# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Dream Apartments in Tel Aviv, Israel 10/10/2010
2 Period Properties in Buckinghamshire, England 10/17/2010
3 Spacious Apartments in Amsterdam 10/24/2010
4 Second Home in Slovenia 10/31/2010
5 Classic Palaces in Marrakesh, Morocco 11/07/2010
6 Urban Homes in Bangalore, India 11/14/2010
7 Traditional Living in Brittany, France 11/21/2010
8 Rural Living in South France 01/24/2013
9 Modern Homes in Odense, Denmark 12/05/2010
10 New Home in Okinawa, Japan 12/12/2010
11 Homes in Downtown Dubai 12/07/2010
12 Rural Homes in Krakow, Poland 12/26/2010
13 Spacious Homes in Jerusalem 01/09/2011


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