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Eli Gilmour, a divorced father, reunites with his two children, Quinn, 13, and Josh, 11, after a six month absence. Although Eli has worried that they wouldn't accept his live-in girlfriend, Maxine, his children are more troubled by Eli's efforts to compensate for his feelings of failure. Though their reunion and Eli's behavior are unsteady, when the mother is suddenly hospitalized in critical condition, Eli comes through for Quinn and Josh. A divorced song-writing team, Fran Clark and Larry Matthews, is forced to collaborate on modernizing their 25-year-old hit musical for a revival production. By the time the producer enthusiastically approves the rewrite, Fran and Larry are headed for the altar one more time. After suffering a back injury in an accident, Mrs. Cabot misinterprets a prescription and becomes addicted to pain pills. Peter and Christine are alarmed by Mrs. Cabot's dramatic mood swings; when Peter offers Mrs. Cabot some helpful advice, she fires him for insubordination. M

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Name Type Role
James Fritzhand Writer
Scott Grimes Guest Star
Angela Lee Guest Star
Jayne Meadows Guest Star
Steve Allen Guest Star
Anthony Geary Guest Star
Caren Kaye Guest Star
Jerome Courtland Director