# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Setting Roots in Sitges 11/15/2018
2 First Home Alone in Buenos Aires, Argentina 09/18/2018
3 Adulting in Argentina 07/27/2018
4 Lights, Camera, London 10/15/2018
5 Daughter Knows Best in Bressanone, Italy 09/25/2018
6 Seeking Character and Views in Manchester 10/23/2018
7 Heart Over Head in Edinburgh 12/06/2018
8 Returning to Vietnam 09/27/2018
9 It's Worth Doing Wellington 07/26/2018
10 Experience vs Space in Bologna 08/08/2018
11 She's Mad for Madrid 07/10/2018
12 Touch of Tie Dye in Melbourne 08/06/2018
13 Polar Opposites in Central America 08/09/2018


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