# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Zurich Ever After 04/13/2018
2 Falling in Love with Zagreb, Croatia 08/10/2018
3 Family First in Chiang Mai, Thailand 05/07/2018
4 Returning to Saipan 06/25/2018
5 Make Room for Family in Auckland 05/30/2018
6 Dutch Dreaming 10/01/2018
7 Closer to the Equator in Huatulco, Mexico 05/28/2018
8 Following the Signs to Ambergris Caye, Belize 07/20/2018
9 The Sea in Sitges 06/21/2018
10 Tension in Taipei 04/12/2018
11 Following the Beat to Valencia, Spain 06/29/2018
12 Looking for Dutch Charm in Amsterdam 06/15/2018
13 Easy Ride to Chiang Mai 07/11/2018


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