College sweethearts Mike and Sarah left Minnesota and moved to France to complete masters' degrees. For two years they lived idyllic lives in the countryside community of Montigny-sur-Loing, located 40-miles south of Paris. But when their studies were complete, they were ready for a change and a faster pace. Drawn to Colombia's recent economic growth, Mike believed Bogota was the best place to put his business degree to work. Not ready to return to the mid-west, Sarah agreed, but unlike her husband, she couldn't speak a word of Spanish, and had reservations about their destination. Once they arrived, they witnessed Bogota's boom first hand, and a huge demand for affordable apartments. And with a swelling wish-list and only 1500-hundred a month to spend, finding a two-bedroom close to parks for her, and with outdoor space and mountain views for him, would be easier said than done. Find out if they can cope with the county's high costs and close quarters when Hunters International takes a chance on Colombia.

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