Go Girls

Rich, famous and married… in just 365 days and counting. Amy, Britta and Cody are three young women suffering their quarter century crisis: 25 and what have they achieved? At the end of their worst week ever, the girls make a vow that in one year, Amy will be rich, Britta famous and Cody married. Their mate-since-childhood Kevin, admires their pluck but, to be honest, since Amy, Britta and Cody are currently Tragically Poor; Tragically Unknown; and Tragically Single, he reckons it's going to be a bit of an ask.

  • TheTVDB.com Series ID 132271
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired 2009-02-19
  • Network TVNZ
  • Runtime 40
  • Genres Comedy, Drama
  • Airs 8:45 PM on Tuesday
  • Rating TV-MA
  • IMDB tt1386958
  • Schedules Direct
  • TV.com
  • Last Updated By Tnatum
  • Last Updated 06/12/2017 4:42pm


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