# Name Originally Aired Image
1 Mode in Mediterranean Malta 04/28/2011
2 Surf's Up in Manta, Ecuador 09/11/2011
3 Family-friendly living in Hellerup, Denmark 06/19/2011
4 A Permanent Vacation 01/31/2013
5 Provencial Dreams in Provence, France 08/07/2011
6 Dutch Dreaming in Delft, Netherlands 07/04/2011
7 Casting off to Cairns, Australia 09/15/2011
8 Reconnecting with someone special in Cairns, Australia 11/27/2011
9 Settling down on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia 08/14/2011
10 A Gem in Antwerp, Belgium 07/24/2011
11 Buying a Bar in Salvador, Brazil 09/05/2011
12 Renovated Homes in the Historic Limhamn Neighborhood of Malmo Sweden 10/06/2011
13 Surfs Up in Manta Ecuador 01/25/2013


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