1999

  • S36E127 06.29.99 - Tuesday

    • June 29, 1999

  • S36E128 06.30.99 - Wednesday

    • June 30, 1999

    Anxious to attain membership in the prestigious charity Guild, Carly complains to Bobbie that her scandalous behavior caught on tape has made it difficult to convince the right people that she isn't the daughter of the town tramp. Katherine is irked to find Nikolas again closeted with Elizabeth in his office at Deception. Chloe announces to Jax and Ned that she's decided to obey the restrictions of her uncle's will by marrying within a month. Later, Alexis suggests to Chloe that Jax would make the perfect husband for the required years duration. Faison slips into Helena's room at GH and stands over his sleeping partner in crime. Nikolas threatens to leave the company after Katherine criticizes Elizabeth's input on Deception's newest ad campaign.

  • S36E129 07.01.99 - Thursday

    • July 1, 1999

    Luke and Felicia brainstorm to come up with a new cover story for their next visit to oyster Bay. Opting for the simple truth, Felicia tells longtime resident Ida Walsh she's conducting research for a book about Lila. Ned and Alexis ponder Chloe's dilemma and debate the possibility of Jasper Jax filling the bill. A.J. is irked to find Jason rubbing sunscreen on a half-naked Carly as she lounges by the water. After accusing his brother of violating the custody agreement, A.J. tears into Jason while Carly hustles Michael away. Bobbie takes some tentative steps towards burying the hatchet with Tony. Ida explains to Luke and Felicia why George Quartermaine objected to Edward and Lila's betrothal.

  • S36E130 07.02.99 - Friday

    • July 2, 1999

  • S36E131 07.05.99 - Monday

    • July 5, 1999

  • S36E132 07.06.99 - Tuesday

    • July 6, 1999

    Ned and Chloe announce their engagement to the rest of the Quartermaine clan. Outraged, Edward reminds Ned why marrying a cousin is out of the question but Chloe informs him that she and her betrothed are not related by blood. Meanwhile, A.J. bitterly accuses Ned of trying to upstage him in his first week as CEO. Juan invokes Sonny's name to protect himself from his latest victims after they strenuously object to being Scammed out of a chunk of cash. Faison learns that Helena is scheduled to be released from the hospital by the end of the day. Bobbie suggests to Laura that Stefan's apparent devotion to his stricken mother seems extremely odd in light of their long and stormy history.

  • S36E133 07.07.99 - Wednesday

    • July 7, 1999

    Lila explains to Carly how meeting Edward changed the course of her entire life. Emily and Elizabeth ponder how to finagle their way into Jake's for the only Port Charles appearance of 98 Degrees. As Alexis prepares to move into Jax's guest bedroom, Chloe warns the newlyweds that her Aunt Gertrude will be keeping an eagle eye out for any proof that their marriage is a sham. Jason cautions Sonny that the more he pushes Juan away the harder the boy will fight to stay close. Meanwhile, Hannah admits to Tammy how it scared her to see Sonny so out of control the other night. Juan convinces Emily to go behind her brother's back and drop Jason's name to gain entrance to Jake's.

  • S36E134 07.08.99 - Thursday

    • July 8, 1999

    A sneering Stefan offers Alexis his less than hearty congratulations on her marriage to Jasper Jax. Bobbie presents Tony with the game ball Lucas earned with his winning home run. Luke enters into another wary business arrangement with 'Herr Krieg'. Meanwhile, Felicia asks Mac if they have anything to fear from the 'late' Cesar Faison. Mindful of the strides her ex has made in recent months, Bobbie tells a grateful Tony she's willing to try letting him have a new visitation schedule with their son. when Katherine accuses her of monopolizing Nikolas' time, Elizabeth icily advises the jealous woman to mind her own business. Alexis informs stefan she wed Jax for her own reasons which have nothing at all to do with the Cassadine estate.

  • S36E135 07.09.99 - Friday

    • July 9, 1999

    Jax and Alexis prepare to stage a public spat as a prelude to their imminent divorce. Meanwhile, Lila corners Ned and chloe and demands the truth about their bogus engagement. Tammy lets it slip to Sonny that the guy he shoved through the front window of Kelly's had been sniffing around Eannah several times before that night. After examining the evidence, Tony tells Luke and Felicia one of the skulls they 'borrowed' came from a young adult male who almost certainly died from a blow to the head. chloe explains to Lila how her greedy Aunt Gertrude has forced her to abide by the terms of Herbert's will. Jason comes to a difficult decision concerning Michael.

  • S36E136 07.12.99 - Monday

    • July 12, 1999

    Luke and Felicia are alarmed to suddenly find themselves trapped in the Quartermaine crypt. Carly bursts into tears when Jason arrives at the mansion to bid Michael goodbye. Mac and Marcus pay an unscheduled call at the Corinthos penthouse. Meanwhile, Sonny asks Hannah why she's been lying to him for weeks about her ex-boyfriend. Touched by the obvious affection Jax's parents feel for him, Alexis agrees to postpone the annulment until after her new in-laws leave town. Sitting with Michael in the rose garden, Jason explains to the child why he can t come to see him ever again. Fighting back tears, Jason swears to Michael he will love him forever. When Hannah refuses to answer his questions, Sonny issues an ultimatum and warns the young woman that he never forgives a betrayal.

  • S36E137 07.13.99 - Tuesday

    • July 13, 1999

    Jason explains to an astonished Sonny why he's given up his claim on Michael. At Windemere, Laura otters to sit with Helena so Stefan can take a break from his care-giving duties. Alone with the Cassadines matriarch, Laura icily informs Helena that she's going to make it her mission in life to free Stefan from his ruthless mother's unceasing vise-like grip. Alexis suffers through a strenuous early morning hike with her over-enthusiastic mother- in- law. At Kelly's, Juan helps a thrilled Emily obtain personal autographs from all the members of 98 Degrees. Jason sadly admits to Sonny that saying goodbye to Michael has hurt him more than anything else in his entire life.

  • S36E138 07.14.99 - Wednesday

    • July 14, 1999

    Laura tells Tony about the generous donation she's just received for the hospital's outreach program but confides how the creepy 'Mr. Gardner' made her skin crawl. Meanwhile, Faison slips through Windemere's hidden tunnels and pays a secret call on Helena. After Jason insists on taking Emily home for safekeeping, Juan hints to Sorel that he's looking for gainful employment. Inside the Quartermaine crypt, Felicia shakily assures Luke that her husband will find them soon. Hiding his own anxiety, Mac promises a worried Maxie and Georgie their mother will be home before they know it. In the new spirit of detente, Bobbie invites Tony to stop by the brownstone for a pizza after Lucas next game.

  • S36E139 07.15.99 - Thursday

    • July 15, 1999

    Laura tells Stefan shes decided to move out of the country house. Desperately lonely for Michael, Jason explains to a sympathetic Sonny why he has to leave Port Charles. Meanwhile, Carly tearfully admits to Bobbie that despite all the wealth and status she's acquired she's never been more miserable in her entire life. Laughing off Emily's warnings, Juan insists that throwing in with Sorel is the best way he knows to prove himself to his father. Unable to summon help, Felicia and Luke spend another long day trapped inside the Quartermaine crypt. Back at the mansion, Mac quizzes Edward, Lila and a wary Reginald about Felicia's disappearance. Hannah apologizes to Sonny for over- reacting but reminds him that he scared her badly when he appeared in her room that night.

  • S36E140 07.16.99 - Friday

    • July 16, 1999

    V calls Ned, Alexis, Chloe and Jax together and happily announces that she's resigning from L&B in order to go off on a round-the-world cruise with Simon. Sorel prepares to send Sonny a message he won t be able to ignore. Inside the crypt, Felicia despairs of ever being rescued and tearfully clings to Luke as she wonders if she's about to breathe her last. A depressed Carly admits to her mother that she married A.J. not for love but as part of a misbegotten scheme to regain custody of Michael for the man she really wanted. Sonny informs an angry Juan that he~s to be shipped back home within the week. Luke thanks Felicia for all she did to help him after Lucky died.

  • S36E141 07.19.99 - Monday

    • July 19, 1999

    Lila tells Edward why she felt compelled to write her memoirs in the first place. Leaning over the badly injured Juan, a frightened Emily calls for help. Sonny and Hannah kiss and make up, then tumble into bed and make love. As the paramedics work on Juan, Emily tearfully prays that her friend will survive. Lila and Edward dreamily reminisce about the best of times during their courtship a half century ago. Meanwhile, Felicia balks at swallowing Luke's theory that Edward murdered Elliott to clear his path to the woman they both loved. Ned presents Chloe with a sapphire engagement ring to help complete the picture they're painting for her eagle-eyed Aunt Gertrude.

  • S36E142 07.20.99 - Tuesday

    • July 20, 1999

    After spending the night sitting by Juan's bed in the ICU, a gloomy Sonny tells Hannah why he feels responsible for the boy's unfortunate circumstance. Later, Benny quietly promises Sonny that Sorel won't be bothering Juan or Emily ever again. Monica tries to prevent Emily from leaving the mansion to go visit her ailing friend. Warning her daughter that Juan's association with Sonny makes him too much of a risk; Monica tells a fuming Emily she won't be permitted to see the boy again. Katherine slyly sets Stefan up for an ugly scene with Nikolas, who plays right into his scheming lover's hands as she seeks to strengthen her hold on the boy and squeeze Elizabeth out of the picture completely.

  • S36E143 07.21.99 - Wednesday

    • July 21, 1999

    After spending the night sitting by Juan's bed in the ICU, a gloomy Sonny tells Hannah why he feels responsible for the boy's unfortunate circumstance. Later, Benny quietly promises Sonny that Sorel won't be bothering Juan or Emily ever again. Monica tries to prevent Emily from leaving the mansion to go visit her ailing friend. Warning her daughter that Juan's association with Sonny makes him too much of a risk; Monica tells a fuming Emily she won't be permitted to see the boy again. Katherine slyly sets Stefan up for an ugly scene with Nikolas, who plays right into his scheming lover's hands as she seeks to strengthen her hold on the boy and squeeze Elizabeth out of the picture completely.

  • S36E144 07.22.99 - Thursday

    • July 22, 1999

    Searching the Quartermaine crypt again while a reluctant Felicia keeps watch outside, Luke finds the fireplace poker murder weapon used to kill Elliot hidden with the dead man's bones. Later, Felicia declares to Luke that she will confront Edward with all they have discovered. Finding Chloe with Jax and an almost- undressed Alexis running downstairs in Ned's house, Edward and Gertrude are amused to see the couples caught in a lie. Jax quickly concocts a story to cover their predicament and Chloe and Alexis quickly fall into line. Edward and Gertrude refuse to believe them until Ned walks through the front door, feigning shock that his house has been over run with intruders.

  • S36E145 07.23.99 - Friday

    • July 23, 1999

    Calling her 'the enemy,' Stefan warns Laura about underestimating Katherine but Laura insists on doing whatever she can to get her away from Nicholas. Chloe is pleasantly surprised when Jax offers to accompany her on a business trip to New York City. Sonny visits with an unconscious Juan and tells Emily that he doesn't see any connection with Juan once the teen is better which should ease Monica's fears. Touched by his concern, Emily tenderly reveals that she sees how sad he is. Upset to find her waiting outside Juan's door, Monica orders Emily to leave the hospital. Emily warns her mother that if Juan dies, she will never forgive Monica. Juan's adoptive father Armando Santiago arrives in Port Charles and rushes to the hospital where he demands that Sonny never be allowed to see his son.

  • S36E146 07.26.99 - Monday

    • July 26, 1999

    Faison continues to stalk Felicia as she moves around town. After unearthing part of Ned's love letter to Alexis, a gleeful Gertrude waits for her opportunity to expose Chloe's wedding as the bogus affair that it is. Alarmed to find Sonny in a near- catatonic state, Carly gently removes the broken picture from his grasp, then shakily orders Francis to locate Benny at once. As Felicia worries that Luke may have gotten himself involved in something dangerous yet again, an exasperated Mac suggests to his wife that her concern for this particular pal is bordering on the obsessive. Edward has a heart to heart chat with Chloe as the bride prepares to walk down the aisle.

  • S36E147 07.27.99 - Tuesday

    • July 27, 1999

    'Herr Krieg' gives Luke instructions for their next transaction but is displeased when his new partner demands more money up front before he'll make another diamond delivery. Stefan explains to a disappointed Laura why he must leave for Zurich right away on pressing business. After saying goodbye to Laura, Stefan is pleasantly surprised by an affectionate farewell hug from Leslie Lu as well. Listening to Emily complain about her parents inability to trust her judgment, Chloe inadvertently gives the girl an idea for foiling Monica's rigid restrictions. Later, as her bridal shower gets underway, Chloe thanks Carly for pulling everything together on such short notice.

  • S36E148 07.28.99 - Wednesday

    • July 28, 1999

    Ned is perturbed to see Jax and his new bride putting on a very public display of affection at the Port Charles Grill. Emily sneaks back into Juan's room at GE but hides behind the door when Laura arrives. Annoyed by Katherine's biting criticism of her friendship with Nikolas, Elizabeth icily advises her to find someone her own age to seduce. Alan suggests to a wary Monica that they reward their daughter's good behavior by allowing her limited visits with Juan while he's hospitalized. Juan tells Laura he~d like to join the youth outreach program so he can start turning his life around. After Laura departs, Emily promises Juan she will never let her disapproving parents come between them.

  • S36E149 07.29.99 - Thursday

    • July 29, 1999

    On the morning of his wedding to Chloe, Ned shares a stolen moment of passion with Alexis. Carly is outraged when A.J. announces plans to have Michael re-christened with a new name and new godparents. Sitting in the midst of the wreckage of his penthouse, Sonny muses over past mistakes which have come back to haunt him. After Carly puts her foot down, A.J. reluctantly agrees to allow Michael to keep his first name but insists on setting the record straight about the boy's correct last name. Nikolas sheepishly admits to his mother that she was right all along about Katherine. Afterwards, Laura tells Nikolas how she overheard Katherine blaming Helena for the break-up.

  • S36E150 07.30.99 - Friday

    • July 30, 1999

    Faison continues to stalk Felicia as she moves around town. After unearthing part of Ned's love letter to Alexis, a gleeful Gertrude waits for her opportunity to expose Chloe's wedding as the bogus affair that it is. Alarmed to find Sonny in a near- catatonic state, Carly gently removes the broken picture from his grasp, then shakily orders Francis to locate Benny at once. As Felicia worries that Luke may have gotten himself involved in something dangerous yet again, an exasperated Mac suggests to his wife that her concern for this particular pal is bordering on the obsessive. Edward has a heart to heart chat with Chloe as the bride prepares to walk down the aisle.

  • S36E151 08.02.99 - Monday

    • August 2, 1999

    Determined to prevent his father from taking him back to Puerto Rico, Juan suggests to Emily that they run away together to escape their disapproving families. At the Quartermaine mansion, Gertrude eagerly leaps to her feet when the minister asks if anyone knows of any reason why Ned and Chloe should not be joined together in holy matrimony. Waving the letter she stumbled across, Gertrude reads aloud the passionate words and accuses Ned of carrying on an affair with Mrs. Jax. With some timely assistance from Alexis, Ned manages to squirm out of trouble by claiming that the missing second page of his letter was a farewell note to the woman who helped him find his way to his true love---Chloe. Felicia sees Faison lurking in the shadows.

  • S36E152 08.03.99 - Tuesday

    • August 3, 1999

    Felicia is rattled to catch a glimpse of Faison as she walks home from the grocery store. Just hours after Ned's wedding, Alexis sneaks into the groom's hotel suite to commit adultery. Meanwhile, chloe and Jax share a lingering kiss in the Quartermaines rose garden. A worried Jason races over to the penthouse and finds Carly sitting beside Sonny. Grateful for her kindness towards his troubled friend, Jason thanks Carly for trying to help. Alexis suggests to Ned that Jax and chloe's budding romance can have fringe benefits for both 'married' couples. A tearful Carly tells Jason she was astonished to discover that Sonny is much sadder and lonelier than she's ever been on her worst day.

  • S36E153 08.04.99 - Wednesday

    • August 4, 1999

    Monica and Alan agree to lift Emily's grounding for one night and allow her to attend the Boyzone concert at Luke's. Carly entreats Bobbie to cover for her when the questions inevitably start flying about why she missed Ned's wedding. Hannah spits out her scorn and contempt for Jason after he bars her way when she tries to enter the penthouse. As A.J. presses her for answers, Carly replies only that she was helping out a friend but she refuses to name any names. Felicia gives Laura a scaled down version of her misadventure with Luke in the crypt on Oyster Bay. Carly reminds a grateful Jason that he can count on her for support as he deals with Sonny's bouts of manic depression.

  • S36E154 08.05.99 - Thursday

    • August 5, 1999

    As Emily looks on, Mac questions Juan about the attack on the docks. Forced to tend for themselves at Kelly's, Nikolas and Elizabeth vows to do Tammy proud and satisfy every paying customer. Felicia again alienates Laura with talk of Luke. Juan tells a skeptical Mac that he can't identify the three creeps who jumped him. After the police commissioner departs, Emily commends Juan for his bravery and bemoans the fact that he's slated to return to Puerto Rico in just a few short hours. Irked to walk in on a kiss between her daughter and a wholly 'unsuitable' boy, Monica icily informs Emily that she's grounded for the rest of the summer. Elizabeth giggles to discover that Nikolas secretly ordered in the food he's been proudly passing off as his own creation.

  • S36E155 08.06.99 - Friday

    • August 6, 1999

  • S36E156 08.09.99 - Monday

    • August 9, 1999

    A seething Mac promises Faison he'll pay dearly for the murder of Robert and Anna. Katherine informs a sputtering Nikolas that the child she's carrying could only be his. Hannah shoves her way into the penthouse and asks Sonny to explain why he's shut her out. Faison calmly assures Mac he has an airtight alibi because he was thousands of miles away from the Venezuelan coast when the Scorpios boat exploded. At Kelly's, Elizabeth cautions Emily that living on the run with Juan will not be as romantic as it sounds. Katherine hints to Nikolas that she's considering keeping her baby and raising it alone as a single mom. Felicia entreats her enraged husband not to let Faison win by succumbing to his mind games.

