Sean and Danielle first met during spring break in Panama City, Florida. They enjoyed each other's company but after it was over Sean had to return to Toronto and Danielle headed back to Atlanta. However, they kept in touch over the years and reconnected in person two years ago. Since then they've gotten married and had a baby, Scarlett. Now, after one cold winter in Canada, Danielle needs a return to a more temperate climate. It's perfect timing for Sean as he's looking to start a new investment banking company and has had his eye on the free trade zone of Freeport, Bahamas. As easy as it was for Danielle and Sean to agree to a move once they arrived in Freeport they found they had very different ideas of where the perfect house is. Danielle wants to be on the beach, where she finds the most inspiration for the book she is writing. Sean wants to be on the canal so that he can have a dock for the dream boat he plans on buying. With a compromise impossible between their two opposite wish lists one of them will have to acquiesce to the other's demands.

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