# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Lagoon Homes on the Island of Vanuatu 10/07/2010
2 Rustic Village Homes in Portugal 10/14/2010
3 Single Family Homes in the Northern Suburbs of Sydney 10/28/2010
4 Single Family Homes in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne 11/04/2010
5 Modern Living in Bahrain 11/11/2010
6 Oceanside Homes in Nicaragua 11/18/2010
7 The Real Apartment Scene in Hanoi Vietnam 12/10/2010
8 Traditional Styled Homes in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam 12/02/2010
9 Renovated Apartments in Reykjavik Iceland 12/09/2010
10 Single Family Homes of the Seychelles Islands 12/08/2010
11 Apartments in Dubrovnik Croatia 12/23/2010
12 House Hunting in the Mumbai Metropolis 12/19/2010
13 Vienna Apartments on a Budget 01/02/2011


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