# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Blogging Away in Heidelberg, Germany 09/13/2017
2 Bed and Breakfast in Austria 09/07/2017
3 Fairy Tale in Nuremberg 09/16/2017
4 Kendo and a PhD in Barcelona 02/26/2018
5 Go Big in Burgundy 10/12/2017
6 Pick of the Litter in Puerto Vallarta 10/05/2017
7 Returning to a Childhood Home 10/11/2017
8 A Cousins' Clash in Kingston, Jamaica 09/14/2017
9 Designing a New Life in Lisbon 10/03/2017
10 Castle-Hunting in Ireland 09/25/2017
11 Champagne Problems in Paris 10/23/2017
12 Cool Vibes in Mexico City 12/15/2017
13 The Beat of Bendigo 09/12/2017


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