# Name Originally Aired Image
1 From an Island to the Suburbs 09/26/2017
2 Operation Move to Brussels 08/26/2017
3 Beach vs. Budget in Melbourne 10/02/2017
4 Arrivederci La-La Land 09/19/2017
5 Dueling in Barcelona 10/13/2017
6 Stuck in the Midlands With You 08/07/2017
7 Take Me by the Hand, Antwerp 08/16/2017
8 A Full House in Valencia, Spain 09/09/2017
9 Settling Down in Seventeen Seventy 09/22/2017
10 Sea Sight in the Isle of Wight 08/24/2017
11 Lake Como is for Lovers 09/01/2017
12 Quirky or Close to London 10/04/2017
13 Pennsylvania Couple Seeks Healthy Living on the Beach in Costa Rica 09/21/2017


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