  • S36E157 08.10.99 - Tuesday

    • August 10, 1999

    Though Sonny again entreats him not to get involved, Jason stubbornly insists that his rightful place is back inside the organization. Juan admits to his disappointed father that he faked the leg injury to avoid going back to Puerto Rico. Laura sheepishly reveals to Nikolas how she waylaid Katherine outside the blues club the other night. Unaware of the news Nikolas just received from his former lover, Laura cautions her son not to allow Katherine to lure him back into her life. Sonny asks Jason to check on both Hannah and Juan for him. Laura tells Hernando she's not sure the Youth outreach program is right for his son. Jason becomes concerned by his kid sister's growing affection for Juan.

  • S36E158 08.11.99 - Wednesday

    • August 11, 1999

    Posing as a couple of German tourists, Chloe and Jax enjoy seeing the sights in Rome. Felicia entreats her husband not to let Faison mess with his mind now that he's been safely put behind bars. A.J. throws a party in the rose garden to celebrate having his son's name officially changed to Michael Alan Quartermaine. Emily explains to a skeptical Jason that Juan truly cares for her even if it doesn't seem that way to the rest of the world. Katherine continues to drop hints about her delicate condition to anyone who will listen. Carly belatedly informs Jason that Michael is now a Quartermaine, then becomes upset when the news doesn't appear to faze him in the least.

  • S36E159 08.12.99 - Thursday

    • August 12, 1999

    Bobbie cautions Laura that Juan will undoubtedly prove to be a handful as he joins the Youth Outreach program. Nikolas demands that Katherine provide proof of her pregnancy. Overruling Mac's objections, Felicia decides to accede to Faison's request for a visit. After revealing to a rattled Felicia how he's been following her for months, Faison claims he's returned to Port Charles to clear his name. Katherine refuses to comply with Nikolas request, reminding him that her condition will become all too obvious in due time. Elizabeth tells Laura she's afraid Katherine is deliberately refusing to get the message that Nikolas wants nothing more to do with her.

  • S36E160 08.13.99 - Friday

    • August 13, 1999

    As Katherine heads into her first appointment with Dr. Meadows, Nikolas asks Laura to meet him at GH for a chat. Sonny gets cold feet and asks Jason to cancel his scheduled meeting with Hannah. Unable to find any charges which will stick; a gloomy Mac tells Felicia he's going to be forced to release Faison that very day. Elizabeth ponders how best to handle the information she's stumbled across. Nikolas elects to keep mum about his impending fatherhood but tells Laura he wishes he had listened to her and Stefan when they advised him to steer clear of Katherine. Hannah arrives at the penthouse before Sonny can persuade Jason to make the call. Hoping her friend will feel comfortable enough to confide in her, Elizabeth gives Nikolas every opportunity to come clean about the pregnancy.

  • S36E161 08.16.99 - Monday

    • August 16, 1999

    Worried that he's not ready for fatherhood, Nikolas ponders an uncertain future as he sits alone in Lucky boxcar. A.J. presents Carly with an itinerary for their Hawaiin honeymoon. In Rome, Jax stalls Gertrude while Chloe slips out a window and inches her way along the ledge towards Neds room. Eager to catch her niece's husband in bed with Mrs. Jax, Gertrude barges in and sputters to see Ned lying next to Chloe. Though Carly wonders aloud if the timing is right for a vacation trip, A.J. explains how he's anxious to make amends for his earlier neglect. After Gertrude finally sails off to her own suite, Alexis crawls out of her hiding place and reminds Ned and Chloe that they can't afford any more close calls.

  • S36E162 08.17.99 - Tuesday

    • August 17, 1999

    Mac tells Laura that the man who killed Robert and Anna is unfortunately still alive and well and back in Port Charles. Sonny relays Carly's message to Jason, who admits how much it hurts to lose what he once had with Michael and his mother. Juan listens from his hiding place as Alan sternly forbids Emily to have any contact at all with the troubled teen. Gazing at the photo of Faison, Laura recognizes the 'philanthropist' who came to her office and promises Mac she'll be on guard from now on. A bristling Hannah whines to Tammy about how Sonny cut their evening short the minute Carly walked in. Hoping Alan and Monica will change their minds about Juan once they get to know him better, Emily decides to enlist some assistance from her tender-hearted grandmother.

  • S36E163 08.18.99 - Wednesday

    • August 18, 1999

    As Edward, Alan and Monica grumble about being forced to entertain Juan for an evening, Lila orders her family to treat her dinner guest with the proper courtesy and respect. Meanwhile, at Kelly's, Bobbie gives a nervous Juan a pep talk as he steels himself to face a battalion of disapproving Quartermaines. Faison slips into Helena's bedroom at Windemeire and tells her he knows she's been poisoned. Stefan encourages his obviously troubled son to open up to him. Still unable to talk about Katherine y pregnancy, Nikolas instead allows Stefan to believe that he's still suffering pangs of grief over losing Lucky. Juan scores some early points with Edward by assuring the patriarch of Emily's clan that he would like to learn more about the magnificent world of big business.

  • S36E164 08.19.99 - Thursday

    • August 19, 1999

    Following the fiasco at the mansion, Emily wheedles an exasperated Jason to help her convince her mother that she should be allowed to date Juan. Sonny puts on the full court press in an effort to make up for lost time with Hannah. Tony is amazed but grateful when Bobbie offers to let him have a whole afternoon alone with Lucas. Jason finally agrees to speak to Monica on his sister's behalf. Hannah hesitantly lets Sonny know about her visit from Taggert. Monica drops by the penthouse unannounced and is disconcerted to realize that Jason is back in business with Sonny. when Monica asks that he encourage Emily to stay away from Juan, Jason advises his estranged mother not to risk losing another child by alienating her daughter.

  • S36E165 08.20.99 - Friday

    • August 20, 1999

    Jax brings Chloe to his special spot in the woods for a romantic picnic. Mike is pleasantly surprised to learn that Sonny invited Hannah to join him on a jaunt to the island. Meanwhile, Jason tries to convince Sonny that a vacation trip is far too dangerous at this point in time. When Sonny insists on giving Hannah something special, Jason suggests that they at least travel to another destination to prevent any leaks about their hideaway. Stefan triumphantly informs Helena that he is now her legal guardian. Felicia tells Bobbie how concerned she is that her husband has developed an unhealthy obsession with eliminating Faison. As Faison eavesdrops, Felicia warns her friend that Cesar may also be targeting Luke by connecting with Laura.

  • S36E166 08.23.99 - Monday

    • August 23, 1999

    Chloe is shaken up by a slight altercation with her horse, who runs off with Jax's mount and leaves them both stranded in the woods. Back at the Grill, Ned waits anxiously for his wife to appear in order to cement an important deal for L&B. Sensing that the arrangement is about to fall through, Ned hurriedly enlists Alexis to pose as his bride during the business dinner. Laura explains to Lesley why she and Lulu will be accompanying her to North Carolina. Meanwhile, Bobbie is unnerved to hear Felicia vow to beat Faison at his own game. Ned looks on with amused admiration as Alexis describes for Fred 'her' designs for his band's new costumes.

  • S36E167 08.24.99 - Tuesday

    • August 24, 1999

    Felicia tells Bobbie she's going to keep Mac in the dark about the apparent connection between Luke and Faison. Determined to set a good example for his future son or daughter, Nikolas begins looking for a job. Though a concerned Elizabeth again suggests to her friend that Katherine may either be faking the pregnancy or is actually carrying another man's child, Nikolas finds it hard to believe that his former lover would lie to him about something as important as this. Meanwhile, Katherine secretly consults with a specialist about the best time to implant the eggs he's already fertilized with the father's 'sample'. As Edward and Gertrude plot together, Alexis explains to Ned why she doesn't want her in-laws to know that Jax is 'cheating' on her.

  • S36E168 08.25.99 - Wednesday

    • August 25, 1999

    Monica and Alan tell their delighted daughter that since she's proven she can be trusted they have decided to permit her to see Juan. Meanwhile, Tony assures Juan that the doctors Quartermaine won't seem nearly as fearsome once he gets to know them better. Hannah advises Sonny to divulge to Lily's troubled son the story of how his mother really died. Felicia explains to Jason why she's so concerned about Luke's safety now that Faison has returned from the dead. Juan promises Emily he'll come up with a way to permanently remain in Port Charles. Appalled by her husband's behavior during a confrontation with Jason, Felicia again urges Mac not to let Faison's head games get the best of him.

  • S36E169 08.26.99 - Thursday

    • August 26, 1999

    Sonny and Hannah return to Port Charles following their relaxing sojourn on the island. watching Emily slow dancing with Juan, Elizabeth feels overwhelmed by loneliness and grief as she thinks about Lucky. Bobbie urges Felicia to fill Mac in on how Luke might unwittingly be working for the very man who murdered his best friend. Sonny apologizes to Juan for losing his temper the other day, then offers to tell the boy all about his mother and answer any questions he might have. A.J. accuses Jason of staging the work slowdown which has wreaked havoc with ELQ's docks project. Desperate to see Letitia again, an overwrought Reginald reads his exasperated employers the riot act.

  • S36E170 08.27.99 - Friday

    • August 27, 1999


  • S36E171 08.30.99 - Monday

    • August 30, 1999

    Juan brings Emily up to his room above Kelly's for the first time. At Jake's, a grieving Elizabeth explains to Jason how she can't seem to accept the fact that Lucky is really gone forever. Though Hannah assures Sonny she wasn't looking for any particular response when she declared her love, he repeats his invitation for her to move into the penthouse. Devastated by her viewing of the video from the gate house, Alexis bitterly suggests to Jax that Ned and Chloe's marriage is perhaps not as bogus as they imagined. Emily fills Juan in on how the Quartermaines adopted her after her mother succumbed to breast cancer. Jason gives Elizabeth a ride on his motorcycle to help her clear her mind.

  • S36E172 08.31.99 - Tuesday

    • August 31, 1999

    Awakening to the morning light, Emily is horrified to realize that she fell asleep and inadvertently spent the entire night in Juan's room. Reginald's snappishness continues to irritate Edward but Lila refuses to allow her husband to fire their love-sick butler. Tormented by what she saw on the videotape, Alexis fears she's lost the man she loves. An unwitting Jane accidentally exacerbates the problem by noting to her gloomy daughter-in-law how Ned's eyes shine every time Chloe hoves into view. Meanwhile, John nearly catches Jax and Chloe in a compromising moment. Monica finds Emily sneaking out of her boyfriends room and furiously informs her daughter that she will never see Juan again.

  • S36E173 09.01.99 - Wednesday

    • September 1, 1999

    Reginald is rocked when A.J. and Carly return from their Hawaiin honeymoon without Letitia. Jason delivers a message to Juan as a favor for Emily. When the boy wonders aloud why he stays so loyal to a man like Sonny, Jason only glares at him in response before stalking out of Kelly's Appalled to learn that Letitia was called to Florida to care for her ailing mother, Reginald perks up considerably when he reads the letter she left for him with Carly. Faison pays another furtive call on Helena and pulls from his pocket the antidote he stole from the clinic in Switzerland. Elizabeth plays dumb when Stefan asks her if she knows what~s been troubling his son in recent weeks.

  • S36E174 09.02.99 - Thursday

    • September 2, 1999

    Benny tells Jason it's obvious that Sonny's new main squeeze is interfering with his focus. Meanwhile, Hannah is rattled by a reminder from her past. Jax agrees to cover for his wife while she slips away for a romantic interlude with Ned. Across town, Chloe teases her husband about his exotic plans for the upcoming weekend with Alexis. Miffed by Sonny's callous attitude, Carly reminds him how she came to his rescue when he was in the grip of one of his severe bouts of depression. Later, Sonny bristles to hear Carly badmouthing Hannah yet again. Though Jason denies it, Benny remains certain that he is running the operation because Sonny can no longer handle the pressure.

  • S36E175 09.03.99 - Friday

    • September 3, 1999

    Carly warns Jason that Hannah is playing his best friend for a fool by cheating on Sonny with her old flame. Meanwhile, Hannah and Sonny make love after she tells him about her latest run-in with her former boyfriend. Bobbie and Jerry's good intentions disrupt Ned and Alexis' plan to escape for a romantic getaway. As Katherine pays another visit on Helena, Stefan orders his former fiancee to stop harassing Nikolas. Later, Faison slips back into Windemere via the secret tunnels and offers Helena the chance to repay her son for his treachery. Jason advises Carly never to get between Sonny and any woman he loves.

  • S36E176 09.06.99 - Monday

    • September 6, 1999

  • S36E177 09.07.99 - Tuesday

    • September 7, 1999

  • S36E178 09.08.99 - Wednesday

    • September 8, 1999

    Luke hurries back to Port Charles after hearing of his sister's accident. When Bobbie asks about Jerry, Luke reluctantly informs her that her boyfriend is in serious condition. Meanwhile, in the ICU, Monica explains to Jax and Alexis why there may be cause for some major concern if Jerry doesn't regain consciousness soon. Bobbie tearfully confides to Luke why she blames herself for the crash. At Windemere, Helena hides from Stefan the fact that she has regained some movement. Felicia warns a stunned Luke that the man he knows as 'Heir Kregg' is actually the infamous Cesar Faison. Stefan takes another stab at getting Nikolas to open up about whatever has been troubling him.

  • S36E179 09.09.99 - Thursday

    • September 9, 1999

    Mike visits the jail to check on his son, who declares that the feds have nothing they can hold over him. Luke confronts Faison down on the waterfront and icily informs 'Heir Kregg' he now knows his true identity. At Kelly's, Jason tries to put Hannah's mind at ease about Sonny's ability to handle incarceration. Jax breathes a sigh of relief to see his brother regain consciousness. When Mike wonders how he's holding up, Sonny assures his father that he hasn't suffered any attacks of claustrophobia so far. Jerry teases a flustered Jax about seeing him kiss Ned's wife through the window of the ICU. Elizabeth cautions Nikolas that his good intentions towards his unborn child could easily be twisted by Katherine's natural vindictiveness.

  • S36E180 09.10.99 - Friday

    • September 10, 1999

    Though Bobbie warns her brother that Faison is lethal, Luke reminds her he can be just as deadly when provoked. Carly tells Jason that Hannah is packing heat. Meanwhile, Hannah visits the jail again and chafes at the sight of Sonny in irons. Trying to cheer up her incarcerated lover, Hannah tells Sonny how she'll book them into a luxury spa for a whole week just as soon as he's released. Alexis arrives and informs her client that the feds' case is strong enough to keep him locked up for several more days at the very least. Carly explains to Jason how she found a gun in Hannah's underwear drawer. Chiding her for snooping, Jason urges Carly to drop her crusade against Hannah before she causes irreparable harm. Hannah is revealed to be an FBI agent working undercover to bring Sonny down.

  • S36E181 09.13.99 - Monday

    • September 13, 1999

    Just seconds after accepting Jerry's marriage proposal, Bobbie is horrified to see her beloved suddenly suffer a massive seizure. Noting Alexis' dismay at the instant rapport Chloe has established with Brook Lynn, Jax reminds his 'wife' that Ned's little girl will soon learn to love her, too. Faison warns Luke that he'll live to regret it if he doesn't cough up the diamonds he stole. At the jail, Jason assures Sonny the feds won't find any RICO violations when they review the company's books. Meanwhile, Hannah's superiors at the FBI question whether she may have lost her objectivity where Sonny is concerned. Jason hesitantly relays Carly's warning to Sonny, who scoffs at the idea of his girlfriend carrying a gun.

  • S36E182 09.14.99 - Tuesday

    • September 14, 1999

    Under the guise of conducting ELQ business, Chloe returns to GH to lend Jax her moral support. With his adoptive father slated to return and escort him back to Puerto Rico the next day, Juan asks Ned to show him the music video Miguel made for L&B several years ago. Bobbie sits vigil beside Jerry's hospital bed, squeezing his hand and urging the man she loves to come back to her. Sonny thanks Hannah for coming to his initial court appearance and reminds his seemingly distraught lover that although he was denied bail this time around he can't be kept confined for too much longer. Ned assures Juan that his birth father loved Lily very much, then offers to help the boy contact Miguel whenever he's comfortable with the prospect of meeting his dad.

  • S36E183 09.15.99 - Wednesday

    • September 15, 1999

    Emily returns from camp and is excited to learn that Brook Lynn will be in residence at the gatehouse for several weeks. Her happiness fades, however, when Ned reveals that Juan has already left for Puerto Rico. Elizabeth tries to coax Nikolas out to see a movie but he explains that Katherine is on her way over for a visit. Meanwhile, Katherine begins searching for a surrogate mother to carry a child for her and Nikolas. A grateful Jax thanks Bobbie for giving his brother a reason to return to the land of the living. Nikolas promises Katherine he will always be a large part of his child's life. Ned tells Chloe how much he appreciates everything she's done for his young daughter.

  • S36E184 09.16.99 - Thursday

    • September 16, 1999

    A.J. brags to Carly about his latest coup at ELQ. Enraged to learn that the IRS is auditing his club, Luke orders Jason to come clean about Sonny's latest problems with the feds. At Kelly's, a beaming Bobbie breaks her happy news to Felicia. Alexis asks Stefan if he's using her brother-in-law to take revenge on her. Luke urges Jason to cut Sonny loose before he gets dragged down with his boss and winds up spending the next twenty years behind bars. Though Jason refuses to turn his back on his best friend, Luke reminds the young man that Sonny would never want him to make such a sacrifice. Later, Luke's day hits rock bottom when Faison pays another call.

  • S36E185 09.17.99 - Friday

    • September 17, 1999

    Bestowing a kiss, Jax thanks Chloe for all the help she gave him during his brother's medical crisis. Nikolas informs his dismayed father that he's decided to ask Katherine to marry him. At the jail, Mac cautions Sonny that he may never again see the light of day if he doesn't cooperate. Carly and Hannah face off once more on the subject of Sonny. As Helena listens in, Stefan pleads with Nikolas not to let Katherine's emotional blackmail pressure him into what will surely be a grave mistake. Carly quietly tells Jason she's prepared to lie under oath to protect him from prosecution. Meanwhile, Alexis warns her client that the feds seem poised to spring a surprise witness at his bail hearing.

