# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Moving to Maroochy 05/21/2019
2 Tip Top Parenting in Penang 05/07/2019
3 Blissed Out in Whanganui, New Zealand 04/24/2019
4 A PhD in Stirling, Scotland 06/25/2019
5 Closet Space and Kids in Amsterdam 05/22/2019
6 High Standards in Sayulita 07/06/2019
7 To Buy or Build in Brazil 07/01/2019
8 On the Move From Canada to Chile 07/23/2019
9 A Parisian Place for Mother and Daughter 08/29/2019
10 You're Speaking My Language in Rota, Spain 06/26/2019
11 Creative in San Miguel de Allende 05/23/2019
12 Poppin' Bottles, Bahamas-Style 06/13/2019
13 Rebooting in Playa del Carmen, Mexico 07/27/2019


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