Teens Charlie and Nick discover their unlikely friendship might be something more as they navigate school and young love in this coming-of-age series.

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Recent/Current LGBTQ+-focused Series

4 28 Equinox

In a time where there are more LGBTQ+ characters on television than ever before, it’s not enough just to have an LGBTQ+ character present — there needs to be nuance and depth to their story, and the slate of characters should reflect the full diversity of this colorful community. This list comprises some of the shows that in the past decade have risen as champions of LGBTQ+ narratives.

Culture LGBTQ+

1 203 Tomsa

Séries, films, courts-métrages, émissions TV, documentaires, etc. : découvrez les œuvres hautes en couleur pour vous immerger dans la culture LGBTQ+.

Series LGBTS

1 11 pietrovalentim8


1 6 mistyjade622

Things I've Watched

Best LGBTQ+ TV & Film

1 4 ipottinger

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