  • S36E186 09.20.99 - Monday

    • September 20, 1999

    Reminding Katherine that marriage would still be the best way to give their child the love and stability it will need. Sonny and Hannah return to the penthouse to find that the feds have turned the place upside down. Meanwhile, Carly unearths Hannah's hidden strongbox and begins prying open the lock. A.J. confides to Alan how happy Carly has made him since their idyllic Hawiian honeymoon. When Alan ruminates about the mistakes he and Monica made early on in their long and tumultuous relationship, A.J. vows to keep his marriage his first priority no matter what. An unwitting Sonny gripes to Hannah about the FBI using illegal and underhanded tactics to strong-arm him.

  • S36E187 09.21.99 - Tuesday

    • September 21, 1999

    An angry an obsessed Mac screams at Taggart for losing his lead on Faison and then orders Dara to get a stronger case on Corinthos so that Sonny can help nail Faison for him. Felicia interrupts and tells Mac that by acting this way he is letting Faison win. Felicia announces that she must go out of town to Chicago to get more research on Lila's memoirs and then makes plans with Luke to go to Mexico to bring back the diamonds that Faison wants. Emily and Reginald wallow in their self-pitty about their absent lovers. Monica answers a silent phone call, on the other end it's Juan hoping that Emily would have answered.

  • S36E188 09.22.99 - Wednesday

    • September 22, 1999

    Helena's trick works like a charm on Laura, who comes running back to Port Charles for an urgent chat with her son. After entreating Nikolas not to fall for his former lover's manipulations, Laura is appalled to learn that he's asked Katherine to marry him. Meanwhile, still unaware that Helena has made a complete recovery, Katherine crows to her 'mentor' about how she plans to fake a miscarriage after wedding Nikolas. Mike confides to Jason why Sonny resents him for saving his life on the night Lily died. Carly again warns her mother that Hannah is up to no good but Bobbie turns a deaf ear to the same old song. Jax assures a worried Chloe that his preoccupation is simply a delayed reaction to his brother's health crisis.

  • S36E189 09.23.99 - Thursday

    • September 23, 1999

    Alexis comes to Sonny for help uncovering the truth about Jerry's possible money laundering scheme. with some assistance from Elizabeth, Emily concocts a plan to fly off to Puerto Rico to rendezvous with Juan. Meanwhile, Juan slips away from his father and heads back to Port Charles. Startled to see Juan stroll into Kelly's, Elizabeth explains the situation to him and hastily attempts to contact Emily before she boards her flight. Enraged to find Faison loitering in the park next to Laura and Lesley Lu's picnic site, Luke warns the man never to go near his daughter again. Jerry signs himself out of the hospital ahead of schedule, then tells his bride-to-be he simply couldn't wait to get their official engagement underway.

  • S36E190 09.24.99 - Friday

    • September 24, 1999

    Emily sneaks Juan into the mansion, where Reginald helps the boy elude Alan's prying eyes. Jason notes with growing alarm sonny's recklessly casual manner where Hannah is concerned. Happy to help sundered hearts reunite, Reginald delights Emily by offering to hide Juan in one of the mansion's many unused rooms. Claiming she's unable to handle the pressure of FBI scrutiny, Hannah tells Sonny she can't live with him any more. Elizabeth and Laura compare notes on the messy situation involving Nikolas and the alleged mother of his child. Pretending that she's thought long and hard about her 'difficult' decision, Katherine informs Nikolas she will accept his marriage proposal after all.

  • S36E191 09.27.99 - Monday

    • September 27, 1999

    Nikolas brings an appalled Stefan the news that Katherine has accepted his marriage proposal. Meanwhile, Laura demands that Katherine produce proof that she is in fact pregnant and that Nikolas is the child's father. Hannah reports to her fellow FBI agent that she's just been dumped by the subject of her undercover investigation. At the penthouse, Sonny and Jason clash during a visit from Carly. As his uninvited guest bursts into tears, Sonny furiously informs Jason that Carly is to blame for Hannah leaving him. Edward breathes a sigh of relief and Reginald walks on air when Letitia assures the Quartermaines she's home to stay. Though Stefan urges his son to remember that Katherine cannot be trusted, Nikolas threatens to keep his child away from its grandparents if they continue to badmouth the baby's mother.

  • S36E192 09.28.99 - Tuesday

    • September 28, 1999

    Mike drops by the penthouse to check on Sonny and finds him in a foul mood yet again. Elizabeth confides to Jason how nervous she is about starting classes at PCU. As Jax continues to dig into his brother's offshore accounts, Alexis hesitantly reveals how she asked Sonny to look into Jerry's recent business dealings. Though Jax is annoyed to learn that his old enemy is back in the mix, Alexis reminds her husband why it's in Sonny's best interest to help her out. Sonny explains to his astonished father how he and Jason nearly came to blows over Carly. In Mexico, Luke instructs Felicia to sit tight while he retrieves the diamonds from his safe deposit box.

  • S36E193 09.29.99 - Wednesday

    • September 29, 1999

    With their trial set for one week hence, Felicia tells Luke they're going to have to bite the bullet and call Mac for help. Back in Port Charles, Mac again criticizes Taggert's handling of the Faison case and reassigns his exasperated lieutenant to search for a runaway instead. Monica and Alan congratulate themselves on successfully convincing their daughter to forget all about Juan. Meanwhile, Reginald and Letitia continue to help Emily keep Juan safely hidden in the bowels of the Quartermain mansion. Chloe fills Jax's penthouse with dozens of flowers, then brings over a picnic basket brimming full of her friend~s favorite foods. Dara advises Mac to get a hold of his temper before he ruins any chance he has of collaring Faison.

  • S36E194 09.30.99 - Thursday

    • September 30, 1999

    As an excited Bobbie begins making wedding plans, Carly traipses in and informs her mother she cannot marry Jerry Jax. Felicia's sharpshooting skill saves Luke from a rattlesnake as they wait in the desert for their contact to arrive. Katherine hints to Nikolas that she and the baby couldn't possibly live in his dreary little cottage unless it was totally refurbished and redecorated. Meanwhile, Laura urges Elizabeth never to let Katherine's machinations ruin her wonderful friendship with Nikolas. Carly complains to Bobbie about being forced to live like the bird in the gilded cage, then warns her mom not to make the same mistake she did in marrying one man when she still loved another.

  • S36E195 10.01.99 - Friday

    • October 1, 1999

    After Alan and Monica ground their daughter yet again, Juan contemplates turning himself in. A gloomy Jax reports to Alexis that the unexplained two million in his brother's account has suddenly vanished without a trace. Meanwhile, Jason tells Sonny he saw Moreno's henchman making a deposit at Jerry's bank. worried that Sorel will come after his kid sister, Jason urges Sonny to move fast and strike first. Holding a gun on Felicia, Faison orders Luke to hand over the diamonds he stole. Though Luke claims the jewels are still safely ensconced in a Swiss bank, Faison easily sees through his flimsy story and forces him to open his saddlebags. Jax explains to Alexis why he owes Jerry every possible chance to clear his name.

  • S36E196 10.04.99 - Monday

    • October 4, 1999

    Roy boards a flight to Port Charles following his parole from prison. Sonny bristles when Benny balks at discussing business in front of Hannah. Jason reports to Alexis and an angry Jax how Jerry has resumed laundering money for the mob. Frightened to discover that Sorel is back in town, Emily decides to call in her brother for help. when Chloe finds her talking with Juan in the Quartermaines sitting room, Emily begs her cousin not to breathe a word to anyone else in the family. Jason shows Alexis bank records proving that Jerry has been working with Moreno all along. Meanwhile, blissfully unaware that trouble is brewing on two different fronts, Bobbie and Jerry daydream about their future as a happily married couple.

  • S36E197 10.05.99 - Tuesday

    • October 5, 1999

    Luke hunts for the ideal place to stash his stolen diamonds. Away from Stefan's prying eyes, Helena warmly welcomes her loyal young 'aide' and gives An additional instructions for carrying out their plan. Katherine goes over the guest list with Nikolas and is annoyed to learn that her groom has already invited Elizabeth to their wedding. Sonny tells Hannah his lawyer is filing a motion to have all the charges against him dismissed. Concerned that Juan may not realize how important it is to stay out of sight, Jason asks Sonny for help convincing the boy to lay low. Meanwhile, Emily begs Juan to listen to reason and remain hidden in her family's house.

  • S36E198 10.06.99 - Wednesday

    • October 6, 1999

    Bobbie sadly tells Jason that this would have been B.J.'s 13th birthday. For Nikolas' benefit, Katherine plasters a smile on her face and sweetly informs Elizabeth that she'd like them to make a fresh start. Mac happily welcomes Felicia home and inquires about the results of her fact-finding trip to Chicago. Claiming she didn't unearth much information in the windy City, Felicia asks where her husband has been and is rattled to learn that Mac trailed Faison down to Texas. Felicia's heart sinks even further when Faison himself strolls into the commissioner's office and leers at her as he reports that he's been the victim of a robbery. Jason grimaces when Bobbie reveals that she's accepted Jerry's marriage proposal.

  • S36E199 10.07.99 - Thursday

    • October 7, 1999

    Though Luke entreats his sister to reconsider her matrimonial plans, Bobbie stubbornly insists that she loves Jerry and can't wait to become his wife. Nikolas admits to Stefan he has no enthusiasm for the idea of wedding Katherine but feels obligated to provide a stable, two-parent home for his child. Meanwhile, armed with proof that her would-be daughter- in-law is unable to conceive, Laura ponders how best to use her bombshell. Luke has a private tete-a-tete with Jerry and demands to know why the Aussie should be trusted to care for Bobbie for the rest of her days. Though Jerry swears he would never screw up his future with the woman he loves by getting nabbed by the Feds, Luke worries that the con man will inevitably return to his old life the first chance he gets.

  • S36E200 10.08.99 - Friday

    • October 8, 1999

    As Katherine's wedding day dawns, the bride-to-be gloats to Stefan about his pathetic inability to halt the proceedings. Meanwhile, Helena vows to see to it that Nikolas nuptials never come to pass. Gazing out at Spoon Island, Roy tells Jake how much the waterfront has been built up since the last time he was in Port Charles. Fearful that he'll lose his brother for good once he's confronted him with the truth, Jax admits to Chloe how much he's dreading the conversation he and Jerry are about to have. Carly trails Hannah around town in hopes of catching her in another lie. Jason shows Sonny the diamonds he found behind a pile of broken palettes in the coffee warehouse.

  • S36E201 10.11.99 - Monday

    • October 11, 1999

    Carly approaches Hannah's 'boyfriend' and recommends that he divulge some details about his real reason for coming to Port Charles. Hannah congratulates Sonny on being a free man, then urges him to take full advantage of the clean slate he's been given. Jax asks Jerry straight out if he's been laundering money for the mob again. Roy lingers outside of Kelly's, gazing at Bobbie through the window. Stefan leans over Katherine but is unable to find a pulse. As Laura arrives on the scene, Stefan instructs his trembling housekeeper not to tell the police about the blonde person she saw standing behind Katherine just before the bride fell to her death.

  • S36E202 10.12.99 - Tuesday

    • October 12, 1999

    A disappointed Jax reports to Alexis how Jerry looked him straight in the eye and lied through his teeth. As Ned returns to Port Charles, Chloe informs her pseudo-husband that she would like a divorce. Luke catches Faison trying to crack his safe in the back room of the blues club. With voice choked with emotion, Nikolas tells Marcus he didn't witness Katherine's fall from the parapet. Meanwhile, Stefan confides to an astonished Laura that he pushed their would-be daughter-in-law to her death. Listening from her hiding place, Alexis cackles to think that her son would confess to a crime he didn't commit just to prevent Laura from falling under suspicion.

  • S36E203 10.13.99 - Wednesday

    • October 13, 1999

    As the news about the eerily familiar circumstances of Katherine's death spreads through Port Charles, several likely suspects begin tuning up their alibis. Marcus reminds Jason that his kid sister could be the next victim of violence if she tries to help Juan evade his father. Meanwhile, Emily continues sneaking food up to her room to keep Juan's hunger pangs at bay. After witnessing another quarrel between Monica and her daughter, Juan tells Emily it's too risky for him to stay in the Quartermaine mansion any longer. Sensing that Elizabeth knows more than she's telling, Marcus asks the girl to try persuading Juan to turn himself in. Felicia is rattled to learn that Luke and her husband had a little chat about Faison.

  • S36E204 10.14.99 - Thursday

    • October 14, 1999

    Overruling Emily's protests, Marcus tells Juan he has no choice but to take him down to Juvenile Hall. Luke confides to an astonished Felicia that he stashed the diamonds on Helena's yacht. Laura urges Stefan to let her provide him with an alibi. Jason takes a shaken Carly back to his place following the mugging. Elizabeth hesitantly suggests to Nikolas that Katherine could well have been lying about her alleged pregnancy. Angered, nikolas reminds her that his fiancee and his child were murdered because of the lies his own family kept alive for years. Marcus offers to let Emily and Juan turn themselves in to avoid the embarrassment of getting hauled in by a cop.

  • S36E205 10.15.99 - Friday

    • October 15, 1999

    After Jason concedes that Hannah does seem to be hiding something, Carly shows him the evidence she collected in San Diego. Meanwhile, Sonny grows even more infatuated with his new love. Roy decides to apply for a job at the coffee warehouse. Tony offers to watch Lucas while Bobbie is on her honeymoon and is grateful when his ex readily consents. Emily persuades Ned to give Juan a job so he can prove to his father that he's mature enough to stay in Port Charles. Speculating that her husband might be able to pull some strings on Jerry's behalf, Chloe urges a fretful Jax to fill Ned in on his brother's problem. out of Jax's earshot, however, Chloe admits to Alexis how incensed she is that Jerry continually causes his noble brother such pain.

  • S36E206 10.18.99 - Monday

    • October 18, 1999

  • S36E207 10.19.99 - Tuesday

    • October 19, 1999

    Roy surreptitiously watches Luke as he makes his morning rounds. Lila puts her seal of approval on Felicia's manuscript after reading through the finished memoirs. Laura tells Stefan that Mac has summoned her down to the station house for another round of questioning. Sonny spends the night in Hannah's room above Kelly's. Meanwhile, as they discuss how to deal with Hannah's apparent duplicity, Jason cautions Carly to remember that some people are much more dangerous when cornered. Luke listens uneasily as Tony points to Mac and Felicia's marriage as the perfect example of a union which will last until the end of time. Stefan and a nervous Laura work on getting their stories straight to protect their son from the police commissioner suspicions.

  • S36E208 10.20.99 - Wednesday

    • October 20, 1999

  • S36E209 10.21.99 - Thursday

    • October 21, 1999

    Bobbie cautions Jason that Carly's 'delusions' about Hannah are just a transparent ploy for getting his attention. Sonny reminds Hannah that they can't dine with Mike because they're heading to the opera. Meanwhile, Carly tries frantically to replace the two box seats she gave to Hannah before A.J. learns that their tickets are gone. Hannah persuades Sonny to forego 'Carmen' so they can accept his father's dinner invitation. Monica and Alan both turn Juan's request down when he appeals to them to accept his father's condition for staying behind in Port Charles. Undeterred, Juan tells the astonished doctors Quartermaine how Detective Taggert has volunteered to be his personal mentor.

  • S36E210 10.22.99 - Friday

    • October 22, 1999

    At the coffee warehouse, Roy makes an excuse to avoid taking a delivery over to Luke's club. Meanwhile, Luke grumbles as Bobbie measures him for a new tux to wear to her wedding. Elizabeth's face falls when Jason has virtually no reaction to her newest abstract painting. claiming that he wants to make peace, Faison continues to trail Felicia around town. Jax and Chloe enjoy a private party in the penthouse. Jason explains to Elizabeth how he's been unable to comprehend maps or drawings ever since the accident which transformed him from a Quartermaine into a Morgan. Felicia complains to Luke that Faison has begun stalking her again. Sonny teases an uneasy Jason about keeping secrets from him.

  • S36E211 10.25.99 - Monday

    • October 25, 1999

    A gloomy Nikolas tells Elizabeth his father only confessed because he believes Laura killed Katherine. Stunned to find his brother with Chloe, Jerry accuses Jax of cheating on his wife. Jason explains to an appalled Carly that Hannah's gun was so difficult to trace because it belongs to the FBI. Bobbie slaps Roy, then dissolves into tears and embraces her long-lost first love. As his tale unfolds, Roy explains to Bobbie why he was unable to contact her twenty years ago when fate first stepped in to part them. After Chloe leaves, Jax goes on the defensive with his irate brother. During a romantic evening out on the town, Sonny presents Hannah with her own key to the penthouse.

  • S36E212 10.26.99 - Tuesday

    • October 26, 1999

    A suspicious A.J. grills Carly about her evening when she finally returns to the mansion. Roy drops into the blues club to pay a call on an old friend but decides to split when Claude explains that his boss is away. Hannah makes an excuse to avoid going home with Sonny following their night out on the town. Luke reports to Felicia that Faison probably won't be bothering her again. Worried that Faison is using her to get at both Mac and Luke, Felicia urges her friend not to take any more chances with their mutual enemy. Carly reminds her husband that he needs to be less dictatorial and more supportive if he expects their marriage to work. Hannah has a twinge of guilty conscience when Tammy cautions her not to do anything to break Sonny's tender heart.

  • S36E213 10.27.99 - Wednesday

    • October 27, 1999

  • S36E214 10.28.99 - Thursday

    • October 28, 1999

    Hannah's contact warns her that unless she puts Sonny behind bars post haste her career as an FBI agent will be over. Meanwhile, Carly insists on going along when Jason decides to dig up more information on the fed who has been hanging around Eannah. Waiting for his girlfriend at Kelly's, Sonny admits to a pleased Mike how happy Hannah has made him. Surprised to learn that Roy has taken a job at the coffee warehouse, Luke and Bobbie advise him to let his new boss know about his connection to the Spencers--and to Frank Smith. Helena gleefully eavesdrops as Stefan cautions Laura not to make comments about the late, unlamented Katherine which could be misinterpreted by Mac or any of his police cohorts.

