Gusztáv, Gustavus - The Fellow-Man

Gusztáv, a társas lény, also known as Gustavus: The Fellow-Man (Canada: English title), series was started in 1964 (68 episodes in 1964, then another 52 episodes in the 1970s) - an initiative by Attila Dargay, Jozsef Nepp and Marcell Jankovics after an earlier hit by Jozsef Nepp, "Passion" (1961). Gustavus became a familiar character in over seventy countries. This series was the debut for the greater part of the second generation of Hungarian animators, including József Gémes, Tamás Szabó Sípos, Béla Ternovszky and others.

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  • Series ID 90371
  • Status Ended
  • First Aired 1964-04-18
  • Network
  • Runtime 5
  • Genres Animation, Children, Comedy
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  • IMDB tt3062866
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