# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Vacation Home on the Map 08/01/2018
2 A London Loft for Lovebirds 11/07/2018
3 At Home in Singapore 08/14/2018
4 A Family Affair in Umea, Sweden 11/01/2018
5 To San Jose in Search of Nature 07/30/2018
6 Love, Work, Babies and Bikes 09/19/2018
7 Leaving Chilly Northern California for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 07/16/2018
8 Puerto Penasco, You've Changed 07/19/2018
9 The King of Queens in London, England 12/14/2018
10 Puns of Fun in Phnom Penh, Cambodia 09/04/2018
11 Beauty and Tulips in Amsterdam 09/10/2018
12 A Devil of a Hunt in Tasmania 09/20/2018
13 Honeymooners in Stockholm 09/26/2018


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