  • S36E215 10.29.99 - Friday

    • October 29, 1999

  • S36E216 11.01.99 - Monday

    • November 1, 1999

    Ned pushes Jax into hiding and jumps onto the bed with Chloe just as Gertrude throws open the door. As Faison returns to the blues club for another round of verbal sparring with Luke, Felicia takes credit for knocking him over the head with the lead pipe. Carly consoles Jason as he relates how he had to break some devastating news to Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny masks his inner feelings in front of Hannah as she lets herself into the penthouse with her new key. Audrey throws a surprise 18th birthday party for Elizabeth at Kelly's. Gertrude warns her niece and Ned she isn't fooled by their sham marriage no matter how many swithceroos they pull. Luke listens in dismay as Felicia continues to taunt Faison about how she and her partner bested him.

  • S36E217 11.02.99 - Tuesday

    • November 2, 1999

    Stefan tells Laura he'll need concrete proof that his mother killed Katherine before he recants his confession. Meanwhile, Helena rubs her hands in glee as she anticipates a happy ending to her devious little scheme. Mike asks Tammy if she'd like to go out with him sometime. Sonny assures Jason he's coping with Hannah's betrayal the best way he knows how. Kicking himself for walking right into the FBI's trap, Sonny instructs Jason to return the tape he stole from Larkin's apartment. A.J. insists that his wife help him close an important deal over lunch with one of ELQ's wealthiest clients. At Kelly's, Hannah triumphantly informs a startled Carly that she's moving with Sonny that very day.

  • S36E218 11.03.99 - Wednesday

    • November 3, 1999

    During another secret visit to Helena's room, Faison warns her that she'll regret playing mind games with him. Rattled when Roy pops up at Kelly's, Bobbie explains how she needs a little more time to adjust to the tact that he's alive and well and back in Port Charles. Sonny makes an excuse to avoid going to bed with Hannah on her first night as an official resident of the penthouse. Meanwhile, Carly warns Jason that their mutual friend will crack under the strain if he tries to fool Hannah for too long. At Windemere, Laura and Stefan inform their skeptical son that Helena is faking her paralysis to avoid being pegged as Katherine's killer. On the last day of their vacation at the spa, Chloe, Alexis, Ned and Jax discuss the possibility of their plan coming unraveled.

  • S36E219 11.04.99 - Thursday

    • November 4, 1999

    During another secret visit to Helena's room, Faison warns her that she'll regret playing mind games with him. Rattled when Roy pops up at Kelly's, Bobbie explains how she needs a little more time to adjust to the tact that he's alive and well and back in Port Charles. Sonny makes an excuse to avoid going to bed with Hannah on her first night as an official resident of the penthouse. Meanwhile, Carly warns Jason that their mutual friend will crack under the strain if he tries to fool Hannah for too long. At Windemere, Laura and Stefan inform their skeptical son that Helena is faking her paralysis to avoid being pegged as Katherine's killer. On the last day of their vacation at the spa, Chloe, Alexis, Ned and Jax discuss the possibility of their plan coming unraveled.

  • S36E220 11.05.99 - Friday

    • November 5, 1999

    Stefan tried to get Helena to flinch by burning her fingers with a candle.Laura confided to him that she thought Helena might really be paralyzed. The fab four prepared to leave the spa and Jax informed Alexis and Ned that he had found a listening device in their room.He smashed it to smithereens. After everyone else had left, Jax was alone in the room when Chloe showed up dressed as a maid. They bantered around with maid innuendos, then Jerry banged on the door. Chloe ran to hide and Jerry stormed in, telling Jax that he was worried Bobbie might be getting cold feet. Jax reassured Jerry that he was sure Bobbie cared for him. Mac called both Bobbie and Roy in and basically hassled them. He thought he was going to drop this big bomb on Bobbie about Roy being alive and was surprised that she already knew. Roy went to see Luke to get the story on Mac before going for his command performance.When Roy arrived at the police station, Bobbie was still defending him to Mac. Roy took over the bo

  • S36E221 11.08.99 - Monday

    • November 8, 1999

    A jealous A.J. confronts Carly after finding her on the docks with his brother. Hannah awakens gasping from a nightmare and finds Sonny leaning over her. Bobbie introduces Roy to Jerry as her brother's former business partner. Jason icily informs A.J. he's going to see Carly whenever and wherever he pleases. On the island, Jax and Chloe seem unable to keep their hands off one another despite their earlier pledge not to fall prey to temptation. Feigning concern for his rattled roommate, Sonny encourages Hannah to believe that he would never doubt her love. Felicia resumes work on Lila's memoirs and tells a disappointed Luke she intends to keep the solemn promise she made to her husband and her children.

  • S36E222 11.09.99 - Tuesday

    • November 9, 1999

    Roy went to the blues club to see a hung over Luke and reminded him that he had offered to make him a partner.Bobbie did the books for Kelly's so they would be finished when she went on her honeymoon in two weeks. Liz told her she needed to work extra hours to pay for her half of an artist studio that her grandmother was helping her to rent.Stefan showed Laura the report that showed that the hairs found in the passageway were synthetic. Laura asked him why he had not told Mac yet and he said that he couldn't prove from where he'd gotten the hairs and knew Mac would think it was a set up.Jax intercepted Alexis on the docks and asked if she was going to Wyndemere. She said that since she was defending Stefan, face to face meetings with clients were kind of expected. He let her know he was not in favor of her attempting to gain control of the Cassadine fortune.Chloe and Ned met with Emily and Juan to get him ready for his first day of work at L&B. Later, Juan told Emily he thought he woul

  • S36E223 11.10.99 - Wednesday

    • November 10, 1999

    Jax meets Alexis on the docks and he tells her that he's rented a room at an inn on the outskirts of town.Tony comes to check out Helena and tells Stefan and Laura that he sees no change. In the hall outside her room he tells them that Ari is still alive and Helena sits up in bed.Monica has is out with Carly and tells her she knows she only married A.J. for his money. Nikolas asking Liz to set a date for the birthday dinner. She looks uncomfortable and asks if Emily and Juan are going to come along. Strangely, Emily and Juan show up on the dock at that very moment (everyone is on the dock these days, you'd think they'd have more than 4 sets). Juan suggests that they close Kelly's and have a private dinner with dancing and fun. Liz looks sad and Nik is angry. Juan feels bad when he finds out that they did that just before Lucky died.

  • S36E224 11.11.99 - Thursday

    • November 11, 1999

    Jax took Chloe to a clinic when her allergic reaction to the bear skin rug caused her to break out in hives.After he started bad-mouthing her, Jason reminded Sonny that it was Hannah, not Carly who had betrayed him.Larkin followed Hanna from the meeting where she told her superiors about Sonny's shipment.She cut him off and sent him home once they were on the docks saying she didn't want Carly to see them together.Tony found Laura and told her that he needed to speak with her privately. He told her that the toxicology reports revealed some changes that indicate that she was poisoned and that he was certain Stefan had done it.Felicia burst into Luke's office looking for him and started yammering to the back of his chair. The chair turned and Faison was in it smoking.Emily and Elizabeth talked about Lucky and how much they missed him. Em asked Liz if it bothered her to see her and Juan being affectionate and offered to stop if she wanted. She declined the offer, saying they couldn't stop

  • S36E225 11.12.99 - Friday

    • November 12, 1999

    At Jax's, Alexis is packing for a trip as Jax arrives. He asks what she is doing and she tells Jax that they are going to Greece. She found her father's will, the original, and the attorney insisted that she read it in person.On the docks, Helena runs into Mac who comments, somewhat sarcastically, on how well she is looking.At Kelly's, Liz gives Roy his order and than leaves to clean another table.Outside of Kelly's, Jason and Sonny are at a table discussing Hannah. Sonny tells Jason that he woke up in the middle of the night thinking that maybe Hannah is really trying to protect him.Hannah is on the phone trying to track Sonny down.She hangs up the phone just as her cell phone starts to ring. Hannah is furious when she hears Larkin's voice.At Jax's, Stefan informs Alexis that Helena has recovered. He has sent her away from Wyndemere and informed Mac.Helena feigns confusion at Mac's announcement that she is a suspect. She thought that Stefan had already confessed.Stefan comes across He

  • S36E226 11.15.99 - Monday

    • November 15, 1999

    Sonny plays dumb when Hannah pleads with him not to set foot out of the penthouse for the rest of the night. Meanwhile, on the pier, Carly and Jason watch the swarming FBI agents swoop down and round up Moreno's men. Afterwards, Jason thanks Carly for saving him and his best friend from a long stretch in a federal penitentiary. Elizabeth and Nikolas spend an evening out at the coffeehouse. Though Jax balks at putting her in the line of fire, Chloe stubbornly insists on impersonating Alexis when they arrive in Greece to claim the Cassadine inheritance. Lying in bed with her husband-to-be, Bobbie assures him she isn't having any second thoughts about their impending nuptials.

  • S36E227 11.16.99 - Tuesday

    • November 16, 1999

    Luke tells Felicia that Faison has gone underground yet again. One of Helena's goons accosts Jax and Chloe as they meet with the Cassadines' lawyer in Athens. Though the attorney is shot, Chloe and Jax manage to get away from the gunman with the box in tow. Bobbie is forced to concur when Jerry invites an uneasy Roy to their wedding. Felicia again considers coming clean with Mac but promises Luke she'll warn him first if her truth-telling will compromise him in any way. Later, Luke and Laura separately contemplate the end of their marriage when they realize that today would have been their anniversary. Stefan informs Nikolas that Helena has fully recovered and has moved to the top of the list of suspects in the murder of Katherine Bell.

  • S36E228 11.17.99 - Wednesday

    • November 17, 1999

    Elizabeth tells Emily how the kiss Nikolas planted on her has altered their once comfortable friendship. Racked up by two strong-arm goons, a suspicious Sorel corners Roy with questions about the raid on Moreno's operation. Jason and Sonny stage a dispute for Hannah's benefit. As Jax returns to Port Charles, Helena orders him to fork over the 'souvenirs' he picked up in Greece. Instead, Jax delivers into a grateful Alexis hands her father's last will and testament. Nikolas apologizes to Stefan and sheepishly admits that part of him is actually relieved that Katherine is out of his life for good. Roy tries to talk his way out of trouble but receives a bad beating anyway.

  • S36E229 11.18.99 - Thursday

    • November 18, 1999

    As they decorate the brownstone for the upcoming nuptials, Bobbie tells Felicia she thinks this marriage is the one she's finally going to get right. Stefan furiously accuses Alexis of forging the documents which states that he is not Nikolas father. Bobbie again reminds her skeptical brother that Roy is completely in her past because Jerry is her whole future. A.J. orders Carly to help him present a united front during an important business dinner that night. Troubled by Taggert's vicious verbal attack, Elizabeth assures Jason she knows he had nothing to do with Lucky's death. Alexis explains to her fuming brother how Helena tricked him into protecting Nikolas until he reached the age when he could assume control of the family.

  • S36E230 11.19.99 - Friday

    • November 19, 1999

    Roy delivers another piece of information to the FBI but admits he still hasn't unearthed the name of the person who's been laundering money for Moreno. Alexis is torn between her loyalty to Stefan and her desire for Nikolas to know the truth. When a giggling Bobbie insists on following the tradition of the bride remaining hidden from the groom until the ceremony begins, Jerry sends Lucas into his mother's room to deliver a special gift. Laura asks Luke for a divorce. Grateful when he assures her she can have anything she wants, Laura promises Luke he will always be a big part of Lulu's life. Helena returns to Spoon Island and crows to Stefan about how Nikolas will turn on him when he learns the facts about his parentage.

  • S36E231 11.22.99 - Monday

    • November 22, 1999

    An agitated Nikolas returns to Windemere and informs Laura that Stefan is not his father. Certain her son is being tricked by Helena, Laura is appalled when Stefan reluctantly confirms the tale. Sonny tells Jason he needs to keep stringing Hannah along until he's maneuvered her into getting Sorel and Moreno brought up on federal charges. As Luke and Jax both rise to protect the interruption of their sibling's wedding, Bobbie entreats Jerry to tell the agents they've made a terrible mistake. After Mac hurries a screaming Lucas upstairs, Jerry is handcuffed and led away. While Luke comforts his weeping sister, Alexis promises the groom's shaken parents she'll straighten everything out somehow.

  • S36E232 11.23.99 - Tuesday

    • November 23, 1999

    After hearing about Bobbie's disastrous marriage ceremony, Ned heads to the penthouse to volunteer his assistance to Jax. Meanwhile, at the brownstone, Roy offers the would-be bride his sympathy and helps her clean up the aftermath of the wedding that wasn't. An embittered Nikolas informs Elizabeth that the truth about his paternity has finally come out. Pleasantly surprised when Jason kisses her, Carly declares her love and begs him to let her come home at last. An angry Luke blasts Sonny for failing to warn him about Jerry's renewed mob ties. Overruling Jax's objections, Ned insists on making a large personal sacrifice to bail Jerry out of trouble yet again.

  • S36E233 11.24.99 - Wednesday

    • November 24, 1999

    Jax comes to visit Jerry in prison first thing in the morning. Jerry wants to know about Bobbie and Lucas. Jax replies that he spoke to Bobbie on the phone and that she still believes the arrest is all a big mistake.Bobbie explains to Carly that she went to Jerry's and found the honeymoon tickets and itinerary - they were going to Paris. Bobbie states that she still believes in Jerry's innocence, and suspects a competitor set him up.Felicia and Faison are in the white bedroom. Felicia insists that Luke and Mac will come looking for her.Mac, at police headquarters, tells a patrolman to remind him to call the mayor's office about the Baldwin case, and, if Felicia calls, to get a number where she can be reached.Jax arrives at Bobbie's, and they briefly discuss Jax' parents and Lucas.Later, Sonny and Jason are in the penthouse when flowers arrive from Mike. Sonny is telling Jason how much he dreads the whole Thanksgiving dinner thing with Hannah when Carly arrives to speak to Jason.Carly i

  • S36E234 11.25.99 - Thursday

    • November 25, 1999

    As the Quartermaine's worry that their turkey dinner will be ruined as usual, Edward claims to have taken great pains to make sure this year they won't be eating pizza. Lesley-Lu calls Luke to wish him a happy Thanksgiving and tells hime that she and Laura will be eating at the Cassadine Mansion later that day. Laura tries to remember where things went wrong between her and Luke. Luke receives 'Felicia's' message stating that she needs some time to think and will be out of town indefinetley. Juan and Emily stop by the penthouse to bring Sonny a gift.

  • S36E235 11.29.99 - Monday

    • November 29, 1999

    As Bobbie pays another visit to the jail, Jerry begs his fiancee to give him a second chance but she admits she doesn't know if she can. Meanwhile, Jax prepares to travel abroad to liquidate his European holdings while Alexis plea bargains with the FBI. Hannah complains to Sonny about seeing so little of him since they moved in together. Roy advises Luke to stop meddling in his sister's affairs and let Bobbie make her own decisions about her love life. At Windemere, Helena gloats to her son about the devious trick she pulled on him more than twenty years ago. Elizabeth thanks Jason for inspiring her to finish her portrait of Lucky. Jax encourages his grateful brother not to give up hope because he's working on a way to get him off the hook with the feds.

  • S36E236 11.30.99 - Tuesday

    • November 30, 1999

    Faison rattles Felicia with his statement that the first woman he ever loved was also the first one he ever killed. Enraged when Carly announces that she and her son are leaving the mansion and never coming back, A.J. informs his wife she's free to depart but Michael isn't going anywhere. Marcus cautions Hannah that Moreno is ten times more dangerous than Sonny on his worst day. Meanwhile, Sonny asks Jason to fill in for him at a scheduled meeting with Moreno on Pier 52 because he intends to give Hannah the boot that very night. A worried Luke and Mac finally compare notes and realize that Felicia may have fallen into Faison's clutches. A.J. taunts Carly, warning her that his brother will show her the door the second he discovers she no longer has custody of Michael.

  • S36E237 12.01.99 - Wednesday

    • December 1, 1999

    Roy's contact tells him he'll be tree of his obligation to the FBI once he collects enough evidence to convict Sonny. Meanwhile, Larkin is ordered to bring Hannah in to face her punishment for failing to deliver the goods. After Moreno is wounded by Jason, Sorel decides to finish his boss off himself and gain an instant promotion to head man. In the aftermath of their sexual encounter, Sonny and Carly both instantly regret succumbing to a moment of lust. Emily is tickled to watch Juan enjoying his very first snowstorm. Alexis regretfully informs Bobbie that her fiance is probably facing ten years in prison. The FBI chief orders Hannah to write Sonny a farewell note and get on a plane to her new assignment in Alaska.

  • S36E238 12.02.99 - Thursday

    • December 2, 1999

    Bobbie thanks her brother for not saying 'I told you so' after Jerry's latest indiscretions came to light. Faison brings Felicia her favorite breakfast in bed and is pleased when she begins to demonstrate some trust. Gertrude triumphantly informs Chloe that she's obtained an injunction to prevent her husband's niece from selling her company. Benny warns Sonny that something went terribly wrong during the meeting with Moreno the night before. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is horrified to find Jason lying unconscious in the snow. Struggling to get her wounded friend to his feet, Elizabeth helps Jason over to the boxcar. Carly tells her suspicious husband she spent the night alone in a hotel room so she could sort out her feelings.

  • S36E239 12.03.99 - Friday

    • December 3, 1999

    A seething Max demands answers from Luke after learning about his foray into Mexico with Felicia. Determined to pressure his fellow agent into leaving Sonny, Larkin plants a kiss on Hannah in front of a startled Tammy. A.J. brings Dr. Smithson to the mansion for a follow-up visit with Michael. Elizabeth hurries to the hospital and begs Bobbie for help. Meanwhile, in the boxcar, Sonny tries to tend to Jason's wounds but the younger man angrily pulls away. Enraged when Luke attempts to deny the facts, Mac orders him to cooperate before Felicia is forced to pay for his silence with her life. Alan resigns from the clinic and begins campaigning to get reinstated at GH.

  • S36E240 12.06.99 - Monday

    • December 6, 1999

    A worried Luke tells Bobbie why he's certain Faison faked the messages he and Mac have received from Felicia. Jax returns from Brussels in a jubilant mood and reports to Alexis that he's succeeded in raising enough fast cash to bail his brother out of trouble. Elizabeth brings Jason to her studio for safekeeping. After Carly forces his hand, Sonny icily informs a stunned Hannah that he's known about her treachery for weeks. Chloe welcomes Jax home in a big way. When Elizabeth insists on going to Sonny for some much-needed medicine, a feverish Jason reminds her not to let his former boss know where he's holed up. As Hannah frantically attempts to deny Carly's accusation, Sonny plays the incriminating tape for her benefit.

