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Lauren Moffet arrives for an illicit rendezvous with her lover, Neil Benson, which disturbs Lauren's friend, Christine, because Neil, who is married, seems insincere. Discussing hotel reservations with Neil's secretary, Christine learns that Neil has no wife and informs Lauren. In turn, Lauren tricks Neil into catching her in bed with Mark, posing as her lover. Neil storms out of the room, perhaps for good. Later, Lauren tells Neil she had a talk with his wife, who wants a divorce. Neil plays along, and they reconcile. Janice Copeland is worried because her husband, Richard, is entering a yacht race right after heart surgery. Richard resents her coddling, especially since their sex life is suffering. Richard's old friend Peter is touring Richard's yacht when Beverly Wilder, who is on the race committee, sets her sights on Richard. Beverly and Richard have a wild encounter, but Peter eventually brings Richard and Lauren back together. Arriving from the rural South, Newlyweds Eddie and J

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Name Type Role
Matt Geller Writer
Melody Anderson Guest Star
Amanda Bearse Guest Star
Roger Scott Guest Star
Peggy Walton-Walker Guest Star
Dean Hallo Guest Star
Ted McGinley Guest Star
Tori Lysdahl Guest Star
Jon Cypher Guest Star
Jan Smithers Guest Star
James Brolin Director