# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Vladimir and Milica are Serbians Who Want To Buy An Apartment In Their Adopted Home of Amsterdam 09/08/2010
2 Alex and Her Husband Will Want to Escape the Dreary Weather in England By Buying a Vacation Home in the Abruzzo Region of Italy 08/08/2010
3 A Family from Ireland looks for a Vacation Home in Calabria, Italy 08/22/2010
4 Couple Searches for Ecuador Getaway 08/15/2010
5 British Musician Wants Getaway in Bulgarian Countryside 12/04/2010
6 A Canadian Couple Searches for a Vacation Home in the Dominican Republic 06/10/2010
7 Londoners Phil and Amanda Hope to Find an Affordable but Grand Home in France's Languedoc-Roussillon Region that Does Not Require Major Renovations 09/09/2010
8 Steve Wants to Escape His Stressful Job in Phoenix, Arizona by Buying a Vacation Home in a Remote Area of Belize 09/07/2010
9 Brits Look for Home in France's Cognac Country 09/22/2010
10 American Surfers Search for Home in Nicaragua 09/10/2010
11 Dad Looks For Kid-Safe Home in Costa Rica (Vacation Place in Panama) 09/13/2010
12 An Oklahoma City Couple Looks for a Vacation Home in Panama 09/15/2010
13 Christine and Her Husband Andrea Want to Raise Their Son in the Countryside Outside of Bologna, Italy 09/14/2010


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