  • S36E241 12.07.99 - Tuesday

    • December 7, 1999

    Luke enlists a reluctant Roy in a scheme to hack his way into the phone company's computer records. Trying to do the right thing, Jerry sadly tells Bobbie he's calling off their engagement. Juan volunteers to help L&B find a new home. Carly realizes that Jason is probably with Elizabeth and trails the girl back to her studio. Jax explains to Chloe how he plans to post bond for his brother so Jerry will at least have a few days of freedom before he's sent off to federal prison. Dara summons Stefan and Laura to her office to respond to Helena's allegations about being poisoned by her own son. After Elizabeth departs, Carly slips into the studio but Jason angrily orders her to go away and never come back.

  • S36E242 12.08.99 - Wednesday

    • December 8, 1999

    Mike finds Hannah brooding on the docks and is stunned when she reveals why Sonny kicked her out. Meanwhile, Sonny has Sorel brought to the penthouse to discuss the future of their organizations now that Moreno is no longer in the picture. Juan and Emily work hard to sell Ned and Chloe on the idea of converting an old restaurant into L&B's new home. Though Hannah explains how she's been working to protect the man she loves from arrest, an enraged Mike accuses her of betrayal and rails at her for effectively destroying any chance his son ever had of learning to trust people again. Though Jerry reminds his brother that he isn't capable of changing his ways, Jax refuses to give up on him and helps Alexis arrange bail.

  • S36E243 12.09.99 - Thursday

    • December 9, 1999

    Faison asks Felicia for a dance and is pleased when she consents. Meanwhile, Mac meets with a former mercenary pal and instructs him to find Faison through any means necessary. Benny is puzzled by Sonny's seeming reluctance to include Jason in any of their plans. A worried Mike hurries to the penthouse to check on his son and is surprised to find him conducting business as usual. Jason tells Elizabeth he'll have to find a new place to hide. A.J. and Carly continue playing cat and mouse with one another. Alan has another unpleasant encounter with Juan and vows to ensure that the boy never hurts Emily again. Hannah tells Marcus she's going to take his friendly advice and fight to keep her career afloat.

  • S36E244 12.10.99 - Friday

    • December 10, 1999

    Felicia daydreams about killing Faison and escaping from her prison. Mac tells Bobbie that he needs to know everything that Luke finds out about Felicia's whereabouts. Luke and Roy tail Faison by the tracking device they stashed with the Diamonds they 'gave up' to Faison. As Hannah breaks from Taggets friendly embrace, a disgusted Sonny makes his presence known. Carly tells the fireman that there is a guy in Elizabeth's studio, not mentioning that she pulled the fire alarm. Ned, Alexis, and Chloe try to set their plan to get Gertrude a husband into motion as Jax tries to get Jerry out of trouble with help from Sonny. Jason tells Carly that he would rather be anywhere right now than to be with her. Nikolas spots Elizabeth escorting Jason back to the studio.

  • S36E245 12.13.99 - Monday

    • December 13, 1999

    Offering to lend Jax his services tree of charge, Sonny tells his longtime enemy he's only doing him this favor to honor Brenda's memory. Nikolas bursts into the studio and attacks Jason, then is startled when Elizabeth flies at him in furious defense of her friend. Carly gleefully informs a shocked Hannah that she slept with Sonny while the FBI agent was still living at the penthouse. Later, when Marcus breaks up a cat fight between her and Hannah, Carly drops another bombshell and tells Agent Scott the cop is only befriending her to get to a man he's despised for years. Nikolas accuses Elizabeth of betraying Lucky's memory by taking up with a punk like Jason.

  • S36E246 12.14.99 - Tuesday

    • December 14, 1999

    Faison tells a turning Felicia she'll be released from her restraints once she learns to behave. Worried about a double- cross, Jax demands that Sonny provide him with details about his brother's flight to freedom. Hannah is pleasantly surprised to learn she's been assigned to the PCPD to coordinate joint activities between the FBI and the local cops. As a grumbling Larkin objects to Agent Scott's reinstatement, his boss admonishes Hannah to keep her distance from Sonny from now on. Monica is annoyed to learn that Alan has quietly made plans to return to his post as chief of staff. Meanwhile, Alan's rise in status continues to attract Gertrude.

  • S36E247 12.15.99 - Wednesday

    • December 15, 1999

    Chloe and Ned begin laying out plans for their new building which will house both her design company and his recording studio. Jax keeps Alexis in the dark about Jerry illegal flight from prosecution. As another morning in the Quartermaine mansion starts off with the traditional bickering and in-fighting, Carly carefully avoids getting drawn into the fray and focuses her attention on Michael instead. Roy hesitantly informs Bobbie that her brother has landed in jail. Meanwhile, a seething Mac orders Luke to cooperate with him before Felicia pays the ultimate price for his bumbling. Felicia awakens in a dark and dirty prison cell but her screams go unheard behind the soundproofed walls.

  • S36E248 12.16.99 - Thursday

    • December 16, 1999

    Sonny asks Elizabeth for news of Jason's condition. Determined to heal and move on with her life, Laura offers Bobbie a box of Lucky's clothing for Lucas and reveals that she's decided to rent out her son's old room. Stefan informs his mother that the entire Cassadine clan is banking on her receiving a death sentence at the conclusion of her upcoming trial. Elizabeth confides to a guilt-stricken Sonny how Jason's pain and sorrow seems to be more emotional than physical. Marcus coaxes Bobbie to allow him and Juan to move into the vacant two- bedroom apartment in the brownstone. Upon learning that Faison has made contact, Mac insists on accompanying Luke when he resumes his hunt for Felicia.

  • S36E249 12.17.99 - Friday

    • December 17, 1999

    Mike admits to Tammy that he had another bad day at the track. Wandering the docks alone, Hannah can't stop thinking about the torrid nights she spent in Sonny's arms and how it all came crashing down around her. Roy's fast thinking saves his boss from almost certain death when a falling pallet nearly flattens Sonny at the coffee warehouse. Elizabeth rips into Carly when she finds her in the studio with Jason. Unable to fool Faison into thinking he's traveling alone, Luke reluctantly knocks Mac cold to prevent the commissioner from following him any farther. Chloe, Ned and Alexis fill Jax in on their scheme to rid themselves of Gertrude by hooking her up with Sonny's personable but penniless pop.

  • S36E250 12.20.99 - Monday

    • December 20, 1999

    An outraged Elizabeth tells Audrey she will never forgive her for chasing Jason off. Mike has a change of heart and tells Jax he'll have to find someone else to woo Gertrude. Sonny advises Carly to stay away from Jason if she truly wants to help him. Holding the gun on his hostages, Faison orders Luke to confess his love for Felicia. Chloe cajoles Mike into trying a test run with her before he takes on her formidable aunt. Audrey is crushed when Elizabeth decides to move out of her house and live in the studio full time. Carly continues to pester Sonny to help her worm her way back into Jason's good graces. After her grandmother leaves, Elizabeth coaxes Jason back to the studio for safekeeping.

  • S36E251 12.21.99 - Tuesday

    • December 21, 1999

    Felicia and Luke come to and are relieved to discover that they're still alive. Emily begins to worry when Jason tails to return her phone calls. A.J. again threatens Carly with a one- way ticket back to Ferncliff unless she continues to play the loving Quartermaine wife she signed on to be. Ned shows Alexis around the new L&B studios. Carly endures another round of sniping from Monica, who reminds her daughter-in-law that she can't wait for her to vacate the premises. Laura agrees to rent Lucky's old room to Roy. Impressed by her new tenant's gentle way with Lesley Lu, Laura is surprised to learn that Roy also has a daughter. Juan assures Ned that his feelings for Emily are genuine.

  • S36E252 12.22.99 - Wednesday

    • December 22, 1999

    Emily is pleasantly surprised to overhear Juan warbling a Christmas carol as he sweeps up the L&B studio. Bobbie decides to plead Tony's case after he expresses regret that he can no longer play Santa for the pediatric ward's annual holiday party. Roy introduces himself to Stefan, then tells Laura he'll be moving his things in by the end of the week. After Roy departs, an irritated Stefan asks Laura if she's taking in boarders because she's decided against starting a new life with him. Felicia finally pulls away from Luke and regretfully explains that she can't be unfaithful to her husband. Though Emily encourages her talented boyfriend to audition for Ned, Juan insists that he doesn't want to trade on his famous father's name.

  • S36E253 12.23.99 - Thursday

    • December 23, 1999

    Hinting that he's about to come into some serious money, Mike persuades Tammy to make a date with him for New Year's Eve. Agent Larkin comes to the penthouse with questions for Jax about his brother's disappearance. Ned and Chloe coach Mike for his next 'chance' encounter with Gertrude. An exhausted Luke explains to his sister how Felicia happened to wind up in the hospital with a flesh wound. Ned, Chloe, Alexis and Jax watch approvingly as Mike oozes charm all over Gertrude but Tammy's entrance throws a sudden kink into the works. Luke drops by the house with Christmas presents for Lulu and a belated birthday gift for Laura. An incensed Roy comes to Bobbie's rescue when Larkin roughly interrogates her about Jerry jumping bail.

  • S36E254 12.24.99 - Friday

    • December 24, 1999

    Jax tells Alexis she has a reprieve because his parents won't make it until a day later than originally expected. With Emily dressed as an elf for the hospital Christmas party, Juan hold the missle-tow over her and they share a kiss. Bobbie tells Tony the good news that he has been reinstated as the General Hospital Santa Claus. Mac surprises Felicia by bring home her girls. Meanwhile, Faison tells his goon to deliver a 'gift' to the Scorpio's home before the end of the day. Elizabeth stops by Luke's to wish him a Merry Christmas and they remember last Christmas with Lucky.

  • S36E255 12.27.99 - Monday

    • December 27, 1999

    Jax hints to Chloe that he's made big plans for them to celebrate the millennium in style. Maxie is intrigued to find one last unopened gift beneath the Scorpio's Christmas tree. Jason confides to Elizabeth how he's struggling to sort out his feelings about a traumatic incident which transpired on the night he was shot. Meanwhile, Sonny reminds Carly that betrayal is as permanent as death. Jax describes for an elated Chloe his plan to ring in the New Year in four different time zones. Jason wonders if he can forgive his best friend for failing him when Sonny was the one who taught him everything he knows about loyalty and honor. Elizabeth bitterly warns Nikolas that his churlish behavior is making it difficult for her to remember that they're friends.

  • S36E256 12.28.99 - Tuesday

    • December 28, 1999

    Ned frowns upon Jax and Chloe's plan to fly around the world on New Year's Eve. Stefan comes to the studio and sternly reminds a fuming Elizabeth that he won't allow her or her hoodlum friend to compromise Nikolas' future in any way. Carly catches Jason peering in at her and Michael through the mansion's garden window. Stunned to see Felicia and Luke embracing on the tape, Mac shuts off the VCR before his young stepdaughters can catch a glimpse of the R-rated action. After the girls leave the house, Mac switches the video back on and watches the rest of the tape. Meanwhile, Felicia tells Luke she's decided to accept the consequences of her actions once Faison spills the beans to Mac.

  • S36E257 12.29.99 - Wednesday

    • December 29, 1999

    Felicia pays a call on Lila and apologizes for being out of touch for so long. Happy to hear through the grapevine that Jason has moved out of the studio, Carly takes Michael up to the penthouse for a visit. Mac has Faison brought to his office and informs his leering prisoner that he knows the video is a fake. A forlorn Felicia confides to Lila how sometimes she doesn't even know why she does the things she does. Faison assures the police commissioner that the tape is not only genuine but clearly proves that the lovely Mrs. Scorpio is in love with another man. Jason wishes Michael a happy birthday but sternly reminds Carly that she shouldn't have come.

  • S36E258 12.30.99 - Thursday

    • December 30, 1999

    Disappointed when Mike cancels their date in order to attend a 'business meeting', Tammy gratefully accepts Bobbie's invitation to join her for dinner at the Port Charles Grill. Jason and Elizabeth take another one of their exhilarating rides on his motorcycle. Meanwhile, Sorel's goons plant an explosive device inside the studio. Luke bumps into Laura and Lesly Lu as he wanders alone on the docks on New Year's Eve. Full of Y2K jitters, Gertrude asks Mike if they can cancel their plans for Times Square and celebrate more quietly right there at the Grill. Caught off guard by the change in plans, Ned scrambles to prevent the Quartermaine clan from glimpsing Gertrude out with his ringer.

Season 37

  • S37E01 01.03.00 - Monday

    • January 3, 2000

    Though an exasperated Marcus demands answers about how they knew a bomb was planted in the studio, Jason sits stone-faced and Roy follows suit by electing to keep mum. Chloe is all aglow after making love with Jax for the first time. As they finally step off the stalled elevator, Carly and Sonny find themselves face to face with A.J. After Taggert leaves them alone in the interrogation room, Jason thanks Roy for helping him save his friend. At Wildwind, Nikolas confides to Laura how he fears he's blown it with Elizabeth since he fought with Jason. Bobbie brings a shaken Elizabeth home to the brownstone and gently cautions her that loving a bad boy means she'll be treading a sure path to heartbreak. Responding to her client's phone call, Alexis browbeats Dara until the ADA agrees to allow Jason and Roy to leave without facing charges. A troubled Felicia asks Mac why there seems to be some distance opening up between them. Jason reports on his night's adventure to Sonny, who begins to wo

  • S37E02 01.04.00 - Tuesday

    • January 4, 2000

    Mac follows Luke as he accidentally meets with Felicia near the docks. Mac later gives both Felicia and Luke a chance to confess their lovemaking in the cell and is disappointed when neither tells him the truth. Mike tries to convince Tammy that he's only with that other woman for a business deal and claims that he owes some bookies. Ned interrupts and blasts Mike for dumping Gertrude early New Year's Eve. Mike hands the money back and announces that he's quitting because of his feelings for Tammy. Ned ups the ante and offers him more for the simple job of wooing Gertrude. Mike agrees but only if they tell Tammy. Tammy's amused by the news but is concerned when they reveal that the ruse ends when Mike marries Gertrude. Helena interrupts Alexis, Emily and Juan with a request for the attorney's legal services. Alexis angrily refuses to have anything to do with her. Frustrated, Helena enlists Ari's brother for help planting a "Faison" wig with the evidence against Faison. Jax and Chloe re

  • S37E03 01.05.00 - Wednesday

    • January 5, 2000

    Bobbie encourages Elizabeth to tell her grandmother about her close call before Audrey hears the tale from someone else. Luke enjoys a day of ice fishing with Lesley Lu. Sonny quizzes Alexis about her interest in his case. Annoyed by Hannah's obvious concern for Sonny's welfare, Mac brusquely reminds the federal agent that he expects her to do her job and keep him informed. At the diner, Nikolas again warns an angry Elizabeth to keep away from Jason before she suffers the consequences of hanging around with hoodlums. Roy gives a grateful Laura some reassurances about her ex. Taggert badgers Sonny to give him the name of the person who almost blew an innocent college coed into smithereens. After the detective leaves, Sonny explains to an astonished Alexis how the FBI planted Hannah in his life in a futile attempt to get the goods on public enemy number one. Laura stumbles upon Luke and Felicia sharing a private moment in the park. Bobbie returns the diamond ring Roy gave her years ago,

  • S37E04 01.06.00 - Thursday

    • January 6, 2000

    Juan and Emily give Elizabeth the grand tour of the new L&B studios. A.J. orders a bristling Carly to help plan an annual social occasion which will help advance his business career. Sonny reports to Jason how Elizabeth stopped by while he was out of town. Carly promises to turn A.J.'s existence into a living hell if he ever tries to take Michael away from her. Meanwhile, Edward throws up his hands in despair as ELQ is threatened with yet another dock strike. Elizabeth is delighted when Chloe hints that she might be able to offer her part time employment with the design agency. Mac advises Hannah to do a better job of suppressing her feelings for the man she's supposed to be helping the FBI put away. Later, Dara brings the police commissioner proof of a link between Faison and Helena. After instructing Ned to hide nearby and listen in, Emily coaxes Juan to sing for her. Mike informs a sputtering Gertrude that his time with her has clarified his feelings for another woman. Edward rails

  • S37E05 01.07.00 - Friday

    • January 7, 2000

    Hannah continues to skulk around Sonny's building, waiting for another chance to catch him alone. At the Quartermaine mansion, A.J. reminds Carly how crucial it is for their party to be a huge success. Unaware of his wife's private plans to set off some fireworks during the festivities, A.J. thanks Carly for helping him woo the investors he needs to solidify his position as ELQ's CEO. Mac crows to Faison about holding a trump card which will send him to prison for life. During a chance encounter on the docks, Helena and Luke trade insults while Roy looks on. Ned explains to a skeptical Chloe, Jax and Alexis why Alan is still their best candidate for Gertrude's next beau. An exasperated A.J. asks his bickering parents to keep it down to a dull roar before they ruin his big night. Helena visits the jail and gloats to Faison about how she's succeeded in framing him for Katherine's murder. Cornering Alan at the party, Ned lays out his proposal to his appalled uncle. With the gala in full s

  • S37E06 01.10.00 - Monday

    • January 10, 2000

    Laura tells Luke it's been like old times having Roy around the house. Bobbie berates Larkin for harassing Roy after finding the FBI agent in close conversation with her old flame on the docks. A miserable Hannah tells Elizabeth she lied to Sonny but never truly betrayed him. As the Quartermaines and their more refined guests stare in shock, an amused Sonny looks on while Carly loudly demonstrates just how crass and cheap she can be. Though A.J. makes a feeble attempt to rein in his wife, Carly gleefully begins insulting everyone in sight. Bobbie takes offense when Roy asks her to keep her nose out of his business. Elizabeth icily rebuffs Hannah's attempt to befriend her. Later, Elizabeth breaks the news about the bombing attempt to a horrified Audrey. After their guests scurry off into the night, an enraged A.J. warns his wife she's used up her last chance with him. Meanwhile, Ned and Chloe present Monica with an unusual proposition. A teary Felicia shows Luke the videotape she receiv

