Ruth and Todd Richert love almost everything about their native Calgary. They met there, have family there, and its proximity to tons of outdoor activities made it a great place to call home. But, when the point came where the comforts of Canada were too safe of a bet for these thrill seekers, they started to look at ways to shake things up. Todd, a high school math teacher, started to explore how he could do what he loves in a different setting, so when an opportunity to teach in an English language school in Bangkok came up, they both decided this was the change they were looking for. Ruth recently graduated with her Master's degree and won't have a job immediately, so finding a way to occupy her time in Thailand is her priority one. She wants to be in the heart of the action so she can easily explore the city and have plenty to do. Todd would rather live outside central Bangkok in the more relaxed suburbs, which also has the added benefit of being where his school is. Having decidedly different perspectives over where to live is only one of the challenges real estate agent Patricia Lee will have to contend with, as she tries to find them a spacious, two-bedroom apartment on their $700 a month budget. Watch as Ruth and Todd decide whether simple and serene is more appealing than a new experience in a lively location, as House Hunters International explores Bangkok, Thailand.

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