Brynhild was born in the Faroe Islands, but decided to become an exchange student in high school. She was assigned to Michigan and loved it so much she decided to stay in the US for the last seven years. But now with her visa expiring, she and her American boyfriend Luis are planning a move back to the Faroe Islands so they can live close to her family in the same way they've lived close to Luis' family for the past several years. But things on the Faroe Islands aren't exactly how Brynhild remembers, and the fact that most people own their homes there makes the practice of renting an apartment next to impossible due to extremely limited inventory. Will they be able to find a suitable home or will they end up living with Brynhild's family? Find out as House Hunters International travels to the mystical Faroe Islands.

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  • Originally Aired Thursday, February 18, 2016
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