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All Seasons

Season 1

  • S01E01 I'll Be Watching You

    • January 21, 1995

    Criminal Jack Rudkin is serving a life sentence. On the other side of the country his wife Suzi has become close to his brother Les. After a near death experience, when he is stabbed by another prisoner, Jack discovers that powers of the mind will allow him to visit and observe his wife without his physical body leaving the prison cell. He becomes convinced that Suzi and Les are having an affair and he plans his revenge

  • S01E02 Blood and Water

    • January 28, 1995

    Two army officers , travelling back from France during the 2WW strike up an acquaintance. Major Peter Buckle has nowhere to stay and accepts the offer of a room in Captain Alex McClean's family home. There he meets McClean's sister Angela. Alex is diagnosed as having shellshock by Dr Fox, who proposes to Angela. Angela refuses and Buckle is confused by the close relationship between Alex and his sister, then Buckle's own relationship with Angela blossoms despite the resentment of her brother.

  • S01E03 Massage

    • February 4, 1995

    Business executive Craig Byatt starts having aromatherapy treatment to ease his stressed-out lifestyle. It soon begins to have an effect but he thinks that the aromatherapist, Judith is very strange. As the treatment continues he begins to suffer violent nightmares and sees visions even when he is awake…

  • S01E04 The Shadowy Third

    • February 11, 1995

    At a home for the elderly young nurse Maureen is having an affair with the much older Dr Evans, one of the patients, Margaret Randolph, is keen to tell her about her own youth when she was a nurse in the same place, where she was put in charge of looking after the "emotionally challenged" wife of head of the hospital Dr Maradick who is convinced that her husband killed their young daughter. Maureen is convinced of Mrs Maradick's insanity because she sees the child around the hospital but when she learns that the child did die she starts to doubt her own sanity.

  • S01E05 Three Miles Up

    • February 18, 1995

    Brothers Billy and John take a boating holiday through the Fens. Billy has recently recovered from a nervous breakdown and John is quick to blame him when things go wrong on the boat.Billy's mind is filled with memories of a tragic past, including the deaths of their parents. A mysterious girl joins the brothers on the boat and they are soon vying for her attenntion.They make a detour and find that the village they moor by has disappeared come the morning. The brothers begin to realise that they are not in control of events...

  • S01E06 The Chemistry Lesson

    • February 25, 1995

    Teacher Philip is attacted to colleague Maddy who is happily married. On a field trip Philip stumbles across a pagan ritual and asks one of them (an ex pupil) to cast a spell over Maddy. She finds herself thinking about him all the time and they embark on an affair. However things soon get out of control...