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Season 1

  • S01E01 Legends of the Roman Legionnaires

    • April 14, 1996

    Dr. Patrick Ottaway and Jim Lyons investigate Roman ghost sightings at the Treasurer's House, York and Mersea Island, Essex.

  • S01E02 The Mysteries of the George

    • April 21, 1996

    There was a battle of wills going on at the George pub in Preston, Lancashire - landlord versus spectre ! "This pub ain't big enough for the both of us", to paraphrase the pop group Sparks ! These things shouldn't happen, but they do .. An 'exorcism' was performed, but was it successful ?

  • S01E03 The Phantoms of Chingle Hall

    • April 28, 1996

    Chingle Hall is in the North of England; a rather forbidding mansion house, built on the site of an ancient monastery. Do the monks of former timesstill occupy the site? There are many who have stayed at Chingle Hall who would agree that they do.

  • S01E04 The Men Who Talk To Ghosts

    • May 5, 1996

    Psychic mediums claim to have a strange power; that they can actually communicate in a meaningful way with troubled spirits who remain linked for one reason or another, to a perticular location. We observe Britain's most celebrated psychic medium at work, as he patiently makes contact with some other being and seeks to unravel their tragic story.

  • S01E05 The Invisible Intelligence

    • May 12, 1996

    A village in Wales. A small maintenance and repair workshop. A most unlikely setting for a ghost story, yet it is the setting for one of the most remarkable and inexplicable paranormal stories in the history of the British Society of Psychical Research. We talk to the people who worked there as they tell the story of a whimsical, playful, gentle spirit, apparently of a young boy, who decided to take up residence in their workplace and stayed with them for many years. They will never forget their encounters with him.

  • S01E06 Holy Ghostbusters

    • May 19, 1996

    We follow a parish priest as he goes about his duties, taking in his stride as a normal part of his work, counselling, advising and helping his parishioners who have had an encounter of the paranormal kind.

Season 2

  • S02E01 Ripples In Time

    • May 26, 1996

    People on a country walk came across an old churchyard and a woodland copse, which they explored. They enjoyed the experience so much that they wanted to revisit the place. They couldn't because it had not existed for several hundred years. Is there any explanation for these apparent ripples in time?

  • S02E02 Phantom Pilot

    • June 2, 1996

    Parapsychologist and Professor of Astronomy Archie Roy investigates modern tales of post mortem apparitions and crisis apparitions.

  • S02E03 The Haunted Ballroom

    • June 9, 1996

    A haunted ballroom. A haunted theater. In a small town in the North of England. We explore the idea that a passionate love for a perticular place may conceivably endure beyond the grave.

  • S02E04 Tales From Dartmoor

    • June 16, 1996

    Dartmoor is a wild, untamed moorland area in the far west of England. It has few roads and fewer villages. And yet is the resting place for a host of mysterious stories and unexplained events.

  • S02E05 The Possession

    • June 23, 1996

    In England, a suburban housewife is the target of a voodoo curse originating in the USA. The psychic attacks are extremely upsetting for the lady and her husband - at one time she was raped ! A medium is brought in to 'cleanse' the house. Several scientists and paranormal experts try to explain 'rationally' what is going on ; are forces beyond our current scientific knowledge being harnessed ?

  • S02E06 Ghosthunters at Work

    • June 30, 1996

    Looks at The Bell Inn in Thetford, Norfolk, England with ghosthunter Tony Cornell of the Society for Psychical Research. Also, investigator Trish Robertson probes the haunting of an art school in Paisley near Glasgow.

Season 3

  • S03E01 Spirits of The Civil War

    • December 8, 1996

    Many visitors to a battlefield have reported encounters with 17th century soldiers.

  • S03E02 The Phantom Schoolmaster

    • December 15, 1996

    A Victorian school burned down, and in recent years there have been reports of strange happenings in a nearby photographic studio. Episode includes interview with Colin Wilson.

  • S03E03 Castle Leslie

    • December 22, 1996

    Castle Leslie is set on a lakeside in southern Ireland. Over the years there have been many unexplained incidents of ghostly activity with long-dead relatives.

  • S03E04 The Phantom Fisherman

    • December 29, 1996

    This episode follows an extraordinary trail of clues that eventually leads to the identification and 'rescue' of the troubled spirit of an eighteenth century fisherman in Plymouth.

  • S03E05 Echoes from Beyond the Grave

    • January 5, 1997

    The ghost of a biker in an English pub is investigated...

  • S03E06 The Priest and the Professor

    • January 12, 1997

    A Catholic priest and a Professor of Psychology in Belgium grapple with the complex problems of apparent possession by a ghostly spirit … resulting in an exorcism.

  • S03E07 The Spirits of Bodmin Moor

    • January 19, 1997

    The ghost of a hanging man and spectres believed to be King Arthur have been 'seen' ! The sounds of smugglers are heard to this day in the famous Jamaica Inn ... The beautiful village of Altarnun is visited by two mediums ...

  • S03E08 The Case of the Gorton Poltergeist

    • January 26, 1997

    A young family living in a modern house in the North of England have their lives disrupted by a frightening paranormal visitor. Attempts were made by more than one exorcist to cast out this spirit but the result was not a permanent solution and the family move away from the area.

Season 4

  • S04E01 The Possession

    • February 2, 1997

    A psychic looks into the mystery of a woman's physical possession by a ghostly spirit. Same as episode 2.5 (11), "The Possession".

  • S04E02 The Spirits of Marston Moor

    • February 9, 1997

    An investigation into reports of sightings of soldiers long dead. Same as episode 3.1 (13), "Spirits of the Civil War".

  • S04E03 In The Shadow of Snowdonia

    • February 16, 1997

    Snowdonia is the highest mountain in Wales, set in the midst of a remote and wild countryside, steeped in history. A team of three ghosthunters are at work with members of the local communities, trying to unravel some of the paranormal events that have taken place.

  • S04E04 Spectres of the Severn

    • February 23, 1997

    The River Severn is one of Britain's greatest rivers, running through some of the most beautiful countryside in the west of England. A psychic researcher travels round the area to explore local paranormal mysteries and offers an unusual explaination for the high concentration of local haunted dwellingsy. CJ Romer and Dr. Serena Roney-Dougal.

  • S04E05 The Haunting of County Wicklow

    • March 2, 1997

    Nestling between the Wicklow Mountains and the Irish Sea is a small and lonely farmhouse. It is the centre of some remarkable and disturbing paranormal activity. A young boy has drowned. We seek historical explaination.

  • S04E06 The Haunted Bypass

    • March 9, 1997

    In the world of the paranormal, physical upheaval often seems to open the gates to other realities. The building of a motorway in the north of England disturbed an ancient monastic burial ground. A number of local people have some very frightening instances to report since the building took place.

  • S04E07 Across the Great Divide

    • March 16, 1997

    Eddie Burks is one of Britain's most celebrated psychic investigators. We travel with him to a remote village in East Anglia where the local baker has reported some bizzare happenings. We unravel some of the fascinating history of a 16th century bakehouse.

  • S04E08 Battlefield of the Somme

    • March 23, 1997

    The Somme, in Northern France, was the site of one of the bloodiest battlefields in all of human history. Over a million British, French and German soldiers died there in the Great War. We travel across the battlefield with an historian, and a remarkable psychic medium, to relive some of the most personal and tragic episodes in the battle.