  • S37E07 01.11.00 - Tuesday

    • January 11, 2000

    A.J. informs Carly that he's arranged for her to see a shrink. After hearing Ned out, Monica suggests to a startled Alan that they play along and get a divorce in order to safeguard their son's position at ELQ. As Mac issues an APB on his missing prisoner, Marcus picks Helena up for questioning about the jail break. Meanwhile, one of Helena's goons escorts Faison to a safe house to await further instructions. After watching the telltale video, Felicia tearfully informs Luke that she's going to come clean with her husband. Hannah makes another futile attempt to convince Sonny that her feelings for him were genuine. Later, Sonny warns Jason that Sorel is gunning for him. Monica encourages Alan to follow Ned's plan and woo Gertrude into walking down the aisle. Juan sneaks into Emily's bedroom and apologizes for his earlier outburst. As the teens begin to kiss and make up, however, Alan knocks on his daughter's door and Juan hastily retreats out the window. Felicia is forced to put her con

  • S37E08 01.12.00 - Wednesday

    • January 12, 2000

    Faison grows impatient waiting for Helena to organize the last phase of his escape. Alan corners Carly at the Quartermaine mansion and advises her to stop making the same mistake he himself made for years when he constantly compared A.J. to Jason and found him lacking. Sorel approaches Elizabeth on the docks and hints that Jason is about to encounter some serious difficulties. Enraged to see Sorel with his friend, Jason races up and puts the gangster in a chokehold before ordering him never to go near Elizabeth again. Luke convinces an agitated Felicia to wait another 24 hours before she says anything to Mac about the videotape. Monica gives Bobbie an earful about her daughter's latest outrageous act of sabotage. A.J. scoffs at Carly's warning that she'll make his life hell if he doesn't release his grip on Michael. Elizabeth forces Jason to admit that he misses her, then urges him not to keep his distance despite the perceived risk to her personal safety. Faison phones Luke and sugges

  • S37E09 01.13.00 - Thursday

    • January 13, 2000

    Jax and Chloe arrange another romantic rendezvous far from Gertrude's prying eyes. Meanwhile, Monica pressures Alan to play along with Ned's scheme in order to save A.J.'s job at ELQ. Claiming that her son is no longer sleeping through the night, Carly brings Michael to Jason's place once again. As Bobbie watches from her hiding place, a distraught Hannah entreats Roy to tell her what the FBI has in store for Sonny. Following the explosion on Faison's boat, an enraged Mac demands that Luke explain why he tries to prevent the fugitive's capture. Jason angrily accuses Carly of using Michael to get to him. His mind reeling from Faison's last words, Luke decides to wring some answers out of Helena. As his men search the water for any possible survivors, Mac assures his astonished wife that Faison is finally dead and gone. Chloe accidentally blunders into another "special moment" which reminds Jax of Brenda. Carly tearfully declares her love to Jason and insists that he's the right man for

  • S37E10 01.14.00 - Friday

    • January 14, 2000

    Roy agrees to take over at the blues club while Luke heads off to determine if Faison's last words had any ring of truth. As he hastily throws some clothes into a duffel bag, Luke reminds his old friend not to breathe a word about his quest to Laura to avoid getting her hopes up about possibly finding Lucky alive. Monica and Alan stage a bitter quarrel in front of Edward. Jason tells his anguished kid sister he's leaving Port Charles for good. Carly suffers a sudden bout of nausea as she leans over the breakfast buffet at the mansion. Though Emily tearfully pleads with him to stay, Jason explains that he just can't keep hurting the people who love him. At the diner, Sonny apologizes to Bobbie for the way her romance with Jerry came to such an unfortunate conclusion. Alan, Monica, Ned and Alexis put their heads together to plot the next phase of their plan. Jason drops by the Quartermaine mansion to bid his beloved grandmother farewell. Roy clams up when Hannah fishes for information ab

  • S37E11 01.17.00 - Monday

    • January 17, 2000

    Helena celebrates with her latest boy toy after the charges against her are dropped. Hannah snoops through her boss' desk for any new info on Sonny. Encountering Jason on the docks, Carly asks if she's ruined their friendship forever. Reminding her that he can't love her the way she wants him to, Jason promises a tearful Carly they'll always be the best of friends. Felicia and the girls surprise Mac in his office with a birthday celebration. Hastily clicking off the video of his wife in Luke's arms, Mac snaps at Georgie when the curious child reaches for the remote. Roy clams up when Laura wonders aloud if Luke confided in him before he took off. Jason faces another tough farewell scene as he explains to Elizabeth why he's leaving Port Charles permanently. Hoping against hope, Carly purchases a home pregnancy test kit. Sonny tries to persuade his best friend to stay but Jason asks him to accept his decision as final. Later, Sonny chokes back tears as Jason gently assures him that all i

  • S37E12 01.18.00 - Tuesday

    • January 18, 2000

  • S37E13 01.19.00 - Wednesday

    • January 19, 2000

    Though Hannah insists that risking her entire career proves her love is true, Sonny icily reminds her that her pathetic gesture is an empty one. Helena feigns surprise when Stefan theorizes that Faison has been her accomplice all along. Disheartened to learn that the home pregnancy tests' accuracy for reputation is well founded, Carly's mind reels at the thought that she's carrying Sonny's child. Monica chuckles to find Alan reading a how-to book on seduction as he prepares for the imminent wooing of Gertrude. Bobbie and Roy enjoy another short stroll down memory lane following a chance encounter on the docks. Sonny orders an anguished Hannah to take her file and never darken his door again. Later, Roy again consoles Hannah after finding her sobbing on the pier. Revealing that the FBI file was bogus, Roy tells a startled Hannah he watched her steal the documents he planted. Carly is dismayed to learn from Sonny how Jason left town without even saying goodbye to her. Urging Hannah to co

  • S37E14 01.20.00 - Thursday

    • January 20, 2000

    Eager to be free to devote himself to Chloe, Jax tells Alexis he's already set the date for their divorce six months hence. Elizabeth explains to a concerned Tammy why she's so anxious to get back into her own place as soon as possible. As Edward lectures an exasperated A.J. about his lackluster performance as ELQ's CEO, Monica brings her family the news of Jason's departure. Carly dons a disguise and heads to the community clinic for another pregnancy test. A.J. is annoyed by his grandfather's emotional reaction to word that Jason is gone for good. Chloe admits to Alexis she's scared of losing Jax now that she's fallen so deeply in love with him. Carly's plan to keep her condition under wraps hits an immediate snag when she discovers that Tony is the doctor on duty at the clinic. After Tony verifies that she's carrying another child, Carly asks him to keep mum about the pregnancy. A.J. finally persuades Edward to give him free rein with the family business.

  • S37E15 01.21.00 - Friday

    • January 21, 2000

    Ned reports to Chloe that Emily is on board with their scheme to snare Gertrude. A depressed Carly mulls over her options and realizes she can never reveal the identity of the man who impregnated her. Roy returns from the island and is immediately confronted by two Customs agents. Sonny explains to a puzzled Mike how Jason left Port Charles. Certain her daughter's tears stem from missing Jason, Bobbie gently tries to console Carly. Ned reminds a jealous Jax that he needs to put on an occasional public display of affection with Chloe in order to keep up their charade. Helena encounters Nikolas chatting with Elizabeth on the pier and cautions her irritated grandson that his uncle might not approve of his choice in companions. The tension thickens as Stefan appears on the scene and growls at Helena for daring to approach Nikolas. A.J. admits to Edward that he still desires Carly even though she infuriates him most of the time. Caught with almost a million dollars in cash, Roy claims he pi

  • S37E16 01.24.00 - Monday

    • January 24, 2000

    Helena instructs Andreas to let no one near the yacht during her absence. Carly invites her pleasantly surprised husband into her bedroom for the first time in months. Laura explains to Mac why she and Stefan were so reluctant to cooperate with his investigation into Katherine's murder. After the bogus "Customs agents" depart, Sonny congratulates Roy on passing his loyalty test. Marcus again warns Hannah that her dangerous infatuation with Sonny will lead her to prison---or the grave. Realizing that Laura has been left completely out of the loop, Mac reveals how his wife and her estranged husband were locked up together in close quarters by Faison. Afterwards, Laura angrily snipes at a puzzled Felicia when she returns home. Roy feigns dismay at Sonny's lack of trust and threatens to leave the organization. Carly's plan hits a snag when A.J. accuses her of faking her feelings and slams out of the room without making love to her. Stefan attempts to turn Andreas against his evil employer.

  • S37E17 01.25.00 - Tuesday

    • January 25, 2000

    Elizabeth tells a concerned Emily how she still intends to move back into the studio. Meanwhile, Sorel's goons search the studio for any clues to Jason's whereabouts. Jax comes to Hannah's rescue after her first attempt at ice skating nearly ends in disaster. Afterwards, Jax gallantly offers to give Hannah a skating lesson to help her avoid any bad falls in the future. Elizabeth cautions a lovestruck Emily to make absolutely certain she's ready before she decides to have sex with Juan. A.J. confides to Lila how he had such hopes for a reconciliation with Carly before their evening ended up in another fight. Ned snarls at his grandfather after Edward deliberately sabotages a distribution deal for L&B. Hannah asks Jax if he believes Sonny was just using her as a substitute for Brenda. Sorel approaches Elizabeth as she leaves Kelly's. Chloe heads for a rendezvous at Willow Pond but is taken aback to see Hannah clinging to Jax as they share a laugh.

  • S37E18 01.26.00 - Wednesday

    • January 26, 2000

    Trying to steady Hannah on her skates, Jax catches a glimpse of Chloe's troubled face as she hurries away from the pond. Monica wishes Alan luck as he prepares to begin his seduction of Gertrude. As Sorel pressures a frightened Elizabeth to tell him where Jason has gone, Tammy comes charging out of the diner waving a baseball bat. Bobbie again encounters Roy brooding on the docks and gently encourages him to open up about whatever has been bothering him. Spying on Alan's progress from a nearby table, Ned and Alexis are pleased to note that their operative already has Gertrude drooling with undisguised lust. After chasing Sorel and his goon off, Tammy urges Elizabeth to seek Sonny's protection at once. As Emily and Juan awkwardly start to move their romance to a more intimate plateau, Marcus walks into the bedroom and puts a halt to the proceedings. After spotting Alan whispering with Gertrude, Edward complains to Lila that their son is cheating on Monica yet again. Fearful that Alexis

  • S37E19 01.27.00 - Thursday

    • January 27, 2000

    Alexis plays a dangerous game with Helena by hinting that the inside information she's uncovered is about to bring the Cassadine matriarch down. Mindful of his obligation to Hannah, Roy heads back to Sonny's penthouse to try and wheedle his way back into the mob boss' good graces. A.J. finds Carly muttering to herself on the docks and guesses that she's been pining for Jason. A bristling Ned leaps to defend Alexis against Helena's verbal attack. Later, Alexis chortles to Ned about how Helena swallowed her bluff hook, line and sinker. Apologizing for losing his temper earlier, Roy asks Sonny for a leg up within the organization. Mac pressures his uneasy wife to join him for dinner at the blues club. Elizabeth tells Sonny about her unsettling encounter with Sorel. After mulling over her limited options, Carly decides to undergo an abortion. Helena warns a disinterested Stefan that Nikolas isn't safe from Alexis. Sonny promises Elizabeth he won't let Sorel hurt her or Tammy. Laura again s

  • S37E20 01.28.00 - Friday

    • January 28, 2000

    A giggling Chloe fills Alexis in on her plan to impersonate Mrs. Jax in order to spend some quality time alone with the mister. Meanwhile, Helena explains to her henchman why they must act immediately to bump Alexis off. Luke returns to town and tells Roy he's found no proof that Faison's dying words were true. Sonny drops into Kelly's to let Elizabeth and Tammy know that Francis will be their around-the-clock bodyguard from now on. Newly cognizant of the difficult choices a woman is sometimes forced to make, Carly apologizes to Bobbie for making her feel like a criminal for her decision to give her child away at birth. Luke admits to Roy how he can't shake the feeling that his son really is still alive. Concerned that his old friend is tormenting himself for a lost cause, Roy cautions Luke to remember that Faison was a master of the mind game. Bobbie hounds Tony until he reveals that her daughter came to the clinic for a pregnancy test. Luke warns Sonny to keep Elizabeth safe at all c

  • S37E21 01.31.00 - Monday

    • January 31, 2000

    Felicia happily welcomes Luke home, then is stunned when he blurts out the real reason for his latest trip abroad. Tormented by Faison's dying words, Luke asks Felicia if she believes it's possible that his son could still be alive. Elizabeth assures an apologetic Sonny that she can handle having a 24 hour bodyguard once she adjusts to Francis shadowing her every move. As she waits for the doctor, Carly is overcome by last minute doubts. Meanwhile, Bobbie arrives at the clinic and insists on speaking to her daughter but is stopped by a security guard. Horrified to see Chloe struck down by a hit-and-run driver, Jax races to his lover's side and frantically calls 911 on his cell phone. Felicia urges Luke to let her help with his search for Lucky. As the paramedics work on Chloe, a distraught Jax tells Marcus he didn't get a good look at the speeding car or its driver. Sonny explains to his worried father why he's having one of his men keep an eye on Tammy. Clinging to Bobbie, Carly tearf

  • S37E22 02.01.00 - Tuesday

    • February 1, 2000

    Armed with some surprising news from Stefan, Luke theorizes that Helena may be holding Lucky hostage. Ned and Alexis enjoy a secretive night of passion. Meanwhile, at GH, Monica cautions a distraught Jax that Chloe has suffered massive internal injuries which could prove fatal. Stunned by Carly's confession, Bobbie asks her daughter how she could have slept with Jason's best friend. Tony gives Jax more bad news about Chloe's condition as the nurses prep her for surgery. Luke reminds Felicia not to breathe a word to Mac about his plan to investigate the possible connection between Faison and Helena. Laura admits to Lesley how she believes she and Luke would have found their way back together if Lucky hadn't perished in the fire. Though Bobbie urges her to confide in the baby's father, Carly vehemently insists that Sonny must never know the truth. Mac is annoyed to find Felicia closeted with Luke yet again in his office at the blues club. Ned and Alexis rush to the hospital after receivi

  • S37E23 02.02.00 - Wednesday

    • February 2, 2000

    Marcus admits to an amused Hannah how nervous he is about having the all-important sex talk with his teenaged charge. Sonny encounters Laura and Lesley Lu while strolling through the park. Monica brings her family the bad news about Chloe's accident. Meanwhile, at GH, Gertrude clings to Alan after learning that her niece is still in the intensive care unit. Tony confirms for Ned and Jax that Chloe did indeed suffer a skull fracture in addition to her other injuries. Despite her pledge to stop nagging him, Emily can't resist nudging Juan again to at least take a stab at a singing career. Certain Helena was responsible for the hit-and-run, Alexis deciders to go to the police with her suspicions. Touched by Sonny's genuine concern for her small daughter, Laura realizes that Luke's former friend is still grieving for the child he lost years ago. Hannah accuses Agent Ford of blackmailing her father. Chloe finally regains consciousness and is frightened to discover that she cannot see. Later

  • S37E24 02.03.00 - Thursday

    • February 3, 2000

    Carly steps up her campaign to ensure that A.J. will believe he is the father of her unborn child. Felicia stubbornly refuses to take no for an answer when Luke reminds her why she shouldn't help him look for his son. Meanwhile, Helena pays a visit to Lucky. Bobbie wastes no time spilling her daughter's secret to an astounded Roy. Dara repeats Alexis' suspicions to Mac, who cautions the ADA to collect hard evidence before she moves to indict another Cassadine. Alan is annoyed to discover that his father has suddenly become a staunch ally of A.J.'s scheming bride. Bobbie tells Roy she's seen him on the docks embracing his young girlfriend, then is shocked when he reveals that Hannah is actually his daughter. Carly summons A.J. home in the middle of the afternoon. Presenting him with pair of silk boxers, Carly seductively suggests to her husband that he model them for her right there and then. A dejected Mac easily sees through Felicia's lies when she claims she has to fly to Chicago on

  • S37E25 02.04.00 - Friday

    • February 4, 2000

    Nikolas expresses concern to Elizabeth about a man who seems to be stalking him, then is taken aback when she reveals that Francis is in Sonny's employ. Carly continues to play dutiful wife after spending the night with A.J. Sonny vows to slap Hannah with a restraining order after she accosts him in the park. Later, Roy struggles to contain his rage when Sonny badmouths Hannah to his newest employee. Lila frets about Carly avoiding breakfast and urges the young woman to take better care of herself. Alan and Monica quietly compare notes on their suspicions about the real reason Jax is sticking so close to Chloe. Elizabeth bristles when Nikolas threatens to tell Audrey about the danger her granddaughter faces from Sorel. Helena decides to allow Lucky an outing under strict supervision from her henchmen. Meanwhile, Stefan hunts for a way to make contact with Lucky. Lila guesses Carly's secret and happily congratulates a stunned A.J. Roy advises Bobbie to keep mum about the paternity of he

  • S37E26 02.07.00 - Monday

    • February 7, 2000

    Hannah wonders why her father suddenly seems so dead set on keeping her away from Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny realizes that Bobbie is hiding something from him which concerns her daughter. Though Carly tries to bluff her way out of trouble, a seething A.J. accuses her of attempting to pass Jason's bastard off as her husband's child. Out of his patient's earshot, Tony quietly confides to Jax and Ned that the fact that Chloe still can't distinguish dark from light is very troubling. Elizabeth lets Sonny listen to the song Emily and Juan recorded. Finally spotting a golden opportunity to exact his revenge on Jason and score points with his grandfather, A.J. tells Carly he's decided to let her stay at the mansion so he can raise his brother's child as his own. Sonny encourages Juan not to throw away his God-given gift, then reminds the boy how proud Lily would be of him. Edward is thrilled when A.J. smugly announces that he and Carly are expecting.

