# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Fearing Finnish Winters in Jyvaskyla 02/04/2019
2 Escaping the Comfortable Life for London Thrills 02/13/2019
3 Long-Term Living in Denmark 02/18/2019
4 A Couple's Compromise in Brisbane 02/07/2019
5 Keeping the Adventure Alive in Ecuador 04/23/2019
6 Business or Pleasure in Los Cabos 06/12/2019
7 Starting a New Life in Bali 04/08/2019
8 Off She Goes to Mexico 02/11/2019
9 Diving into Utrecht 02/06/2019
10 Blogging in Da Nang, Vietnam 04/17/2019
11 Victory in Vicenza 02/25/2019
12 Family Time in Kaiserslautern 02/26/2019
13 Berlin on a Budget 03/21/2019


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