Marcus and Alicia fell in love and started a family, but their union is hampered by the presence of a hemisphere between their native homes. The newlyweds moved to Marcus's native Sweden, but have travelled back to Alicia's homeland of Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui, with regularity. Now, with a baby in tow, they've decided that Easter Island is just what their family needs. Surrounded by raw nature and centuries of tradition, both Marcus and Alicia agree that a move to Rapa Nui will improve their lives in all the ways that matter most. But like many things, its greatest strengths, rawness and isolation, are also the source of its biggest problems. It's tradition on the Island that only natives can own land, and while Alicia does have a home that she loves on her family's land, Marcus feels that house is unfit for their baby and their business. He insists that they move, but new real estate on the island is nearly impossible to come by. With a grab bag of priorities and only a handful of options, Marcus and Alicia will have to work hard to find middle ground on Easter Island.

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