  • S37E27 02.08.00 - Tuesday

    • February 8, 2000

    Luke and Felicia arrive in Greece and make plans to sail under cover of darkness to the Cassadines' private island. Meanwhile, Stefan begins organizing a task force to effect a rescue of Laura's son. Nikolas reports to Mac that Elizabeth has come under Sonny's protection since being threatened by Sorel. Monica is caught off guard by A.J.'s big announcement. Later, Monica gripes to Alan about Carly and A.J. extending their already dysfunctional family. Stefan returns to Port Charles and rushes over to Laura's house. Although bursting to tell his grieving lover that Lucky is alive, Stefan realizes he must keep mum until the boy is safely out of Helena's clutches. Luke becomes violently ill after eating some mystery meat he bought from a sidewalk vendor. Emily decides to write a paper on Mary Mae Ward for Black History month. After telling his granddaughter part of his complicated history with Mary Mae, Edward falls into a reverie about the wonderful woman with whom he might have linked h

  • S37E28 02.09.00 - Wednesday

    • February 9, 2000

    After spending the night curled up next to Felicia, Luke assures her he's fully recovered from his bout with food poisoning and is anxious to resume their rescue mission. Laura confides to Roy how she can't shake the feeling that Luke's secretive jaunts out of town portend something significant on the horizon. Bobbie thanks Tony for tipping her off to Carly's pregnancy in time. Jax continues to hover as Chloe is moved out of the ICU and into a private room. Explaining that a bone fragment may be putting pressure on the optic nerve, Tony cautions Chloe that surgery must be their last option because the procedure would be a delicate one. Roy grudgingly accepts another assignment from Sonny. Mac and Dara review the witness statements and agree there's no evidence to support Alexis' theory that Helena was behind the wheel of the hit-and-run vehicle. An irked Laura realizes that Luke and Felicia are off somewhere together after learning that the police commissioner's wife is away from Port

  • S37E29 02.10.00 - Thursday

    • February 10, 2000

    Emily tells Sonny she's received a postcard from Jason with a Minnesota postmark but no return address. Edward decides to throw a party at the mansion to announce the impending arrival of a new Quartermaine grandchild. Luke and Felicia make their way to the Cassadines' island and are surprised to find the perimeter completely unguarded. Alan makes dinner plans with Gertrude but quietly suggests to Monica that they slip off together beforehand for some love in the afternoon. A.J. reminds a fuming Carly that he expects her to act the part of the loving wife in private as well as in public. Audrey is appalled to find Sonny conversing with Elizabeth at Kelly's. Though her humiliated granddaughter tries to intervene, Audrey proceeds to read Sonny the riot act and vows to have him arrested if he goes near Elizabeth again. Gazing at Helena's villa, Luke recalls when Laura was being held prisoner in her in-laws' stronghold. Monica is deeply touched by a special gift from Alan to commemorate he

  • S37E30 02.11.00 - Friday

    • February 11, 2000

    From their hiding place on the island, Luke and Felicia eavesdrop on Stefan as he makes arrangements to secretly transport a young man out of the country. Sonny's odd reaction to his news puzzles A.J. Later, mulling over other recent events, Sonny easily puts two and two together and realizes he must be the father of Carly's unborn child. As she and Roy reminisce about the good old days, Laura confides how she sometimes wishes she could return to a time when Luke was her whole world. Jax continues working overtime to keep Chloe's spirits up. Outraged to think that Stefan is holding Lucky captive, Luke vows to beat the truth out of his old enemy if necessary. Bobbie tells Roy how trying to reason with Carly got her absolutely nowhere. Luke finds a recent photo of Lucky in Stefan's briefcase along with a phone number in Libya. Sonny asks Bobbie to confirm his suspicions.

  • S37E31 02.14.00 - Monday

    • February 14, 2000

    Ned, Alexis, Jax and Chloe agree to spend Valentine's Day with their true loves even if it means they'll get caught "cheating" on their spouses. Cornered by Sonny, Bobbie tries to avoid answering his question but finally confirms that he is indeed the father of her daughter's unborn child. Jax surprises Chloe by flying in a special meal from Rome for their Valentine's dinner in her hospital room. After hitting it big at the track, Mike persuades Tammy to turn the diner over to Emily and Juan so she can join him for a night out on the town. Bobbie heads to the blues club and admits to Roy that she probably just made a bad situation even worse. Meanwhile, Sonny barges into the mansion and announces to the stunned Quartermaines that Carly is pregnant with his child. Though Carly sputters denials, Sonny reminds her that a simple blood test is all that's required to prove his rightful claim on the Quartermaine "heir". Ned takes Alexis' breath away with a diamond engagement ring. Roy and Bob

  • S37E32 02.15.00 - Tuesday

    • February 15, 2000

    Nikolas apologizes to Alexis for jumping down her throat after she broke the news about his real paternity. Stefan shows Laura the site on which he's decided to build a brand new house for them to share as husband and wife. When Laura reminds him that she may not be ready to make such a commitment, Stefan assures her he will accept whatever answer she gives when he does in fact propose. Mac pressures Roy to reveal where Luke has gone and if he's traveling with Felicia. Meanwhile, in Libya, Luke and Felicia find the now abandoned place where Helena had been holding Lucky captive. Edmund cautions A.J. that divorcing Carly may have ramifications which could ruin his career at ELQ. Later, Monica bristles when Alan suggests that their son consider raising Sonny's child as his own. Alexis invites Nikolas to think about doing some public relations work for L&B. Hannah confides to Roy that she's contemplating quitting the FBI. Shocked by her brother's news, Emily wonders how Sonny could have b

  • S37E33 02.16.00 - Wednesday

    • February 16, 2000

    Emily breaks her astonishing news to Elizabeth, who realizes why Jason was so upset before he left town. Hannah bristles when a stranger makes rude and racist remarks about her friendship with Marcus. A seething Carly marches into the brownstone and accuses Bobbie of ruining her life and the lives of her innocent children. Emily snarls at Sonny for betraying Jason and impregnating A.J.'s wife. Startled to hear that a grandchild is on the way, Mike in turn surprises Sonny by offering him a sympathetic ear. Marcus thanks Roy for stepping in to help Hannah rid herself of an obnoxious bigot. Stefan asks his half-sister to build an airtight case against Helena for kidnapping Lucky. Alexis finally agrees but insists that Stefan first tell Laura everything he knows about her son. Carly bitterly instructs Bobbie never to speak to her again. Stefan explains to Alexis why he can't let either of Lucky's parents know their boy is alive until he's safely out of Helena's clutches. Sonny rejects Edmu

  • S37E34 02.17.00 - Thursday

    • February 17, 2000

    Jax continues to devote the bulk of his days to keeping Chloe's spirits high. Empathizing with Nikolas' desire to break free of his powerful family, Ned agrees to hire the young man on to do some public relations work for L&B. Mac tells Laura he knows his wife has gone off with her estranged husband yet again. Meanwhile, in Switzerland, Luke and Felicia gleefully celebrate conning a banker out of the Cassadines' financial records. Though Stefan reminds his nephew that he has enough responsibility as a royal heir, Nikolas refuses to forego an opportunity to carve out a career for himself in public relations. Chloe explains to Jax how she's determined to go back home and get on with her life. Edward fills Ned in on the latest revelations about Carly's pregnancy. When Felicia phones home to speak to the girls, Mac icily advises his wife to return to Port Charles at once. Later, an embittered Mac complains to Kevin that Felicia is carrying on an affair with Luke. Tony gives Chloe permissio

  • S37E35 02.18.00 - Friday

    • February 18, 2000

    Luke and Felicia head to Nova Scotia upon learning that Stefan is also en route. Sonny returns to the mansion and warns Carly he will never let her raise his child as a Quartermaine. Though Edward threatens to take out a restraining order, Sonny promises the old man he will live to regret it if he dares to cross him. Ned, Alexis and Jax welcome Chloe home from the hospital. At Kelly's, Hannah is stunned to overhear Emily complaining to Elizabeth about how weird things have become ever since her family learned that Carly was impregnated by Sonny. Meanwhile, Sonny consults with Alexis about his legal rights as the father of a baby whose mother is married to another man. A worried Mike explains to Tammy why being the perfect dad is so crucial to Sonny. Gertrude strides in triumphantly with a photographer in tow just as Jax and Chloe finish making love.

  • S37E36 02.21.00 - Monday

    • February 21, 2000

    As Gertrude gloats over catching her niece in the act, Jax phones the police to lodge a complaint. Alexis and Ned debate the merit of Sonny's claim on Carly's unborn child. Meanwhile, at the penthouse, Hannah bitterly demands to know how Sonny could have betrayed her with a woman he can't even stand. Luke and Felicia are disappointed to discover that Lucky's captors are still two steps ahead of them. Bobbie suggests to her daughter that they try to strike a compromise with the Quartermaines by having Carly and Michael move into the brownstone. Ned admits to Alexis how painful it's been being separated from his own little girl for so long. Though Gertrude explains why the Ashtons and Jaxes should be charged with fraud, Marcus elects to place her under arrest instead for breaking in. After eavesdropping on Mac's phone conversation with Felicia, an unhappy Maxie asks her stepfather for the truth. A.J. gruffly vetoes Bobbie's idea about moving Carly and her son out of the mansion.

  • S37E37 02.22.00 - Tuesday

    • February 22, 2000

    Juan is irked to learn that Nikolas has recently been made the new head of public relations for L&B. Edward reminds his family how important it is to keep Sonny away from Michael. Later, Edward intercepts Carly's mail and learns that Sonny has taken out a court order for a paternity test. Hannah cries on her father's shoulder as the news about Carly's pregnancy finally hits home. Stefan is forced to regroup upon discovering that his mother has moved her prisoner out of Nova Scotia. Laura offers Mac her sympathy after he confirms that his wife has gone off again with Luke. Edward suggests to Marcus that he can name his own price if he's willing to share whatever dirt he's dug up on Sonny over the years. Hannah is taken aback to learn that Bobbie knows about her family connection to Roy. Later, Roy and Bobbie make a pact to stay out of the quarrel between their daughters.

  • S37E38 02.23.00 - Wednesday

    • February 23, 2000

    Gertrude informs her niece she's filed an injunction which gives her complete control over Chloe Morgan Designs. Alexis fills Stefan in on the paper trail she's developed to help convict Helena but reminds her half-brother that a kidnapping charge will never stick unless they can actually produce a victim. Meanwhile, Luke and Felicia return to Helena's yacht to hunt for clues to Lucky's whereabouts. Jax reminds Gertrude that the design company will sink within three months without Chloe's genius behind the product line. After Gertrude slams out, Chloe assures Jax she feels like a winner because she's found true love at last. Ned explains to Monica and Alan why they no longer have to pretend to be on the outs. When Juan complains about Nikolas pulling rank at L&B, Emily again pushes her boyfriend to make use of his vocal talents to prove his worth to Ned. Chloe's first trip back to the studio proves embarrassing and puts a major dent in her self-confidence. Laura accidentally lets it sl

  • S37E39 02.24.00 - Thursday

    • February 24, 2000

    Larkin warns Roy that his value to the FBI diminishes with each passing day that he fails to collect evidence against Sonny. Alexis explains to Sonny why a custody fight probably won't go his way. At the Quartermaine mansion, Edward reminds Carly that she can have anything her heart desires as long as she plays ball with her in-laws. Chloe returns to GH with Jax in hopes that her doctor will have good news for her. Revealing that the bone fragments are still impinging on her optic nerve, Tony recommends postponing surgery as long as possible because of the risk of having her blindness become permanent. Elizabeth assures Nikolas she has no problem working with him at L&B. Recalling the years of abuse he suffered at the hands of his stepfather, Sonny tells Alexis he'll move heaven and earth to ensure that his own child grows up feeling safe and loved. Marcus arrests Roy after catching him paying off the harbor master.

  • S37E40 02.25.00 - Friday

    • February 25, 2000

    Certain they're finally closing in on Lucky's location, Luke and Felicia travel to Spring Lake. Meanwhile, Helena informs Lucky that she's preparing to release him in just a few short weeks. Excited to see a shadow for the first time since the hit-and-run, Chloe celebrates with Jax the fact that she may be regaining her vision. Alexis tells Roy how someone tipped off the police about his visit to the harbor master. Encountering Carly at the hospital, Sonny surprises her with some unusually kind words. Stefan hints to Laura that the business deal he's about to wrap up could be the biggest and best he's ever pulled off. Bobbie is alarmed to learn of Roy's arrest. Jax brings Chloe back to GH to apprise Tony of the marvelous change which has transpired. Carly appeals to Sonny to help her find a way to keep both of her kids safe. Jax and Chloe make plans to vacation together at the cabin in Alaska. A trembling Luke gets his first glimpse of his longlost son. Edward takes out a restraining o

  • S37E41 02.28.00 - Monday

    • February 28, 2000

    Edward barges into the penthouse and informs Sonny he's sworn out a restraining order to keep him away from Carly. As Alexis rushes to call 911, a frantic Jax tries to bring Chloe around but to no avail. Elizabeth and Laura have another heart-to-heart about what might have been if Lucky had survived. Overjoyed to see a glimpse of his son for the first time in months, Luke plots with Felicia to get Lucky to freedom. Bobbie and Roy grow closer during a stroll down memory lane. Hinting that she could be accused of neglecting Michael, Edward forces a fuming Carly to leave Sonny's place and return to the mansion. Emily records in her diary how she successfully nagged Juan into trying to establish himself as a singer. Mike explains to Tammy why he's so concerned about Sonny setting impossible standards for himself as a father. A bristling Laura warns Helena to keep her distance from both Elizabeth and Nikolas. Luke and Felicia look on as Stefan and his men spirit Lucky away from Helena's str

  • S37E42 02.29.00 - Tuesday

    • February 29, 2000

    Breakfast at the Quartermaine mansion is the usual chaotic affair as Emily and A.J. bicker about Carly while Edward vents his frustrations on Alan and Monica. Following Chloe's brain surgery, Ned and Alexis try to reassure an anxious Jax as they wait for word from Tony. Finding himself alone at L&B, Juan decides to record a song but is disheartened by the results. Roy warns Larkin he'll have him reassigned unless he stops sabotaging the Corinthos investigation. Across town at Kelly's, Bobbie blushes when Elizabeth easily guesses that she's been daydreaming about Roy. Tony reports that the pressure on Chloe's optic nerve has been relieved but cautions Jax and the others to stay close and encourage their friend to wake up. Later, when Tony confides how much he misses performing neurosurgery, Audrey urges him to see another specialist and try again to regain full use of his injured hand. A bristling Bobbie lights into Larkin after catching him "harassing" Roy. Mike icily advises Hannah to

  • S37E43 03.01.00 - Wednesday

    • March 1, 2000

    Dara watches with narrowed eyes as Marcus and Hannah continue to grow closer. Jax is thrilled when Chloe awakens and happily reveals that her vision--although blurry--has finally returned. Mike thanks Tammy for encouraging him to trust that Sonny will do the right thing by his child. Apologizing for his kiss, Roy tells a confused Bobbie he no longer has the right to be so close to her. Marcus assures a dubious Dara that he and Hannah are just friends. Nikolas' attitude irks Juan, who refuses to let L&B's new public relations director hear him sing. After examining his patient, Tony reports that Chloe is making remarkable progress in the wake of her brain surgery. Hannah asks her father if he's still in love with Bobbie. Tammy is flustered when a face from her past unexpectedly turns up at Kelly's. Later, Mike commends Tammy for turning her life around so gracefully.

  • S37E44 03.02.00 - Thursday

    • March 2, 2000

    Sonny explains to Mike why his miserable childhood could come back to haunt him during a custody battle. At the mansion, Edward referees another quarrel between Carly and A.J. As Mac wishes Georgie a happy birthday, the little girl wishes aloud that her mommy will come home in time for her party. Meanwhile, Felicia and a dejected Luke return to Port Charles after losing Lucky's trail. Stefan tells Alexis he isn't ready to reveal Lucky's existence to Laura until he's managed to neutralize Helena. Out of Georgie's earshot, Laura reminds Mac to hide his bitterness about Felicia's absence during her own daughter's birthday. Sonny asks a guiltstricken Mike to lie for him if any testimony about Zeke surfaces in court. Later, Sonny shows up at the Quartermaines' for another chat with Carly. Felicia walks in just in time to see Georgie blow out her candles. After the girls leave with Bobbie, Mac angrily turns on his wandering wife. Mike confides to Tammy his fear that he's setting Sonny up for

  • S37E45 03.03.00 - Friday

    • March 3, 2000

    When Jason calls in, Sonny reveals the situation with Carly and pledges to get both Michael and the new baby safely out of the Quartermaines' orbit. Desperate to quell Mac's anger, Felicia tells her husband she's been helping Luke search for his son. Meanwhile, an enraged Stefan orders his men to leave no stone unturned in the hunt for Helena. Laura's joy turns to confusion when Luke discloses that Stefan is the one who's been holding Lucky captive. Insisting that the videotape is a lie, Felicia swears to Mac she's never been unfaithful to him. Armed with new information from Jason, Sonny strolls into the mansion and calmly informs the sputtering Quartermaines that he's come to remove Carly and Michael. As the rest of the family struggles to eavesdrop, Sonny quietly warns A.J. he has evidence proving who was responsible for the arson at the coffee warehouse. Luke drops a bombshell on a stunned Nikolas. Mac reminds his wife how patient he's been with her for months on end. After Felicia

  • S37E46 03.06.00 - Monday

    • March 6, 2000

    Chloe eagerly anticipates receiving her release papers from GH. At the mansion, Carly wipes away tears of joy as A.J. glumly informs her that she and their son are free to go. After Sonny departs with Carly and Michael, Edward demands to know why A.J. buckled so quickly to the thug's blackmail. An incensed Laura orders Stefan to take her to her son. Explaining how he rescued Lucky from Helena only to lose him again, Stefan insists he delayed in bringing her the news in order to spare her any further heartbreak. Luke tells Roy how close he came to bringing his boy home at last. Meanwhile, Helena hints to Lucky that he may have a chance to see Port Charles someday in the future. Laura accuses Stefan of kidnapping Lucky for his own devices. A.J. admits to his shocked family how he hired an arsonist to burn down the coffee warehouse. Carly thanks Sonny for rescuing her, then grows angry to learn that he intends to move her and her son into his penthouse. Edward fires A.J. as CEO of ELQ. To

  • S37E47 03.07.00 - Tuesday

    • March 7, 2000

    Tony discloses to Chloe how her last CAT scan revealed the presence of a possible tumor near the occipital lobe. Nikolas rages at Stefan for allowing him to believe that his brother was dead. Mac tells Dara he's left Felicia. Meanwhile, Felicia tearfully informs her daughters that their beloved stepfather won't be living with them for a while. Hurt and angry, Maxie accuses her mother of driving Mac away. Stefan explains to his fuming nephew how he's been trying to bring Lucky home safe and sound. Luke and Laura compare notes and decide to team up to hunt for their son. As Tony schedules a biopsy for the next day, Jax consoles a shaken Chloe. Thrilled to learn that her nephew is alive, Bobbie puts aside her joy for a moment to counsel Felicia on how to salvage her crumbling marriage. After firing A.J., Edward appeals to Ned to once again come to the rescue of his family's corporate empire. Reeling from Nikolas' news, Elizabeth struggles to comprehend the fact that Lucky didn't perish in

  • S37E48 03.08.00 - Wednesday

    • March 8, 2000

    Monica surprises Bobbie with the news about Carly and Michael moving out. At the penthouse, Sonny reminds Carly how important it is for them to maintain a pleasant demeanor in front of Michael. Elizabeth confides to a stunned Emily that Lucky may not have died in the fire after all. Meanwhile, aboard the Cassadines' private jet, Helena hints to Lucky that their destination once held great significance not only for herself but for both of his parents as well. Though Emily encourages her friend to hope for the best, Elizabeth fears she'll be setting herself up for a huge disappointment. Bobbie assures Monica she'll see to it that Carly and Michael come live with her at the brownstone. Hannah guesses that Dara's pointed questions stem from jealousy over her friendship with Marcus. Alan and Monica bicker about the best solution to their son's dilemma. At the mansion, A.J. attempts to justify his actions to his disapproving grandmother. Carly pulls out all the stops in an effort to force So

  • S37E49 03.09.00 - Thursday

    • March 9, 2000

    Laura tells her mother she's taking off with Luke to go search for Lucky. Felicia hopefully reminds Mac that the girls have parent-teacher night that evening. Describing for his estranged wife how Maxie has fallen behind in school because she's been too busy caring for Georgie, Mac makes it clear to Felicia he will be going alone to the teacher conference. Helena brings Lucky aboard her yacht, then "casually" mentions that the vessel once belonged to the Spencers. Roy assures Luke he'll keep an eye on the blues club while its real owner is away. Lesley suggests to Laura that she and Luke might find their way back to one another once Lucky comes home safe and sound. Helena tells a scowling Lucky his parents have never valued him properly and warns that his life will never be the same. Mac brings Stefan and Luke face to face in his office in a futile effort to ascertain the truth about Lucky's alleged kidnapping.

