# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Looking for Adventure in Port Douglas, Australia 04/14/2011
2 Condo vs. House in Tropical Salinas, Ecuador 06/16/2011
3 Homecoming in Yerevan, Armenia 06/13/2011
4 Fashion Divas Take on the Apartment Scene in Downtown Tel Aviv 07/11/2011
5 Quality time on the Gold Coast of Australia 07/10/2011
6 Settling down in Puerto Escondido, Mexico 06/27/2011
7 A fresh start in Montevideo 07/17/2011
8 Slower-pace of life in Gaborone, Botswana 07/18/2011
9 Surf Dreams in Hossegor, France 07/21/2011
10 Casting Anchors in Auckland, New Zealand 06/20/2011
11 Historic Country Homes in Normandy 06/12/2011
12 Job transfer to the tropics of Kuala Lumpur 08/01/2011
13 Former Circus Performers Move to Gard, France 06/26/2011


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