# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Strangers Search for Paradise 11/30/2017
2 Only the Best in Budapest 10/30/2017
3 Assigned to Suffolk 10/24/2017
4 Sydney's Sunny Suburbs 11/27/2017
5 Two For Trogir 11/21/2017
6 Trading in the Rat Race 10/12/2017
7 In the Zone in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica 10/09/2017
8 Setting Down Roots in Tulum 10/25/2017
9 First Time in The Hague 10/26/2017
10 Life and Love, Parisian-Style 11/09/2017
11 Kicking Back in Copenhagen 10/10/2017
12 Changing Course to Cork 10/27/2017
13 Couple Hunts for Simpler Life in Nicaragua 10/18/2017


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