# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Getting Creative in Ho Chi Minh City 12/18/2018
2 A Tradition of Sibling Rivarly in Phnom Penh 10/26/2018
3 City Versus Suburban in Melbourne 12/07/2018
4 Tackling a Booming Market 01/11/2019
5 Embracing a New Life in London 01/03/2019
6 More or Less in Puerto Morelos 01/16/2019
7 From German Class to Marriage to Munich 10/05/2018
8 Finding Balance on the Cooloola Coast 11/14/2018
9 Small Spaces and Big Expectations in Shenzhen, China 12/03/2018
10 Home Base in Belgium 12/13/2018
11 A Taste of Chang Mai, Thailand 11/23/2018
12 New Love, New Home, New Rules in Sydney 12/17/2018
13 A Family Feud in Freising 10/25/2018


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