  • S37E50 03.10.00 - Friday

    • March 10, 2000

    Caught off guard by a surprise visit from John and Jane, Jax is forced to tell his parents that he and Alexis are calling it quits on a marriage which was never real in the first place. As he finishes packing, Luke reminds Roy to keep his business with Sonny far away from the blues club. Later, Elizabeth arrives and presses Luke to describe exactly what he saw at Spring Lake. Assuring the girl there's been no mistake, Luke promises a tearful Elizabeth he and Laura will bring Lucky home soon enough. Sorel begins looking around for a bargaining chip to use in his on-going war with Sonny. At the penthouse, Bobbie asks Carly for help locating any documents which would clarify Roy's relationship with Sonny. Though reluctant at first, Carly finally unlocks Sonny's desk and lets her mother scribble down some notes. Jane and John remind Alexis that she'll always hold a special place in their hearts even if she never actually was an official member of the clan. Luke apologizes to Felicia for ho

  • S37E51 03.13.00 - Monday

    • March 13, 2000

    In the wake of the ugly scene with A.J., Carly assures Sonny she won't make the same mistake again with her soon-to-be ex-husband. Meanwhile, at the mansion, A.J. downs half a bottle of vodka in three gulps. Bobbie's bravado gets her nowhere as Sorel orders his goons to take their hostage into the back room for safekeeping. Roy arrives with a message from his employer but an outraged Sorel declares that he won't deal with Sonny's flunky. Mike confides to Tammy how anxious he is to keep the peace between Carly and Sonny--for Michael's sake, if not their own. Alan and Monica are alarmed to discover that their alcoholic son has fallen off the wagon once again. Bound and gagged, Bobbie struggles to attract Roy's attention by kicking over some boxes. Drunk and belligerent, A.J. loudly advises Edward to go to hell, then turns his wrath on the rest of his clan. Sonny cooks dinner for Carly, who can't help but be amused by her host's uncharacteristic concern for her health. Lila sadly urges he

  • S37E52 03.14.00 - Tuesday

    • March 14, 2000

    As they dine on the yacht, Helena reminds Lucky how his parents never deserved the wonderful son they were given. Stefan asks Alexis to cover for him with the police while he slips away to resume the search for Lucky. Meanwhile, Luke and Laura check into a hotel suite in New York. Felicia attempts to clear the air with her angry daughter but Maxie bitterly accuses her of abandoning the family to run off with Lulu's dad. Though Alexis advises her brother not to give Mac any more ammunition by leaving town against the commissioner's orders, Stefan stubbornly insists he must be the one who returns Laura's son safely to her arms. Following a call for help from Felicia, Mac returns to the house for a fatherly chat with Maxie. Ned and Alexis hesitantly decide the time has finally come for them to become officially engaged. Mac agrees to a compromise with Felicia.

  • S37E53 03.15.00 - Wednesday

    • March 15, 2000

    Juan loses his nerve and decides not to ask Ned to hear him audition. The Quartermaines fret after A.J. fails to return home all night. In the morning, A.J. strolls back in and brags about getting a ticket for speeding 100 miles per hour with the headlights off. In the Dominican Republic, Carly thanks Sonny for making all the arrangements for her quickie divorce. Roy begins to worry about Bobbie when she doesn't return any of his phone messages. Meanwhile, Sorel brings his prisoner breakfast and reminds a fuming Bobbie that no one is yet aware of her unfortunate predicament. Alan accuses Monica of giving up on their son just when A.J. needs them the most. Egged on by Emily, Juan finally makes his pitch to Ned. Carly and Sonny begin to come to an understanding about the child they conceived together. A leering A.J. makes a crude pass at Hannah, suggesting that they pay Sonny and Carly back by having sex. Roy appeals to his supervisor for help rescuing Bobbie from Sorel but the FBI man r

  • S37E54 03.16.00 - Thursday

    • March 16, 2000

    In Charleston, Laura draws the attention of an intrigued stranger but gently fends him off by claiming that she's waiting for her husband. Felicia beams while her excited daughters welcome Mac back into the fold. Later, Maxie eavesdrops as Mac icily reminds Felicia he's only come back to be the girls' dad. Jane assures Chloe there are no hard feelings about the phony marriages she and Jax arranged. Alexis plays dumb when Mac arrives with questions about her half-brother's recent activities. Laura and Luke meet with an old friend to discuss "The Haunted Star" but Raoul reveals that he sold the yacht years ago. Helena suggests to Lucky that his decision to move out of his parents' house probably saved his life. Jax is outraged to hear his mother dispensing some unsolicited advice to Chloe. Stefan makes a surprise appearance to convince Port Charles' police commissioner that he hasn't been out chasing Helena. Mac begins warming back up to Felicia. Raoul tells the Spencers that their forme

  • S37E55 03.17.00 - Friday

    • March 17, 2000

    Luke and Laura find their way to Reunion Island and board the yacht which once was "The Haunted Star". Unable to get any help from the FBI, Roy in desperation turns to the other side of the law and repeats his story to Benny. When Benny also refuses to get involved out of a concern that the delicate truce between Sonny and Sorel will be jeopardized, an angry Roy realizes he must effect Bobbie's rescue all by himself. Maxie prepares a romantic candlelight dinner for two to celebrate her mother's reconciliation with Mac. To Felicia's surprise, Maxie then arranges for herself and Georgie to spend the night with the sitter so that Mac and his wife will have time for a private party of their own. Carly enjoys a night at the casino and happily throws Sonny's money around until she loses big at the roulette table. Roy corners one of Sorel's goons and forces him at knife-point to reveal where Bobbie is being held prisoner. Devastated to find the yacht empty, Laura tearfully tells Luke she beli

  • S37E56 03.20.00 - Monday

    • March 20, 2000

    Ned intercepts his cousin at the hotel bar and reminds a bristling A.J. that drinking is what landed him in trouble in the first place. Tony explains to Chloe why surgery is not an option for the tumor which may permanently rob her of her eyesight. Roy endures a brutal beating at the hands of Sorel's goons. Mac tells a relieved Dara how he's reconciled with his wife now that Felicia has promised him there's nothing more important to her than their marriage. Luke and Laura come face to face with Stefan, who again insists he's working for the same goal they are. After Chloe decides to begin a drug protocol, Tony cautions her that the tumor may produce a number of symptoms---including the possibility of some bizarre dreams. As they return to Port Charles, a frightened Carly begs Sonny to bring her mother home safe and sound. Felicia eavesdrops as Mrs. Lansbury gives Helena some inside information on Stefan. Tony catches A.J. rifling through his patients' confidential medical files. After

  • S37E57 03.21.00 - Tuesday

    • March 21, 2000

    Chloe has a nightmare about the hit-and-run. Felicia entreats Mac to bring Helena in for questioning before she disappears again. Luke locks Stefan in a closet on the yacht, then takes off with Laura. Roy informs Sonny he has no intention of giving up the search for Bobbie. Meanwhile, Sorel brings Bobbie to her new digs. Sonny angrily reminds an irate Roy how he's already screwed up the first rescue attempt. Annoyed that his wife is still obsessed with Luke, Mac accuses her of wandering down to the docks because she used to meet Spencer there. Sorel phones Sonny with his ransom demands. Aboard her private jet, Helena promises Lucky they'll return to Port Charles permanently as soon as his "history" lesson is over. Chloe gently vetoes Jax's suggestion that they move in together. Mac forces a weeping Felicia to promise that he will never again have to hear Luke's name from her lips. Sonny decides to team up with Roy to bring Bobbie safely home to her family.

  • S37E58 03.22.00 - Wednesday

    • March 22, 2000

    Finding himself under close scrutiny from his worried family, A.J. calmly pours vodka all over his bowl of breakfast cereal. Ned tells Alexis he'll have to shut L&B down completely if he can't find a way to turn the company's dwindling fortunes around. Luke and Laura learn that Helena has taken their son to Argentina. Meanwhile, Helena shows Lucky around her late husband's former office on Ice Princess Island. In desperate need of an artist to kickstart their cash flow, Alexis urges Ned to resurrect "Eddie Maine". Following another ugly scene with Edward, A.J. rebuffs an anguished Alan's offer to accompany him to an AA meeting. Later, Monica angrily informs Alan she wants A.J. out of the house. Helena explains to Lucky how his parents destroyed Mikos' vision of a new world order with no floods or famines to ruin people's lives. A.J. apologizes to Hannah for acting like a jerk when last they met.

  • S37E59 03.23.00 - Thursday

    • March 23, 2000

    At Kelly's, Elizabeth confides to Tammy her fear that the search for Lucky will end badly. Mac and Felicia kiss and make up once again after she swears he's the only man in her life and in her heart. Chloe moves into Jax's penthouse. Sonny warns Carly that going to the police will only put Bobbie's life in even deeper jeopardy. Mike encourages Elizabeth to keep the faith. Felicia witnesses another secretive meeting between Stefan's housekeeper and Helena's boy toy. Alexis delivers divorce papers to her soon-to-be ex-hubby, then gently suggests that he and Chloe may be moving too fast by living together. Riddled with guilt, Carly asks Roy to promise her that Bobbie won't lose her life because of her daughter's mistake. Later, Sonny and Sorel move their people into position as a fretful Carly waits on pins and needles for news about her mother.

  • S37E60 03.24.00 - Friday

    • March 24, 2000

    Bobbie weeps for joy to see Roy grinning at her from behind the wheel of Sorel's limo. Meanwhile, Sorel's attempted double-cross backfires as Sonny cheerfully informs his enemy he's just lost his bargaining chip. Edward comes to the penthouse and appeals to Carly to reconsider her options. Having temporarily lost their bearings in the dark, Luke and Laura make camp for the night on Ice Princess Island and reminisce about old times. After reminding Sorel he doesn't traffic in drugs, Sonny releases his trembling captive. Returning to the penthouse to find Edward on the premises, Sonny warns the patriarch of the Quartermaine clan that his grandson will be doing 20 to life if he ever comes near Carly again. Later, Carly and Bobbie share a tearful reunion. Stefan pressures Helena's henchman to reveal where Lucky is hidden. Mac finds a note from Felicia explaining why she's run off after Luke once more. Bobbie declares her undying love to Roy, then is startled when he admits that he's been w

  • S37E61 03.27.00 - Monday

    • March 27, 2000

    Though Carly shrilly insists she didn't betray him, Sonny declares that he can never trust her again. A sheepish Roy admits to Bobbie that almost everything he's told her about his life was a lie. Felicia pops up unexpectedly on Ice Princess Island and receives a warm welcome from Luke but a frosty reception from Laura. Roy explains to Bobbie how the FBI used his devotion to Hannah to force him into infiltrating various criminal organizations and turn state's evidence. Tired of deceiving the people he loves, Roy vows that his "job" with Sonny's mob is the last hoop he'll ever jump through for the Feds. Marcus brings a scowling Stefan in for leaving the jurisdiction without permission. Bobbie is stunned when Roy reveals how he was originally sent to Port Charles to get the goods on Jerry. Laura stares daggers at Felicia as Luke thanks her for coming to lend them a hand.

  • S37E62 03.28.00 - Tuesday

    • March 28, 2000

    With Marcus out of town for a few days, Juan tells Emily they'll have the apartment all to themselves at last. A.J. receives divorce papers from the Dominican Republic. Roy glumly confides to Hannah his fear that he may have lost Bobbie for good now that she knows the truth. Ned takes Chloe to the Grill to celebrate their imminent divorce. Meanwhile, Jax teases Alexis about her obvious reluctance to ruin a good thing by making her commitment to Ned legal and binding. As Nikolas gives Lynn a tour of L&B Studios, the entertainment agent invites an excited Juan to give her a demonstration of his vocal abilities. Roy bristles when the FBI hassles Bobbie about her kidnapping at Sorel's hands. Emily watches with green eyes as Lynn fawns over Juan following his audition. Roy boasts to Bobbie that he is through with helping the FBI. A tipsy A.J. bumps into Hannah again outside Kelly's.

  • S37E63 03.29.00 - Wednesday

    • March 29, 2000

    As the nurses' strike drags on, Alan and Monica have their hands full dealing with the chaos in Stefan's absence. Their evening hits rock bottom, however, when A.J. gets on the hospital's public address system to drunkenly announce his divorce. Elizabeth begins to wonder why no one has heard from the Spencers in so long. Meanwhile, Luke and Felicia find themselves trapped together on Ice Princess island. As Laura hunts for a way to rescue her husband, Stefan arrives and offers her a deal. Disappointed when Ned balks at financing a tour for Juan until L&B is solvent, Emily gently breaks the bad news to her boyfriend. Monica and Alan berate their son for disrupting GH and humiliating them in the process. Chloe realizes that Jax's anxiety stems from frustration over his inability to solve her medical crisis. Accepting his setback cheerfully, Juan assures Emily his career will take off when the time is right. After Stefan departs in a huff, Luke and Felicia manage to find their own way to

  • S37E64 03.30.00 - Thursday

    • March 30, 2000

    Ned helps Jax negotiate a deal to drive Gertrude into bankruptcy. A.J. staggers back to the mansion following another night of heavy drinking. Elizabeth tells Tammy she thinks Francis' services will no longer be necessary since Sorel hasn't been near the diner for weeks. Hannah shows Marcus her letter of resignation, then thanks him for encouraging her to stand up for herself. Carly goes shopping for a new desk for Sonny in an effort to mend fences with her roommate. Meanwhile, Sonny explains to Mike why he and Carly are on the outs once again. Jax informs Chloe he's fulfilled his promise to ruin her obnoxious aunt so she can start designing under her own name again. Ford rips up Hannah's resignation letter and reminds her she must remain on the payroll until Roy delivers Sonny into their hands. Annoyed to find Elizabeth at the penthouse, Carly lights into the girl but gets as good as she gives. Chloe has another strange dream.

  • S37E65 03.31.00 - Friday

    • March 31, 2000

    With Felicia in tow, Luke and Laura return to the Texas ranch where Lucky was born but find no trace of their son. Meanwhile, not far away, Helena drops more clues to lead her pursuers on. After exchanging another round of insults with his irate grandfather, A.J. hits the bottle once again. Sonny commends Roy for his good work during Bobbie's rescue, then hints that a promotion might be in the offing. At the penthouse, Carly encourages her mother not to give up on the man she loves. Alan and Monica celebrate the end of the nurses' strike but their joy is short-lived when A.J. drunkenly carps at them. Sonny rejects Carly's peace offering. Undeterred, Carly insists on helping Sonny with a business transaction at the Grill. Out of Luke's earshot, Laura icily suggests to Felicia that the time has come for her to go home to her own husband. Snapping back some pointed remarks about Stefan, Felicia enrages Laura by accusing her of abandoning Luke just when he needed her most. Sonny finally so

  • S37E66 04.03.00 - Monday

    • April 3, 2000

    Felicia's screams for help bring Laura on the run. Lucky tells Helena his favorite stop on their sightseeing tour was the ranch in Texas where he once lived. Mac and his stepdaughters board a flight for El Paso. Rae Cummings comes to the penthouse in hopes of tracking down a certain antique desk but runs smack into Sonny's front line of defense instead. As a shaken Carly gets to her feet, Sonny hurls himself at A.J. and begins squeezing the life out of him with his bare hands. Luke and Laura finally succeed in pulling Felicia to safety, then are thrilled to see the clues Lucky left behind. Benny and Johnny firmly escort a protesting Rae away from their boss' door and out of the building. Hastily assuring Sonny that she and the baby are fine, Carly manages to convince him to let A.J. go. Maxie asks Mac to come live with her and Georgie at Maria'