# Name Originally Aired Image
1 California Surfer Couple Looks for a Beach Side Vacation Home in Nicaragua 06/13/2010
2 This Stressed Out New York Family Searches for a 2nd Home in Calabria, Italy 05/27/2010
3 A New Jersey Couple Wants to Buy a Second Home in Puerto Rico, But She Wants Luxury and He is Concerned About the Bottom Line 06/27/2010
4 Teri McKenna Has Lived and Worked on her Boat in St. Thomas for a Year, and She's Ready Now to Try Life on Solid Ground 06/06/2010
5 Chris and Brenda Have a Hard Time Choosing Between Three Gorgeous Homes in San Juan del Sur on the Nicaraguan Coast 07/11/2010
6 Cruise Ship Employees Want a Condo on Dry Land 01/29/2013
7 Model Looks For Vacation Home in Vieques, Puerto Rico 05/20/2010
8 Joe and Sara Want a Beachfront Luxury Home in Fiji 06/17/2010
9 Jon and Reeva Hope to Find a Spacious, Historic Home on the Island of Sicily for Their Growing Family (Brits Buy in Sicily) 06/20/2010
10 Sachiko Wants To Get Away From Her Busy Life as a Choreographer By Buying a Vacation Home in a Small Beach Town in Fiji 06/24/2010
11 Cruise Ship Employees Want a Condo on Dry Land and Have Chosen the Caribbean Island of St. Maarten. 07/18/2010
12 Busy Working Parents Search for Costa Rican Retreat 07/25/2010
13 Chris is an Irish Expat Who Wants To Buy a Home In Sofia, Bulgaria 09/24/2010


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