Highly Questionable

Veteran Miami Herald columnist and radio host Dan Le Batard leads a humorous, critical and sometimes controversial discussion of the hot sports topics of the day, from the Clevelander Hotel in Miami Beach. Known as a thoughtful and witty contrarian, Le Batard is not afraid to speak his mind and let his innate Cuban-American influences shine through, which is apparent in the fast-paced show. He's joined on each 30-minute episode by his father, Gonzalo "Papi" Le Batard, and sports commentator Bomani Jones.

  • TheTVDB.com Series ID 296925
  • Status Continuing
  • First Aired 2011-09-12
  • Network ESPN
  • Runtime 25
  • Genres Sport, Talk Show
  • Airs 4:30 PM on Daily
  • Rating TV-PG
  • IMDB
  • Schedules Direct EP01432876
  • TV.com highly-questionable
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  • Last Updated 07/15/2019 4:05pm


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