# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Giving Back in Beijing 04/04/2018
2 Family Matters Down Under 05/03/2018
3 A Fresh Start in Costa Rica 05/25/2018
4 New Teaching Adventure in Guadalajara 05/01/2018
5 Dutch You See is Dutch You Get in Amsterdam 04/23/2018
6 Leapin’ Lizards in France 04/18/2018
7 New Life in New Zealand 04/06/2018
8 Santo Domingo and Son 05/11/2018
9 Romanian Doctors in Ireland 05/21/2018
10 Feuding in Freiburg 04/30/2018
11 What’s to Lose in Toulouse? 05/10/2018
12 Back and Perth 07/06/2018
13 Letting Go in Puerto Vallarta 06/22/2018


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