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Heart of Glass

We start where we left off, with Gideon getting off the floor. He takes his own blood pressure, collects himself, and goes out as if nothing occurred. The Coopers come in. Wyatt whispers to Cherry that his wife hasn't felt the twins in over 12 hours. Cherry takes her off calmly for a ""checkup."" Gideon's heartburn and mood are getting worse by the second. He resists Boise's pleas for a check-up for a diagnosis. Boise leaves, but is soon called back by the sound of crashing. He and several others see Gideon passed out, and they work to resuscitate him. To Wyatt's dismay, the OBGYN discovers that one twin is getting too much blood, one not enough. They have three options: to do an amniocentesis, laser surgery to direct blood flow, or...terminate the pregnancy. They decide to go with surgery. Gideon, now very awake, resists all treatment, even a simple heparin drip (a blood thinner). Cabranes and Pirandello insist; Gideon confides he had a bleeding ulcer two years ago and a blood t

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Riley Smith Guest Star