Juan and Diana have spent their lives moving from place to place for work and family. When they settled together in New York City a few years ago, it seemed like a perfect middle ground for them both: a mix of culture, work, and friendly faces. Although they enjoy New York, after a visit to Juan's parents in his native Colombia, the couple realized that they might be missing out on a chance for a better life. Both have always wanted to be their own boss, and with so much changing so fast in Colombia, they're gambling that this might be the right time to make a big move. Juan and Diana will have family support and raw enthusiasm to help them on their journey back, but with limited funds, no immediate income, and a learning curve to get back into Colombian culture, these eager entrepreneurs will need more than mom and moxie to make things work in Medellin.

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  • Originally Aired Wednesday, January 29, 2014
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