# Name Originally Aired Image
1 A Deep Dive into the Riviera Maya 11/22/2018
2 Chasing a Dream in Dordogne, France 08/28/2018
3 From Cold Weather to Heated Conversation in Playa del Carmen, Mexico 09/28/2018
4 Rolling on the Riviera Maya 11/06/2018
5 Moving on to Fashionable Milan 01/29/2019
6 Roots Versus Reality in Gradisca d'Isonzo, Italy 11/08/2018
7 Starry Eyed in St. Martin 09/03/2018
8 Flying Low Over Baja California, Mexico 11/12/2018
9 Zanzibar for Five 08/20/2018
10 All Kinds of Inspiration in Kinsale, Ireland 10/10/2018
11 Black Hawk Down Under 11/09/2018
12 Bring It On, Brisbane 10/16/2018
13 In Search of Sloths 10/08/2018


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